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Anna Begunova and Sergey Lavygin: "If a child is a deal breaker, that's too bad"

Actors, not so long ago have become parents, shared the secret of family happiness in a joint interview

Anna Begunova and Sergey Lavygin — funny and touching couple. Their on-screen Duo in the Kitchen, are caused good-natured laughter, after all, resourceful Senya, now the chef of the restaurant, afraid to disobey small and fragile wife Marina. But their real family is different. Their relationship is light, airy and very-very earthy. Them with each other is not boring, and it's probably the main secret of a happy family life.

— Anya, Sergei, this year you had an event of great importance — the birth of a son. How did it affect you?

Anna: With the advent of Fedora things have changed and priorities, and in ourselves. I became softer, more tolerant and wiser. Now, when we are asked who is the chief person in the house, confidently answer that Fedor.

— Sergei: I'm listening now and once again realize that has become much sentymentalna.

Anna: me too. With the advent of the child I at every baby watch with bated breath. And if earlier for films that employ children, he was indifferent, now I have absolute empathy.

— Sergei, when did you know you will have a child, never thought that one could still enjoy the society of his beloved wife and enjoy a carefree life?

Sergey: I enjoy the society of his beloved wife. If the child is a deal breaker, it's bad. No wonder the child is called the "fruit of love". Of course, the tree must bear fruit. And feden'ka has searched for us. He also chose us.

— Anya, watching many of your colleagues, you see that it is possible to have more than one child and to be a successful actress?

Anna: Of Course! For example, for Katya Vilkova, with whom we are removed in the "Hotel Eleon". By the way, she's my friend and classmate, four years, we lived in a hostel in one room. And now she's the godmother of our son. I am convinced that children never interfere. On the contrary. When I watch shows about great Actresses of the Soviet time, sympathize with them, because many have not had a child. It's so sad. I understand that as we Mature, we are already breathing in the back, but everything became much simpler and easier.

Sergey: it is Surprising, but we were lucky on this project to work with friends. Anton Fedotov, who shot fourth, fifth and sixth seasons of "Kitchen", we've been friends since the age of seventeen do not spill water. He studied in Sliver, then went to the Shchukin school in the directing Department. Passed the first session, but the work overwhelmed us, and we both left. But all the time call each other, meet, visit and relax with their families. In General, we are very close.

Анна Бегунова и Сергей Лавыгин: «Если ребенок мешает отношениям, это очень плохо»

In the film "Mommy" Sergey Lavygin got the role, podkabluchnika: materials of press-services

— How many years have you and Anna been together?

Sergei: for Three years. Can't believe it. We have Fedenka nine months, and think that one day flying. In General, the time tends to go very quickly, and the farther, the faster. Now, classmates send message: "Guys, let's meet on the twentieth anniversary of graduation." How?! I feel like just...

— So it is. And it's good! Especially when people remain the same after the birth of children...

Sergei (laughs): That's very nice indeed, I absolutely agree. Once we lose our childlike innocence, openness and curiosity ceases to amaze me — begin to get older. This is the beginning of the end. Recently in Ufa was held the first children's festival "Children were given a camera." Boys from eight to sixteen years old who want to be journalists, reporting, interviewing. There were about a hundred and fifty, and they are asked questions, they had such a keen interest, eyes burning... this interest cannot lose, no matter how old you are. I was struck by the guys to the depths, their questions, especially one: "What not to forget in life?" I've never asked. Or: "Were you ashamed of any part?"

And what you ask them this question answered?

Sergey: We all once was ashamed more or less for something. It seems to me that at least once in a lifetime an actor must feel the failure. I do this on my own experience repeatedly and is very helpful. The best medicine is to work to shift your mind. Otherwise you go crazy.

— Sergei, do you remember a specific moment when I first saw Anya?

Sergey: Of Course! We starred in a sketch show I went to the makeup trailer, and there sat Anna.

— And you were immediately smitten?

Sergei: Probably a spark from me and slipped at the first meeting, though, maybe, I don't immediately afford to admit or realize.

Anna: I looked approximately like this: no makeup, big glasses.

Sergey: I remember the very first dialogue that went down between us.

Anna: Even I remember. (Smiles.)

Sergey: as soon As the signal came, I said, "Hello! I think we worked somewhere together?"

Anna: And I said, "No, you're wrong." I was very unapproachable. (Laughs.)

Анна Бегунова и Сергей Лавыгин: «Если ребенок мешает отношениям, это очень плохо»

In the popular TV series "Kitchen" Sergey and Anna were playing family dotphoto: materials of press-services

— How it all started, swift was having an affair?

Anna: don't rapid, on the contrary. We are both very intelligent approach to this, from afar.

— So what are you still hooked on Serge, his wonderful humor?

Anna: No, Seryozha is joking though amazing, subtly, cleverly, and we are all the time on the set laughed, I was stunned by his talent. And he's an incredible partner. He bribed me with this. And then I saw that it has this and that that he is kind, and caring. The more we talked, the more I saw that we are very similar.

Sergey: We do not like, what do you think? (Smiles.)

Anna: of Course, he has his own view on many things and its Psychophysics, but still we are alike.

Sergey: Well, a lot is similar: we are both Leos horoscope. (Laughs.) Seriously, we both love to travel, to walk, to eat, to watch a good movie, cats, my job and much more...

— It is hard when one is a perfectionist and a pedant, and second of all, this is not important...

Sergei: And we are like this, not much about the way bother. And no one claims does not show and does not offer to dust or pack. It's all such nonsense!

Anna: But sometimes it comes to me Cinderella. (Smiles.)

Sergey: Yes, she could visit, but Anna to me my Cinderella does not send. So on this topic there are no more controversies. However, now we both have become more responsible in this regard because there's Fyodor — he needs purity. We like the fact that drinking tea without sugar. (Smiles.)

Anna: And we love simple food, no frills.

Анна Бегунова и Сергей Лавыгин: «Если ребенок мешает отношениям, это очень плохо»

Anna also known as a stage actress. In the play "a Profitable post" she's one of the main roletto: personal archive of Anna Begunova and Sergey Lavygin

And this man says, so much time spent in the restaurant kitchen!

Sergey: If the trip gets interesting restaurant, we're always curious to look into it. But I'm not a foodie. Food for me in this case as a trip to the Museum, opening something new, broaden their horizons and experience. But the buzz it gives and the simple food. And we are home and making very simple and useful. Why I insist that it is not a foodie? Because on New year I need only a salad. And our, native, doctoral sausage.

Anna: So for New year we always have a bowl Olivier.

— However, I remember what new dishes made on you the strongest impression?

Sergei: a lot of Them. I almost no name didn't know before. And to expand the horizons and the Bouillabaisse was interesting, and veal cheeks are very tasty. Of course, I have, especially at the beginning, had a keen interest to try what it is. And when we got the molecular cuisine, which I had heard only vaguely... Now in restaurants I can recommend something from the names.

— And the master class did not take your consultants-chefs?

Sergey: I can Not boast that it is now the chef at home, no. But shred I really learned.

Anna: Yeah, Serge can cut anything, anywhere and in any quantity. Does everything quickly and efficiently. And this, of course, for me a huge help in the kitchen.

Анна Бегунова и Сергей Лавыгин: «Если ребенок мешает отношениям, это очень плохо»

At the birthday party of Director Anton Fedotov (pictured in the first row with the child). Lavygin known him since he was a student, fremente: personal archive of Anna Begunova and Sergey Lavygin

— After participating in the popular TV series you do not become more widely used, for example, to invite the leading events?

Sergei: Not only me, but I began to enjoy such opportunities. For example, recently I led a presentation of the new menu of Russian cuisine. It was very interesting and tasty. Thanks dug a whole layer of the history of traditional food, learned a lot. I have another hobby is medicine.

— Hobby? What does this mean?

Anna: If I'm sick, call Serge and ask me what to take. It symptoms always pinpoints what I have. I said, "Serge, I need urgently tomorrow to the doctor!", and he said: "it is Not necessary. Anya, you have just allergies". And he is right. And diagnosis well puts, and treats.

Sergey: I twenty-five years of friends gave medical encyclopedia, knowing my passion for.

Doctor did not want to become?

Sergey: I've thought about it, but still won both. Although, of course, actually I wanted to be an artist and only an artist. But with the interest in medicine can't help, Hobbies.

Анна Бегунова и Сергей Лавыгин: «Если ребенок мешает отношениям, это очень плохо»

With Sergey Lazarev in the performance "the Marriage of Figaro"Photo: personal archive of Anna Begunova and Sergey Lavygin

— Sergei, you are asked the Directors why you are often invited to the role of a henpecked: "Kitchen", and "Hotel Eleon" and "Mommy"?

Sergey: did Not ask. But to me, it does not cause a feeling of protest. On the contrary, I'm curious to explore these topics. And these characters are interesting to me, including the fact that they are in dire comedic situations.

— Anya, he cannot be called a pussy?

Anna: No, rather I was under his boot. But this is a great boot with orthopedic sole, which really suits me.

— You give each other professional advice?

Sergey: good advice when asked. And without demand to go with the tips — it is wrong. I endlessly attack Anya with questions, what to wear, what to go somewhere, because she has amazing taste, and I'm completely devoid of that talent.

— Anya, you're pretty much playing on the stage, in the Theater. Pushkin...

Anna: I was in this theater very well. We have a wonderful company, a wonderful artistic Director — Evgeny Pisarev. Everything here is homemade, native, and helping my partners — my colleagues who know me well, and at cinema, in theatre companies I checked. And it is also interesting to me.

Your serial heroine Marina is incredibly jealous. And you?

Anna: we Have this at all.

Sergey: jealousy doesn't live with us, it is not enough square meters of our soul.

Anna: Even when I say, "James plays "Mommy" with another actress, it's there...", and I see that Sergei is playing amazing, I enjoy it. I don't even see that this is my husband, just watching an interesting series.

— Sergei, and you're on Anya ever watch, forgetting that it's the wife?

Sergei: I think that Anna is exaggerating. It's another incredibly positive quality — it supports me a lot. Anya and how me support, so I from this and grow.

So Napoleon was Napoleon, largely because there was a Josephine.

Sergey: Here I am about this. At home I always say I'm the best.

Анна Бегунова и Сергей Лавыгин: «Если ребенок мешает отношениям, это очень плохо»

One of the early works. Sergei in the play "Dragon" on stage theatre school.Septenate: personal archive of Anna Begunova and Sergey Lavygin

— Sergei, and the parents you were raised?

Sergey: Yes, mom and dad always support me since childhood. Anya was opening night or some other responsible always sends text messages: "You're the best! Everything will be fine!" I read and think, "If she knows me inside out and says I'm the best, then it is". And it gives me strength, even if then someone says "Bad". Well, not like someone, okay. And I have something written that I'm the best. (Laughs.) So this is my protection, my armor.

— As you think, compared to the period of rasprsivanja tail you have less to laugh with each other?

Sergei: No, you, we regularly laugh. We talk a lot still.

Anna: And even when Serge comes very late after the shooting, I'm waiting for him, dinner is not dinner, but the day it always happens. How did it go, anyone have any news as this, and the jokes can slip through.

Sergey: Evening summary of the day we have constant. And it can be with a humorous slant, dramatic, tragic. It all depends on how the day went.

— You call each other any pet names?

Sergei: No. Sergei and Anna, Nura. No rabbits, no cats.

— What do you admire in Ana?

Sergey: psychologists Have this training: write twenty positive traits of his half. One would not accommodate twenty.

Anna: talking About talent I said. I like that Serge is responsible, and, above all, real. He is a man who will never go, never make someone bad.

Sergey: I'm going to cry. I say that was sentimental. Anya just baffled with such epithets. Of course, once you start about yourself to think well. Add about the first meeting. I think this was due to some kind of spiritual chemistry. In the air, apparently, flew a certain molecule, I breathed when I walked into the trailer. Some kind of love beat slipped. When a person is really like, begin to worry and try to pretend that this person you care about. Maybe I joke started because I wanted to laugh it off and closed, and that made us even better. We had dinner each time. And I realized that Anya absolutely fearless. And she's not afraid of a miss. Sometimes it is better not to stop and give a try, she hurt his forehead. She rushes into something, and this becomes stronger.

Anna: Yes, I rush and do not say to myself, "Why did I go?!" Exactly two years ago I rushed to the "Ice age". However, this was before the birth of Fedor. Now, maybe I'm not so extreme.

Анна Бегунова и Сергей Лавыгин: «Если ребенок мешает отношениям, это очень плохо»

Anna on a walk with her son, Fedorento: personal archive of Anna Begunova and Sergey Lavygin

— Sergei, you have blessed Anna on "Ice"?

Sergey: And how not to go? Stay home, don't go anywhere? But where it is dangerous, Anja and she would not go. As far as I know, she's parachute did not jump. And I would not jump. We are in this sense similar. I generally don't like extreme sports, despite the fact that I like active rest.

— She always wonder why artists like this extreme? And so, in my opinion, you have...

Sergey: you Know, premiere of extreme adventure is, in fact, the parachute jump, I have enough adrenaline, not more. But disagree on the "Glacial period," never in my life not to stand on skates, in my opinion, was a mighty gamble. But she's an artist, and the ice is not soft pillow. And Anya did not have time to prepare, rolling. When I could, was present on the podium and always very worried. Artist, as a rule, very fond of playing heroines to be beautiful. Very few of those who have the talent clown. Clowning I perceive as the Acme of acting. And Anya has such quality. And that, I think, again, is related to fearlessness, to Cams have to be so. She has another ability. In "Fifth element" was a cultivator of the body, and Anya knows how not to get stuck in one stage, and to draw conclusions and move forward, to evolve. With the birth of Fedi from the girl she turned into a caring mother. Female and maternal instincts in her just blossomed!

— You don't seem painted? It is not important for both of you?

Sergey: We passed by this event, "Boeing 747", and immediately became a family.

— Anya, and what you as a youth never dreamed of a wedding of a beautiful dress?

Anna: I had weddings on the stage and in the movies! And I don't even think about it, just know that Serge my husband and we are family.

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