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Stas Peha: "In relations with the girls manipulation will not tolerate"

The singer told in an interview about dreams, the son, and the new status of bachelor

To build a career under the famous name sometimes is not easier than without it. Experience and support of the legendary family, of course, important but even in this situation the children of famous creative families have to exert a lot of effort to be convincing. Stas Piekha is a very pretty well both on stage and in the jury of the new talent competition, which is attended by children left without parental care. met with Stas and discussed with him including children.

— Among all members of the jury of the project "You're super!" you're probably the only people for whom children's home is part of life experience...

— I did spend in the orphanage a lot of time in childhood and adolescence. The boys from the orphanage have learned a lot — need to be loved and respected motivated to do their job is always good, these kids have some gratitude for what they done. When the guys went on stage and looking around the room, they need our response, our words, because they have a lifetime to look for evidence of their usefulness. It is important to tell each participant:
"You're done, you've already made a feat, when I came here, you is worthy of respect already for this step". And indeed it is.

— When did you become interested in music?

— In adolescence, despite the fact that he studied at the choir school Glinka in St. Petersburg with obvious classical bent, I was listening to rock, mostly Western music. Nobody told me to do it, but interest in music was always very big; then he began trying to write songs. Then, of course, when I moved to Moscow at the age of seventeen, a great influence on me was my mom. The house was huge high-quality library, which I all listened.

Стас Пьеха: «В отношениях с девушками манипуляций не потерплю»

In the show "You're super!" Stas has developed a reputation strict judge. The singer says that she wants to give a chance to really strong uchastnikami: materials of press-services

— You talked to that musical format in which you started, not always allowed you to Express yourself...

Two years I have been doing some genre transformations that the music that I write, was on another level. And I probably did it. I more than twelve years touring the country, the people come on the usual Stas Peha. For many years I did not dare to radically change the program and thought that what this would do to the audience. Now in concert a large block of my original songs as usual we have redesigned a completely new sound. I couldn't even imagine how good this would do to the viewer. I could only dream of and my dream came true.

— And often you have dreams come true?

— More goals than dreams. I have dreams to order to be reduced. Age is probably such that the space not want to, I want specific. And the space is harmful. Make so, begin to live in this illusion and miss everything else.

— Many your colleagues complain that because of employment do not see their loved ones. You often can't communicate with his son Pete?

— Not very often, to be honest. Here it is now sore, and probably a couple of days he can visit you. Yet he and my mom travel a lot. Here I was in Spain, in St. Petersburg, Belarus. Now, thank God, in Moscow. Of course, you need to see more of. Of course, I do everything that is required by the state and the family in terms of child maintenance. But of course this is no substitute for fellowship with his father. I understand that, I always try to go see him between tours. Peter has already said, however, I don't always understand his language. (Smiles.) He is very inquisitive and agile.

Стас Пьеха: «В отношениях с девушками манипуляций не потерплю»

In 2014, the Stas with the model and DJ Natalia Gorchakova are the parents of a son, whom he called Peter. Soon the couple broke up but the singer is in regular contact with multicomfort: materials of press-services

— He likes music?

— I think all children like music. He listens to some music and swings in different directions. Includes even facial expressions. But at this age — and he was not yet three — to talk about some of the talents before. I think it will be clearer later. And now he is taking care of it little by little. Goes to kindergarten where they are taught the languages, logic, design and so on.

Your grandmother often see Pete?

— Edita lives in St. Petersburg, so often to see your grandchild she can't. In July we will celebrate her eightieth birthday. My sister Erica cook her a surprise with the participation of Peter and Vasilisa, her daughter.

— Apparently, from your employment to ask about any other Hobbies, it makes no sense...

— Well, sports of some kind there... Workout, fitness, yoga I want to add. I sometimes fall into a kind of sport obsession and you can overdo it. Even injuries happen. I just quit martial arts due to injuries to the neck, but I really want to go back. This is my favorite sport, the fights were interested in since childhood. Sometimes, after the concert, come home exhausted, but instead of sleep, watch some fights without rules. (Laughs.)

Стас Пьеха: «В отношениях с девушками манипуляций не потерплю»

First hit performed by Stas Piekha appeared in 2004. Since then, music became the main occupation of Stas in infoto: materials of press-services

— As you know, some time you in the status of eligible bachelor. Having gained some experience, you already know what kind of girl you need?

— No sustainable type no. I tried something to guide their lives in this sense, but always came to a standstill. Of course, there are some moments, like she's being courted, was good... But I guess everyone would say that. The intellectual basis is undoubtedly important. Optional PhD — God forbid! (Laughs.) But the most important is the unity of vision, energy and desire to grow.

— You once said that to you in a relationship with women the importance of honesty. Now this is still true for you?

— In relations with the girls manipulation will not be tolerated. Honesty is very important. I'm careful in what I say and how to do it, because everyone wants to hear something pleasant. And, frankly, the critics can't stand. Enough around, including in the virtual space, and in a relationship with a girl I another critic is not needed.

interview, Stas Pieha

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