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Alena Sviridova: "it annoys Me when moms start jumping around their son, and then complain that men are extinct"

The singer told how her son-cadet

The youngest son of Alena Sviridova is thirteen, and way of life that leads Gregory, not very similar to the one that lead the children of famous people. Alena gave his son to a military school and yet he had no regrets about his decision. met with the singer and asked her what it's like to raise a son cadet.

— Alena, why in the cadets?

— Sometimes the parents sell the children of their dreams. I've wanted to go to a military school. I imagined and drew up the plans as I would not walk to the bath to have not found that I was a girl. How short hair cut; in General, will last sometime. (Laughs.) Besides, my father was a military pilot, so a significant part of my life was connected with the army... And at some point I realized that with my son too many women. And this is not good. Then I tossed him the idea, however, it was originally about the Suvorov military school. Grisha happy for her to grasp, but it turned out that we missed them. They take the fifth grade and never make the transoms. And then we found out about the cadet school. We went with son together to see what and how. And for a year he studied at the cadet corps.

— Probably the first time my heart ached for the child?

— No. I always have a positive attitude to the difficulties and to the fact that the person they should be. He should learn to overcome them, and there is nothing terrible and awful. I am very much against hothouse education. And I think the younger the easier it is to tolerate difficulties. Necessary. As a child I thought I was heavily loaded from seven years went to school across town, then another in English. Leaving at seven in the morning from home, returned at nine in the evening. And I had homework to do and music to work out. My life as a child was actually hell.

— Childish...

— Not children's. But I understand that everything that formed my character. And so I am absolutely calm. And I was even annoyed when moms start jumping around their son, and then complain that men are extinct. I have a child, by the way, gets greater freedom. He travels everywhere and has long walks alone. Sometimes I start to say, "Oh, this time is different, now is not the time..." You know the time and then it was difficult. And my memory was missing all sorts of criminal activities. Children this, too, should know. And understand that life it is what it is. And need to it to cook with all of its challenges. Therefore, the cadet corps, I take it as a necessary school, which should be available to men.

Алена Свиридова: «Меня раздражает, когда мамочки начинают скакать вокруг своих сыночков, а потом жалуются, что мужчины перевелись»

"I've wanted to go to a military school. And Grisha for a year studied at the cadet corps" - said Sviridovt: materials of press-services

— Gregory told me how he had at first?

— Of course, was not easy. Another team that broke up with their former school friends... In the corps of cadets is different. And this had to get used to. But impressions he very much. There dances are taught, they go to balls. More recently, in the Pashkov House was the dance with the girls from ballet Ilze Liepa. It was very nice. A lot of them good teaching, including independence, and the ability to solve some of their problems and responsibility for their decisions. The regime, of course, hard. But the mode is the most useful thing. They have a lot of activities and little opportunity for the stupid seat in the gadgets. In fact, the gadgets he gets home on the weekends.

— Gregory comes after graduation?

— Every week on Friday he is at home. I can say that he has changed for the better. He became many things to appreciate. To understand how well the house...

— To talk, probably as an adult?

— Of course. I believe that all-male education should be male and should be around men. Many complain about the army that there are straight people serve. But in fact nobody cancelled bad bosses, scandalous neighbors, etc. Unless we can create some ideal conditions and to ensure that life will meet only nice? No. So I tell Grisha that people are what they are, and you must learn to communicate with all of them. I personally believe that we made the right decision. And so on the eve of February 23 I arrived at the cadet corps and made. This was my greeting. And I can say that I received the gift because it was a very warm welcome. The whole audience sang, clapped and turn on the flashlight. It was very cool, and I got enormous pleasure.

— How you perceive your son's classmates?

— Colleagues... at First, it might be considered major. But Gregory denied the allegation and did not majorit. Goes to the metro.

You know what Gregory is going to do after school?

He will graduate, as in a regular school, and eleven classes. And then unknown. In any case, nobody is obliged to be a soldier. Of course, there are some priorities when entering higher military educational institutions. But you can choose a completely different profession. While I don't know who Gregory is, he's still undecided. But even if he doesn't go to College and go into the army, it will be experienced compared to the new recruits.

By the way...

Алена Свиридова: «Меня раздражает, когда мамочки начинают скакать вокруг своих сыночков, а потом жалуются, что мужчины перевелись»

The son of Olga Bartunkova went to armisen Michael Thereinafter:

In mid-February, the captain of the team "Gorod Pyatigorsk" 38-year-old Olga Bartunkova was present at a very exciting moment: her son Sasha took the oath. Olga couldn't hide their experiences, which are experienced by every woman, giving adorable son in the army. "My life, officially became a soldier of the Russian Federation!!! Well, see, home, I gave you the child voluntarily and with a proudly raised head, will be back in one piece, please! Son, be worthy of, do not let me down! For you and your friends in the service! Come on, boys!" — shared his emotions Bartunkova.

Алена Свиридова: «Меня раздражает, когда мамочки начинают скакать вокруг своих сыночков, а потом жалуются, что мужчины перевелись»

Son of Michael Terekhina entered the Moscow presidential cadet school. Silohoutte:

Last summer in the Moscow presidential cadet school. Sholokhov MVD of the Russian Federation received the son of Michael Terekhina Daniel. The boy passed all the exams with "excellent", on top of that was credited for the excellent vocal soloist in the choir.

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