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Konstantin Kryukov: "going to the registry office — a rather melancholy story"

Actor — the role of personality in the history of the ancestral clan

About like Konstantin Kryukov, saying "man of VIP-class", or, "flying high". Successful, wealthy, the heir to a great artistic dynasty, impressive appearance. He could become a businessman and artist, but chose the acting path. And now struggling with the stereotype prevailing in the minds of viewers — because it often happens that the coast gets a well-defined role, where he plays the conqueror (and sometimes destroyer) of female hearts. Meanwhile, in the personal life of our hero prevails consistently in the face of Alina Alexeyeva he found friend, and love, and wife.

— Kostya, we are not meet for the first time, and for some reason it always happens in a place that is famous for its teas. For you tea — attribute of a leisurely intimate conversation?

— Really? (Smiles.) I didn't track. But the tea I really love, this is a separate ceremony that is still best done not with an interview. At home I have a tea table, there are a lot of different varieties of this wonderful drink. But the collection can not be folded, because the exhibits are being spent. One favorite kind of tea is replaced by another. Perhaps you can talk about the collection of tea ware — I had a lot of interesting things. In my opinion, this is a nice, quiet hobby.

— Last time you said that the tea ceremony allows you to make a stop half in a mad rhythm of the metropolis...

— I think, in our city, each person must have their tricks, from the rhythm to fall out. Recently, I met two or three people who forced an effort of will he forced himself to relax. One had six months of rest, because it worked to the fact that he had a panic attack. Moscow is a very crowded city, we made many, many pointless and unnecessary movements. I noticed that even at home, this vanity continues. Constantly itching thought: "How is it that you can not sit idle!" and start to call someone, find something. Therefore, it is necessary to go somewhere far away, or just turn off the router. The house is without Internet, and all the Pets begin to communicate with each other.

— But you love to travel, judging by the page in social networks.

— Yes, my wife and I love to discover new places. Last year, a month riding in Italy, had a great time. Drove around Sicily, visited the Aeolian Islands, went to the farthest. Approached. "We need the car." — "We have only one taxi driver, his name is Louis, but he drives a big car, now we call him". The beach there with huge boulders, which have to lie on inflatable mattresses. There, on the beach, small cafe. The chef makes all dishes on site, ingredients for salad, for example, grow near by, on a small garden. This beach has us hooked one Italian and asked a question that I never heard: "why Russian do not go here?" Don't know why. This is an amazing place. This Italian wild land. But it is quite an expensive resort, although there is no service, that are accustomed to our compatriots; perhaps that is why they do not favor it. Hard to imagine that some of our fat cats want to lie on an inflatable mattress on the boulders. But we all loved it, it is unforgettable.

Константин Крюков: «Поход в загс — довольно заунывная история»

In the mystical film "the Ghouls" hero saves Kryukova favorite, and along with the world from the forces of timephoto: materials of press-services

— You like more off the beaten track routes. And there are so-called "place of power"?

For me so remain Karlovy vary. I love this city. And I'm glad for my tediousness and boring characteristics of this place no one from my inner circle does not agree to keep me company. (Smiles.) Alina went once and said it was enough. Last year I went there in March, the low season. Also in hotel there lived another crazy Arab, and all tourists of the whole city was probably fifteen. But for me it is a wonderful holiday. Love to be there in the mode of loneliness. But Sicily is an active "place of power". During our stay with Alina, we visited Taormina, which previously held all kinds of festivals. Right there on a rock stands the ancient Greek amphitheater. We got there at night and listened to classical music performed by the jazz orchestra. And, as it turned out, the saxophonist is in the top ten of the world's best musicians. For me it was a fantastic experience, outdoors, the sea in the background they played Henry Mancini, and from the Etna volcano billowing smoke... by the Way, in Sicily we lived in the monastery. More precisely, in the hotel, but it was once a Franciscan monastery. Preserved brickwork, graffiti, portraits of clerics. We had Breakfast in the dining room where the monks ate.

They are very interesting. The picture under the impression from traveling is not written?

— Alas, the painting didn't have much time. I periodically write for themselves. But as nothing was done with his paintings in public and not doing.

— Where are your paintings?

Partially at my house, partly from his father abroad. I think that perhaps someday will organize the exhibition, but so far I did not before.

— A few years ago you said that you don't believe that to be an actor, your calling...

— Look, I've been working in this field and so loved it! Some excitement appeared. I've even done some things professionally, which he wasn't expecting. For example, starred in "PA" in the role of investigator. When I called, I was very surprised, asked whether they had wrong number by accident. (Laughs.) Because I usually offer a completely different role. The scenario I read in one breath and hardly waited for the morning to inform you that I agree. It was so well designed and written detective that I, even as a reader, was incredibly interesting to follow the twists and turns of the plot. My hero — crazy ambitious, perfectionist, a guy who in restaurants-that goes with his fork, suddenly the will of his superiors is in the middle of nowhere, far from Moscow. He is forced not only to adapt to the conditions of life in the Outback, but also to unravel a complex crime. It was a very interesting acting challenge — to show how changing his character. Around me few people watching NTV, but in social networks I got good reviews.

Константин Крюков: «Поход в загс — довольно заунывная история»

Partner of Constantine in the film "What men are doing" was Ravshan, Corcovado: materials of press-services

— Some time ago you offered a pretty lightweight images. That is the situation changing?

— Most of the scenarios that I propose is something very similar. I refuse to take these stories that I read already for the fortieth time: boy, girl, love, she got pregnant, he left. Maybe it's me and my character, maybe the writers of that stamp. And I'm glad someone sees me as the investigator. I always agree on some unusual for my appearance, because it is a new experience.

— Soon the premiere of the film "Vampires". What say you about this job?

— It was a cozy project, because there is a great creative and friendly team. My senior partner and mentor was Mikhail Porechenkov — we are familiar since the days of "9th company". With Aglaia Shilovskaya before that also worked together know each other and make friends. Sergey Ginsburg is the Director that any actor could only dream about! The shooting took place in Crimea, in very picturesque places, and partly where we shot "9 Rota". And I experienced many emotional moments. Finally I have something to say in response to the question, what interesting things happened on set. (Laughs.) First, as it turned out, the whole group is not very known how to get along with horses. But I warned about this in advance: I'm allergic. And the fact that everyone else does not know how to properly handle these animals, it became clear already in the process of filming. Horse Novel Madyanov suffered on the first day. He fell and bit the arm itself didn't break. Horses and then something scared and crazed animals almost killed the film-maker. Surprisingly, the ease with which Ginsburg jumped on the wall, seeing rushing at him in the wagon. More horses for us the scenery was demolished...

— Mysticism?

— On the first day came a priest, said a prayer. It was the desire of the Director: shooting a story about vampires. Was very terrible things, and even physically. Imagine the scene where the vampires attack the monastery, we shot on the ancient fortress wall — dvenadtsatiraundovom plateau without any barriers. And for the first time I saw Misha Porechenkov, large and super-confident person, started to get nervous. And at this moment still in the sky came a huge blood-red moon. And was hanging over us in an ominous balloon, until we have completed the stage. Then the moon blocked the black spot, she was only a red rim. It was on this day of filming got a lunar Eclipse! Was both creepy and very beautiful. Next time again it was all shot on the same mountain, and again mystic. Suddenly from nowhere there came the distant chimes. As it turned out, on this mountain there is a small hidden bell tower. And during the ringing suddenly began to crawl white fog, which hid the sprawling farm. This can be seen in the picture, and it's not graphics, but real natural phenomenon. We had nothing planned.

— That is thrill enough.

— Yes, and even purchased some useful skills. In the story, I had a lot to fence. For combat scenes, I was trained by two brothers, Victor and Oleg Mazurenko, which involved fencing and cold weapons professionally. You know, maybe all of it. They put us all the tricks and did not do it in sporty style, as in art. I got enormous pleasure and experience. And if I had more free time, would continue these classes. Very curious to see what happened in the end, looking forward to the release of the film.

Константин Крюков: «Поход в загс — довольно заунывная история»

Sicily Constantine calls active "place of power"Photo: personal archive of Konstantin Kryukov

— I know that Alina often accompanies you to the shooting. This is due to the fact that you miss apart, or she wants you to give moral support?

— As a rule, she comes with me to some interesting places. Why not take a ride on the boat, as it was in the movie "permanent vacation"? My husband works, and she has a three week cruise in the Mediterranean. (Laughs.) Even before the "ghouls" we in the Crimea together with his wife and Irish my grandmother (actress Irina Skobtseva. — Approx.ed.) starred in children's movie "a Dangerous vacation". Alina played a couple of geologists, our grandmother, our grandmother, so everything is very organic. For me, the joy that in Russia have again started to make films for children, albeit they are not widely rental. Well, go in one shot with such a beautiful actress Irina Konstantinovna Skobtseva, — a great happiness. So last year our family visited the Crimea. I love these places in our free time we went somewhere.

After a large amount of time that you and Alina together, there is still the need for dense communication?

— Probably, Yes, because we have a fairly narrow circle of friends. New people not appearing, and with each other we are comfortable and well. Sometimes even lack this communication. If I'm going somewhere alone then I catch myself thinking that I want to share emotions, impressions of what is happening around. The importance of the common reaction to something.

— When you and Alina gave a joint interview, said that love is creation. What in you has changed over the years?

— Probably, our family life became quieter. We each other got used. And we can say that during this time became successful to develop our career. Alina became involved in Cinaedi — catering on the set. First, all intended as fun, and turned into a serious project. Plus wife began to lead a morning broadcasts on channel 360 and programs at RBC — this was a great discovery. Before her first broadcast I was worried, probably even more than she does. Got up at half past five in the morning, washed, put in front of an iPad to be connected. Wrote her a message: don't worry, smile more. I also had a small TV experience. And, in my opinion, I'm not very well managed. I can't be positive, fast-talking and jokes. I'm uncomfortable, it's unnatural and willfully. Alina more sociable person, she has quick response, and it looks great on the screen. I saw her the first gear, and honestly, that he couldn't. I'm glad the wife is now involved in related with my profession sphere, because she has become more understanding to some things. If people come after a night shift, wants to sleep, it is pointless to engage him in some conversations and household chores. Now she felt it, because gets up at three in the morning.

— You and Alina worked together, were friends. Relationship has reached a new level when you have suffered grief in the family?

— It happened in 2009. Of course, a tragedy in the family changes everyone and everything. Alina was very supportive at that moment. After mom, we all rallied. Perhaps it should be.

Is family important to you?

— It is important for me because blood relatives is the closest circle. Within the family we have a very cordial relationship, we have each other. I have one funny uncle in Odessa, said about the charity: "they Say: help your neighbor. And the middle is who? Husband and wife, parents, grandparents and uncles-aunts. First, they need help, and then children in Africa". And I agree with him.

Константин Крюков: «Поход в загс — довольно заунывная история»

On the set of the Comedy "permanent vacation" and managed to work well, and otdohnite: materials of press-services

— Mental and relatives close to you? Because sometimes friends understand us much better...

— The family is closer story, blood. But true friends are also very important. And, in fact, over time, they are also included in your family. Friends unlike relatives, you can choose, and they are sometimes more candid relationship. For thirty years of my life there are people with whom we went through fire and water. New friends are not many, and mostly it happens at work. I'm not that socially active people. I have two or three adults friend, my colleagues, with whom we have been friends for the last two years. That is, I understand that this is a good, reliable man, who will not fail me. Not long ago, I participated shaft in one TV shows about me. Without my knowledge the editors have inserted comments of friends, with whom we talked were crossed at the. And it was very nice to hear from Dmitry Astrakhan, with whom we worked together in two big projects ("In Moscow always Sunny" and "permanent vacation"), such kind, kind words. Probably it can be called a good and close friend. Misha Porechenkova we don't see each other so often, but I love him very much, grateful for any kind of help. How much we worked with him, he always supported me. Alexander Atanesyan in my life in General has played a crucial role — he was the first who gave me the opportunity to work in a negative manner, I largely listen to him.

— Back to the family. In marriage, you feel greater responsibility, than when you were just a pair of Alina?

— Probably, Yes. Although much greater importance to us was the wedding ceremony. A trip to the registry office objectively there is little difference in the relationship, it's such a mournful story, which is not very inspiring. The responsibility is greater, the stronger your connection, the more you have common things and ideas. We were planning something together, constantly discussing what we would still like to do in our lives. I'm glad we have each other Frank and sincere. And not afraid to say that we are not satisfied.

— Your marriage three years. The crisis is usually just three years later it happens.

We have relationships lasted much longer, so all the crises left behind. And they were connected rather with some external influences — work, lack of understanding where to go, what with their internal contradictions. We, thank God, get along.

— And you are very happy with what is happening in the work?

— I'm always dissatisfied. There is always something to improve. This is the path to development. If you are absolutely satisfied with everything, you have to lie down and die. Alina and focus on self-improvement, healthy lifestyle, before it was neglected.

But to smoke you left, I see.

I try... still does not work. However switched to electronic cigarettes. Sports became involved, I did really need it due to back problems. Trying to stick to a diet, but it's complicated — it is necessary to count calories. (Laughs.) But still: the overall tone has improved, and even once the consciousness was different to work, the mood is better.

interview, Konstantin Kryukov Alina Alekseeva

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