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Julia Volkova: "I always talk to kids like an adult, not suzukaze"

The singer — about Orthodoxy, family and secrets of their slimness

Ten years ago the lead singer of T. a.t.u. Yulia Volkova, being married to a businessman Parviz by Azimovym, it was said, embraced Islam. In late February of this year it became known that the singer returned to the Orthodox faith. went for details to the singer.

— Julia, do you again become Orthodox?

— I originally never intended and do not put yourself to any part of God is the same and everyone has the right to visit the mosque, the Catholic or Orthodox Church, a synagogue. This is a very individual and personal question. In the last years of my life have been important developments that have dramatically influenced my attitude to religion. One day when I walked by an Orthodox Church, I really wanted to go in there. I realized that this is my house, I'm here and here I will be able to speak with God. As they say, God works in mysterious ways.

— As a daughter and a son reacted to that change in your life?

— It is normal. Daughter — Orthodox, and his son, a Muslim. They are adults and understand perfectly.

— Samir 10 years, Victoria is 13. They now have the most difficult adolescence. How do you manage with kids?

— Very simple. We all have a good relationship: I, Samira, Vicky, the babysitter, grandparents take an active part in our lives. Sometimes, of course, kids being mean. Sometimes I can dress down. Because they have to listen and listen to adults, not to argue not to argue. And they have me obedient. Most importantly — we know how to negotiate and talk like adults.

Юлия Волкова: «Я всегда разговариваю с детьми по-взрослому, не сюсюкаюсь»

Children singer Samir and Victoria with understanding accepted the decision of mothers to return to православиеINSTAGRAM.COM/OFFICIAL_JULIAVOLKOVA

— Psychologists say that we should not educate children, but rather to change parents. Do you agree with this?

— I believe that nobody should not change. Children grow up, they naturally show their character. Need to be competent to guide them and show them this life. To explain what is good and what is bad. To instill a love for the native people, to society, to teach respect for elders, to lean against to everything around him. The feelings of my children as a friend. We have no relationship mother — daughter, mother — son, namely friendship. They can always come to me and ask about something they care about. But I always talk to them like an adult, not sysutils.

— You have recently published online a few photos in a swimsuit. And your figure has caused excitement among fans. Many had to work?

The gym and nutrition. Three times a week fitness. Some people like yoga, some Pilates. And I love free weights. As for the food, less flour and carbohydrates to eat more protein. Although I'm a big sweet tooth, but nevertheless managed to renounce this. And in a healthy body — healthy spirit! Exercise, eat healthy food, believe in yourself and will look at 100!


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