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Nikita Panfilov: "Actors as athletes: if you cease to practice, then swim away fat and lose their shape"

The actor is sure that you need to constantly set new goals

Recently completed the series "Dog", in which the main role was played by Nikita Panfilov. The actor has many fans, and he likes women, and as a negative hero, as a positive. met with Nikita on the eve of the Eighth of March and discussed the actor's fate, the servants of the law and festive bouquets.

— Nikita, in the TV series "the Dog," you played a COP. Know that once you have enrolled in the school of police...

— Yes, it was. Dreamed of becoming a policeman in the eleventh grade. It seemed to me that the policeman is the one person who is involved in chases and shootouts, but not pot-bellied uncle, earning on a house. I watched Soviet films about the police. Then the people of this profession was considered to be without fear and without reproach, incorruptible. I even could not think that you can buy off the policeman. And when the first "Ford" blue and white appeared — as it was beautiful. We were born and raised in the USSR, perhaps that is why we have had such a romance.

And why not do it? Have not passed a competition?

— Of course. There were 25 people in the place. And the majority of entrants dad worked in the police or traffic police, were colonels or generals. And my dad's a Director. What school police? Of course, I didn't get there. Although I worked hard. Find out what you need to pass exams, taught tickets on the history and Russian language. I was up and running. While no one forced me to do it myself. And on exams and written without errors, and ran fast. But it so happened. And thank God, otherwise we would have with you now is not talking.

Никита Панфилов: «Актеры — как спортсмены: если перестают тренироваться, то заплывают жиром и теряют форму»

The last time Nikita goes out with his lover Senegence Avramenko

— But you still had to serve MIA in the army?

Yes. As they say, the thought materializes. If you really want that fate is offering you to try. And I have tried. And I realized that this is not mine.

— You in the army were in the 90s. Then said that in internal troops reigns the most brutal hazing.

— Not the best time. In the tank troops and the infantry always bullying was. And I think in parts of it left.

But the experience proved useful for filming in the movie?

— You can say that is useful. But I have some experience? I took the homeless, alcoholics and little boy to the police station. There is no investigation there. Once we ran to detention, and then did not. But half of what you see in the movies really true. The police there are strange people, and honest, and bigoted, and an absolute dolt in General, as elsewhere.

— Do you often get the role of rogues and scoundrels. You once explained that you have the appearance for this is right. What happened now, the appearance has changed?

— No, the same bald and left. (Laughs.) Probably more the media become, and therefore roles have to offer others.

— You promoted to counsel?

— If I may say so, of the rose — project in the historical "Winners", which will soon be broadcasted on NTV. I play a very successful lawyer. This XIX century, during the reign of Nicholas II. Interestingly, my character has the prototype: there was a lawyer Fyodor Plevako, who has not lost a single case.

Никита Панфилов: «Актеры — как спортсмены: если перестают тренироваться, то заплывают жиром и теряют форму»

In the new series the actor played the capital's counsel and tried on the costumes of the XIX, wakatta: materials of press-services

— About your new character say that he made himself. And about how you say it can?

Can. With full confidence say that he made not only through sex, not through friends and relatives. My first painting was the "Rope of sand" by Mikhail Tumanishvili. He saw me still in the second year, when we're at school-Studio of MKHAT of parody did. I played Rosenbaum, I saw Tumanishvili and took his picture. I played a bandit Chest. This is my first role in a movie. And then was the casting for "Adjutant of love". Young film Studio, which starred "Aides", it was interesting to discover new names, to take on unusual projects. And I've been lucky. They like solitaire actors to play tried on. Laid out, offered to first one character, then another. And in the end, I was one of the main roles, I was pleased and surprised. Then there was the "railway Workers". So gradually went. Had its UPS and downs. All the actor's fate. Now, just a few roles in good movies has passed. "Major" happened, "the Dog". So while the arc is creeping up. But it's a matter of time before she'll crawl down.

— Once you are pessimistic.

— No. It's always happening. Not to be smug or to say that I finally achieved something. You don't have achieved. Fate as the wave comes. And you always need to achieve and set goals. Never to calm down. As athletes, if they stop training, then swim away fat and lose their shape. Do the same thing.

Никита Панфилов: «Актеры — как спортсмены: если перестают тренироваться, то заплывают жиром и теряют форму»

Partner Nikita TV series "Dog" began shepherd named Earl. On the court the dog was fed only the owner and Panfilovo: materials of press-services

Tomorrow the Eighth of March...

— ...I already bought a bunch.

Two years ago today you broke up with your wife. As for this holiday since then?

— I try not to think about it.

— You know how it goes tomorrow?

Yes. I know how to spend the day in the morning. Now was going home, I'll go with the evening in a flower shop, buy now bouquet what with the morning run. But I was not one such clever. There were already about ten men. First time seen such a full house and so were some men. And tomorrow there will be more suffering and want. And saw at the bus stop: the machine stands and two man with a megaphone to offer bouquets of tulips. Everyone earns as you can.

— The thirtieth of April you will celebrate 38 years. Also already know how to spend this day?

I know my schedule three months in advance. Of course, you know how I'm going to celebrate your birthday. Since I left the theatre and got the opportunity to plan your schedule on the day of birth try not to work. I spend the day with their loved ones.

interview, Nikita Panfilov

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