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Olga Prokofiev: "Men lack a bit of courage to approach me"

The actress says why he wants to marry again

Olga Prokofiev, even twelve years after the release of the TV series "My fair nanny", I remember her legendary Jeanne Arkadevna. And Olga with pleasure signing autographs on her behalf. However, the popularity of this image does not interfere with the actress to move forward. Not so long ago, she again tried his hand as a TV presenter, and still pleases those fans who go to the theatre and cinema.

— Olga, recently you have become one of the leading Saturday night. How you feel in a new capacity?

— Great! I play the role of some of criticise of high society, which knows everything about everybody. Well, who among us can play exalted, harmful and hateful aunts? It's me! (Laughs.) I have a wonderful partner Stas Doinikov, Valery Syutkin, Nikolay Baskov. Kolya very fun to play sketches. There was an episode where, according to the scenario, my kritikessa shook shoes. She put them in front of him and covered the notebook. And suddenly Nicholas grabbed my foot and started me right in the frame to stretch your fingers. We started a whole impromptu dialogue. And when we finished the sketch, I removed the leg, and nick kindly put on this place with the words: "now it's your turn". (Laughs.) Basque — flowing. It comes from a very kind nature. With him before I crossed, and saw how luxurious Kohl makes all the gifts. He was so shocked by the boy in the project "Minute of fame", which gave him the accordion handmade cost about ten thousand Euro. Or to take the grandmother, who is a hundred years old, and she loves to travel. Nick told her: "I send you to Thailand." To which she replied: "two weeks!". In General, nick is the man who does not drive themselves into the framework. Like him with Montserrat caballé to sing — he sings, like to a wedding it is.

Ольга Прокофьева: «Мужчинам не хватает чуть-чуть смелости, чтобы подойти ко мне»

Olga leads an active lifestyle. In the winter snowboarding and in the summer, velocipede: materials of press-services

— Now where else you can see?

— In his native, beloved Mayakovsky theater I released the premiere of "All my sons" — a deep, dramatic, you might say, a tragic role. The performance we have already shown, but still "finish" the viewer. That is, when the hall quiets down, I see that here you need to add something or Vice versa. Therefore, this work I consider incomplete. Also, I was offered another private project, which I have many. But I for such plays include neat, in fact, starts when you are on the road and is traveling — it is important not to overdo it. Where fatigue, there and irritability, and with it, God forbid to appear on stage before the audience. I can't stand it. Even starred in Alla Surikova's film "Love and sax". There are cinematic achievements, but do not speak. The actors are superstitious people...

This employment is probably not so easy to find time to rest?

— I try to do it. Even notes himself wrote: "Olga, measure." It happened that I started on myself to be angry for something that is going to a great event, where good people, but feel tired. But over time I learned to relax. I never knew what, for example, in winter, to go to rest. I have the theatre as I can! But this year made it to the mountains. Actually, for me, the theme of skiing began in high school. We had a good teacher. He gathered the team, we went to Apatity. It was still the Soviet eighties. And when you get up on skis in twenty years — it is love for life. And yet, if you have time, I prefer to sleep. It is scientifically proven that women retain their youth, when a good sleep. Sometimes you can spend time in bed, something reading when the brain can work, and the body rests.

— Your passion for Cycling still relevant?

— Yes, in the summer I ride in Moscow, is good tracks. Who wants is my company and we ride in Neskuchny garden. In winter I like skating, sometimes skating in Gorky Park.

— You have a lot of experience with fans across the country. They still remember your Jeanne Arkadevna from "My fair nanny"?

— I remember you! This series is a paradoxical story. It came out in 2004 and to this day live — navigate from channel to channel 12. I'm not bragging, I this situation, maybe even not very healthy it seems, but there is an obvious rating! And if my fans say something, but the Joan Arkadyevna, I say, "Well, I'll tell her". Or ask for an autograph: "Oh, please sign on behalf of Joan Arkadyevna". I replied: "With pleasure!". I'm not ashamed of this image, it's a job well done, which is remembered by the audience. Good aunt, we are still friends. (Laughs).

— You have a grown 24-year-old son, and unlike the children of many of your colleagues, he is not an actor...

— He tried, but decided that's not quite it. At least Sasha is not the person who is on 24 hours a day ready to think. He is now engaged in business, it has its potential, especially since it brings a stable income. The boys is very important. We have one performance, the dad asks his son "what do you want to be? You want to be an actor?" And the son replies: "No, dad, I want to eat every day." Indeed, remember, the nineties was very heavy, and many of my colleagues and classmates have left the profession because he could not feed his family. And someone never returned.

Ольга Прокофьева: «Мужчинам не хватает чуть-чуть смелости, чтобы подойти ко мне»

With Nikolai Baskov on the set of "Saturday night live"Photo: materials of press-services

— Olga, let's talk about fans. You are a free woman, you probably of their crowd?..

— I want to know where are the crowds? (Laughs.) In fact, seventy percent of the audience in the theater were women. So I'm among the fans of more women and girls. Well, if we're going to a party and there are men, then they can come only if you allow yourself one hundred grams of some strong drink. Then they can approach and say how they like this or that character and this artist. These are my personal observations. Men lack a bit of courage to approach me.

— What else but the courage must be men in order to conquer you?

— Um, of course, generosity. Well, there must be generous men! Not that I drag them to a jeweler. They should be generous in small things. And gallant — I like these. Well this is probably enough. The rest will help. (Laughs.)

— But to marry again you are not going?

— No, although I love when families are complete. Let women find their halves. But, unfortunately, I'm not advocating such a life. I think many women are not happy in the marriage, and with their loved ones. Such a European model of relations. In my personal life all is well, but it's very personal.

interview, Olga Prokofeva

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