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The star of "Ural dumplings" Ilana St. George knows how to "sculpt" jokes

"You have to understand the fine line between humor and wicked satire" — said the artist

Before April 1 the participant of the show "Ural dumplings" Ilana St. George gave an interview specifically for We asked artist: is it easy to be a Joker?

— Ilana, and you had to deal with people who have no sense of humor?

— Basically, in my environment there are no people who have "lame" sense of humor. In the acting profession without it anywhere. We are faced every day with different situations, of which often you need to come up with a joke.

— What kind of joke is harmless, and the person offended. How to behave with him?

— If the person was offended by your joke, then most likely you played a joke and hurt his personal feelings and emotions. A joke must be a joke, not a way to hook a man is, the more it hurt. You should immediately apologize and admit the fact that you have such incorrect humor. Well, later to be careful.

— And does everyone have a sense of humor: he is born or can be trained?

— There are people who sharpened humor, such as my colleague Sergey Ershov. He has a talent for jokes. Every word, every thought of genius. And such people are born, not made. Coaching can be anything you want, but understand the fine line between humour and offensive stuff can only people with natural born talent.

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