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Presnyakov considers himself lucky, and Podolsky wants to have another baby asked the singer and his wife the same five questions to find out how they know each other

Vladimir Presnyakov-younger 29 Mar turned 49 years old. At age 11 he wrote his first song at 12, sang in the choir at Various churches, and at 13 was performing with the legendary band. 23 and 47, the musician learned what it means to be a father. And 37 learned what love is.

Vladimir Presnyakov: "I'm lucky"

— Birthday — a sad holiday?

— No, in any case. This is my favorite holiday! On this day, I can gather your favorite friends. do not see for the year. This is the most beautiful that can be on the day of birth. Now life is so that you do not have time with someone to meet, to see. All quickly fleeting. And even at concerts, where you can talk with a dear friend, appear and quickly go to work on. And on a birthday you can hang out, to remember his youth and to be a little reckless. Therefore, it is my favorite holiday. Not because of gifts but because of family and dear to the heart of the people was passed some stage in your life that you saw a lot and came to congratulate you. If we compare the expectation of the birthday of children's feelings, but now they are thinner.

— The most significant gift in your life?

Is, of course, my children. It is a great gift for me in life, the most precious. And, of course, my wife Natalia.

Пресняков считает себя счастливчиком, а Подольская хочет еще одного ребенка

Vladimir Presnyakov recently turned 49 лет

— Do you remember your first day with Natalia?

— The exact day is not remembered. I can say that it was the fifth day of a summer (Vladimir and Natalia met in 2005. — Ed.). We were in France for the filming of the show "the Great race", where I then got hit by a bull, broke my ribs and leg. So everything turned out a little crumpled. (Laughs.)

— You know, as a spouse reduces stress?

She also never takes off, because I'm around. I STRESSOMETER. (Laughs.) Would you call me a lightning rod. Absolute. On me you can scream but I'll smile.

— How do you see your future in 15 years?

Is my essence that I live for today and memories, good memories. A future, I somehow do not think, as if the plug is on it. Maybe that's better. Because I'm out every day all the good maximum pull. I think so. More precisely, I want so I thought. Every day I take all the positive juices. And as a child dreamed of. More specifically, I have one dream was: I wanted to see my parents. Because I haven't seen them since they were on tour. It was the height of dreams. Then, when I started break dancing, wanted to do the best. To win any contest, for example. But I got more than I dreamed of. A lot more. I have a wonderful family, favorite people around. Kind and honest. And so it continued for quite a few years. So I'm lucky!

Пресняков считает себя счастливчиком, а Подольская хочет еще одного ребенка

Natalia Podolskaya finds son the greatest gift in life

Natalia Podolskaya: "I would like another baby"

— Birthday — a sad holiday?

— In every case. We can say that periods. I judge myself: when you get to some circular date, and you can stop being sad. But it is not necessary to dwell. If you remember childhood, I today, like many years ago, waiting for my birthday. Imagine how I would be noted as the guests arrive, begin to congratulate and say good words. I personally worry all the time that all were full. To all enough food. Our family is very fun are birthdays. For us it is a pleasant occasion to gather your friends and loved ones. That's just celebrated birthday Petrovich at home (Vladimir Petrovich Presnyakov was born on March 26. — Ed.). Was Nikita, friends, my mom, the Theme, of course (the Son of Natalia and Vladimir. — Ed.). He is now the most important participant of all holidays. But Volodin's birthday always is very noisy. Going for a hundred people. It is obligatory songs and dances. And all differ only in the morning.

— The most significant gift in your life?

— If I may say so, the greatest gift in my life is my son.

— Do you remember your first day of meeting with Vladimir?

— I remember very well. It was in France. Both of us were invited to participate in the program "the Great race". At the time we met Volodya already threw the bull. He came back from the doctor, injured sitting in the stands. I went to look for a place. And suddenly crossed his eyes, and he proposed to join him as a supporter. Moreover, he called my name: "Natalia, how's it going to me..." I was just stunned: Vladimir Presnyakov knows my name! And sat down beside her, has for 12 years.

— You know, as the husband relieves stress?

— (Thinking.) He may have a little scream. (Laughs.) I also relieve stress.

— How do you see your future in 15 years?

— Lately, for some reason I often ask this question... I would like another child. And like his creativity. And if you compare my today with children's dreams, it more than lived up to my vision of the future. The most vivid dream of my childhood is to become a singer. It came to pass. But I, as all girls, dreamed to marry, to get married. And now I have such a wonderful family and is a great reward.

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