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Alena Apina: "I'll fight, and prove by their example that women after forty, everything is just beginning"

The singer became a bond girl

The recent video for the song Alena's Apinoj "Closeness" has created a furore. The singer shocked many fans with revealing outfits and outrageous visuals. And Alain, along with Director Aslan by ahmedovym new surprise. This time the singer will appear in the image of a bond girl.

— Alena, after the release of the video for the song "Intimacy" is a thought that you decided to experiment, which is unlikely to be continued. But, apparently, they're preparing another videosense, this time for the song "bond Girl"...

Director Aslan Ahmadov also believed that the previous clip "Closeness" is quite provocative, shocking for me and that experiments can be completed. But then again, you need to sing something nice, beautiful in the style of Epinoy or style that can be heard everywhere. I spent a long time arguing, almost a month and a half strongly urged him: saying "a" you need to talk and "b". Don't know where I got this courage, but I am very sure of what you're doing. And this confidence came because I love what I'm doing! I like the music! And I've already started looking for new Directors, but Aslan suddenly called. In General, judging by the reviews on the first photo from the set of "bond Girl", we have surpassed the music video for "Closeness".

Алена Апина: «Я буду биться и доказывать своим примером, что у женщин после сорока все только начинается»

On the set of Alena tried on several different looks, including unexpected. Hot Brunet Apina became parvietot: materials of press-services

— In your video, the emphasis is on the bond classics: intrigue of disguise, bag of money, some romantic scenes. You are not afraid of a new flow of criticism?

— After the release of the video for the song "Intimacy" I have not heard criticism in his address. Instead of criticism I was flying only poisonous and fetid splash. And if I pay attention, it may be poisonous. Monica Bellucci played the bond girl. And I'll fight and prove by their example that women after forty everything is just beginning.

— Who in the video plays bond?

— A very handsome young man, which combines the charm and depravity. At least, it can be seen in the frame. The girl behind this will only to destruction. Although the platform Dima was a very nice person and a nice person to talk to.

— The video would show a lot of scenes that require including and from the you a perfect shape. As you this form achieved?

— It is necessary once and for all to give up some things: from the sweet, late-night dinners and so on. Of course, if we're talking about girls 40+, then it works twice, because the figure is richer, the harder it is to start. And in case you've achieved some amazing results, in any case can not give yourself reverse, because there is a risk of losing all the achievements. The common goal is to play sports and love the mirror more than the refrigerator.

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