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Sofya Kashtanova: "I dream of a big family"

The actress spoke about the Italian roots, appeals to the psychologist, and about which men she's attracted to

Sofya Kashtanova remember successful reincarnations into a variety of characters. From naive girls from noble families to female escorts. She also played a young Sophia Loren and was in this role, very convincing. met with Sophia and discussed life in Russia and Mexico, Italian roots and horse riding.

— Your heroine in the series "Wolf sun" perfectly fits the definition of "nice girl". You have something in common?

— We have different characters. My character is very open, of a noble family, grown in Bereznyj the hands of his nanny. Moreover, in her life, there is a serious choice: to marry the person with whom she is engaged, or choose your favorite. I can't say that my life was in a similar situation. My character is a naive girl, and I do not like that.

— Probably moving to Moscow have brought up in you character. After all, you lived in Mexico, as far as I know...

— I was born in Moscow and then moved to Mexico. As for the character... At a young age I looked at the world with a lot of confidence, but over the years, unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, it's all gone. Of course, I differ from yourself seventeen. They say that in 27 years the woman becomes more solid. And I felt it. Start loving yourself more, to appreciate.

— How is it that you have lived long enough in Mexico?

— My mother married a Mexican. In fact, so I was there and lived to fifteen years — that moment when he decided to enter the theater. Mom also graduated from the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, that influenced the choice of my profession. Although I decided that I was an artist when I was five years old. Later changed decisions, even wanted to give birth to a little, that's all. But later realized I have no options. When my mother asked me where to go after school, I said I was going to Moscow to enter the theater. She was very surprised.

Софья Каштанова: «Я мечтаю о большой семье»

In the serial drama "the Cycle" partners of Sophia on the set were many famous actors, including Egor, Beraitot: materials of press-services

The mother is supported during the admission?

— Of course, she came with me. I have determined for myself that I want to study at the Moscow art Theater — the way it turned out. However, when I arrived was very young. In fifteen years I didn't realize what was happening. I was not burdened with fear and uncertainty and came out of Mexico on a wave: do yoga, swim in the sea, eat fruit. But then, of course, there were complications because the guys who came, were older than me. And they clearly know what they need. They went to this, they already had a rich life experience. I have at the moment of the experience virtually no. Well, tragic — I've already lost my father. Well, the rest I was a pure innocent child that the acting profession is wrong: the experience should be. The more experience the actor, the more interesting it is to watch him.

— Now, many will exclaim: why didn't you stay to study and work in a warm and hospitable Mexico?

— Our house is in a fabulous part of Mexico in the Yucatan Peninsula. But the basic creative movement and work — in the capital, in Mexico city, a very difficult town with a huge number of people, a poor environment, and I can't even physically present. And then, Russia, Moscow, SHKOLA-studiya... This is my after all.

— In the series "the Thaw" you have played a small but vivid role of Sophia Loren. In your opinion, you with it looks like?

— Recently I've changed: thin. And with weight loss, in my opinion, stopped to have some resemblance to this actress. I can't say we like it, but something in common can be seen. I definitely have Italian roots. It can boast of many, but not all like Sophia Loren.

— Do you often offer to play beauties. What do you do to in life to be?

In my opinion, it is necessary to adequately assess their appearance and to follow the diet, lifestyle, and sports. I train, including the individual instructor. As for the food, it can reveal the secret: you need to eat more vegetables. Vegetables, probably, the main part of the diet, I love them very much. Although, of course, they are not easy to find nowadays. The natural tomatoes and cucumbers is the whole story, and they cost a lot of money, but for me this is very important, so you have to look.

— Probably in Mexico had no such problems?

— There is fruit is good, Yes, but vegetables... In our seasonal rustic vegetables. In Mexico, the vegetables are mediocre. As for my food habits, Mexico, I liked very acidic. In the end, everything is filled with lemon, sharp. Therefore, people who used to eat in another way, I get difficult. And I have to be retrained to do many different dishes to please everyone.

— Say you've been fond of horse riding...

— Horse riding my life really took a serious place. I danced competitively and level protected, in General, doing so professionally. But after the start of the training in acting school I have no time for this. We started at ten in the morning and finished in the morning. But in equestrian I still really pull. Although with age, along with confidence and there is still a fear. Still it is quite traumatic sport.

Софья Каштанова: «Я мечтаю о большой семье»

In the series "Wolf sun" Sophia played a girl who is forced to choose between love and marriage, raschityvat: materials of press-services

— You repeatedly said that you don't like talking about personal life. This is for your principal position?

— As said Anna Akhmatova, "a real tenderness not be confused with it. And she's quiet." Happiness is really good and it is not necessary to share in the moment.

— And yet you probably determine for themselves what men definitely are attracted to you...

— I just don't like the arrogant, boorish men who are disrespectful to woman. I believe that man is ashamed to be greedy, I would not want to see on your horizon. But I like educated men. People also need to be confident, to avoid complexities in relationship. You need to deal with them, to develop positive qualities. We cannot close our eyes and say, "I am what I am! I will do as you want!" This attitude to life is just silly.

— You're a man versed in psychological issues...

— I was fond of it. Because happened different situations in life: sad and tragic. At such moments, people and begin to grow. If a difficult period in life, you need to contact people who can guide on the right path, to build the right thought process. I think it's useful to turn to psychologists to deal with the lineups, with the study itself. I turned to the psychologists.

— You have a lot of work. But to create a family, have thought?

— Yes, I dream of a big family, and I have a favorite person. But when it happens, I don't know. As the Lord God wills. However, I would not want to tighten. But I feel like I'm a crazy mom... (Laughs).

interview, Sofya Kashtanova

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