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Yuliya Hlynina: "the Groom myself, I found the auditorium,"

Actress — the foolishness of youth, work with Raikin and a loved one

Yulia liovochkina Hlynina just twenty-five years, and she has already managed to declare itself in such high-profile projects like "Duelist" and "Mysterious passion". Ahead of the premiere, which also promise to be an event in the cinema world. Wit and liveliness make the actress very attractive companion. She is not afraid to follow your inner truth, intuition — and therefore achieves success. Talent is a powerful tool to influence people. It is not surprising that his love of Julia found in the auditorium.

— Julia, after such high-profile Prime you already know in public places?

— Oddly, no. Maybe because in one project I didn't have the same appearance, hair color, hairstyle. Looking at me now nobody would think that I am the same Princess Martha of "Duelist" with a shock of blond locks and bleached eyebrows. Very often I hear friends discussing this movie, and I even have to convince them that I played there. In "Mysterious passion" I'm in the role of wife Vaksona, Myrrh — brunette with hair in a retro style. I guess I was lucky that some small change in appearance makes me almost unrecognizable.

— How do you feel about criticism?

— It always was, since childhood, that I had their own, different from the majority opinion. Figuratively speaking, if everyone liked to jump over a puddle, I just wanted it to go. For me always more important than my inner truth. Of course, if a person does not receive a picture "Duelist", I'm sad that my creative ideas and the intention was not touched. But once you understand who you're on the same wavelength and I would be interested to work. I, too, have different perceptions of someone else's creativity: admire, be cold, or it causes rejection. So we find like-minded people.

— Do you ever struggle with envy? You're a young actress with such a strong start.

— Envy — the feeling you encounter everywhere and all the time. The fact that you're an actress, is already attracting more attention, but there is also another factor included — youth! I'm under attack twice. (Laughs.) So, Yes, the envy I feel. But I like to watch people go through it, come out of the situation with dignity. (Laughs.) Yes, I myself envious of others. See sometimes: such a great movie, but I'm not to be! But you have to deal with them.

— Had to hear, perhaps someone moves it?

Unfortunately, it is not envy my situation in this regard. Sometimes even want to listen to such gossip: who is my mystery benefactor? (Laughs.) Alas, all with her own hands.

— You can call yourself lucky? How many talented actors — not everyone is able to find your stuff, its Director.

— I'm really lucky to work with good people. I must correct vibration sent into space. About the collaboration with Alexei Mizgireva can say this is the best that ever happened to me so far professionally. At least in terms of the role not the greatest, but meeting with a person of such scale, with such a stunning thinking, delicate, sensitive soul — a significant development indeed.

Юлия Хлынина: «Жениха себе я нашла в зрительном зале»

Dress, MaYa; earrings and necklace, all – Mercury Photo: Alina Golub

Won have you ever contests, sweepstakes?

Never. I even do not participate in them for fear of losing. Casting is not a contest in usual sense. When you studied for four years at the School-Studio of MKHAT, already still understand the subject their profession and know what you can offer. It's not just because, at random, a finger to the sky. But I still fear failure. And if I have a significant project, I do not eat, do not sleep, just do not breathe. Concentrate on work so that she horrified from this come. But the stress and struggle too get used to it, you can live with it. I, on the contrary, is interesting for the man to watch, not when it is in a relaxed harmonious state, and when you have to overcome something. This will to live is the subject of my interest and envy.

— You acted in a very serious universities: the biology Department of Moscow state University, Institute for nuclear research, Moscow mining University.

— And did.

— It was an attempt to insure? You are zeroed in on not serious acting?

— Why then, at seventeen, I understood clearly that he must not lose a life. And there was a feeling that no matter what profession I choose, I still will be able to fulfill your potential and achieve success. To study I liked, I loved to do their homework: sitting alone, nobody's stopping you. (Smiles.) When I spoke on this subject with her boyfriend, he said he studied mediocre, like most of the guys. Personally, I do not understand: what is difficult for you all have been opened, experienced printed in the textbook. You only have to read it. In those universities that you listed, I just received the results of Olympiads and unified state exams.

— So you are so right girl-a student?

— Probably, if it were correct, would not be enough creative energy in the theatre to do.

Theater disappointed or fascinated?

I was in shock. It was perfect and awful at the same time. The school was sometimes off, when I have the inspiration to read a poem at a school concert. You will praise, I will say: well done Julia. And then again to sit quietly for homework. And then I had to go crazy for days all the time to be in contact with the same crazy in a good way, creative, greedy people. And we still hadn't a clue about this profession, there was some crazy exhaust energy. But it was interesting. And the extent of workaholism that I have now was gained in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre thanks to my master Konstantin Arkadyevich Raikin. It is absolutely atomic a person, generates it is unclear where this energy and charges it all around. Although I no longer have anything to do with the Studio school nor to the "Satyricon," all that was laid there for me. And drives me Konstantin Arkadievich somewhere.

— You were his favorite student?

— I am happy that my creative energy was enough to implement his plan. When we put graduation performance of "Romeo and Juliet", it was me he chose for the lead role. Konstantin Arkadyevich always been kind to me, and it was a godsend. He managed to put a huge amount of love and material, and in us, his disciples.

— I understand that you do not feel to the authorities. But here was a different situation?

— Yes and no. With all my limitless love for him and respect went our separate ways. Probably, under the leadership of Konstantin A. my career would be fine, and painted for many years to come, but... my inner opinion did not coincide with his plans. And I made my choice. It so happened that in that year about half of his students decided to find our own way. But when that happens, the child needs time to fly from the parental nest.

— If you argue with Directors now?

— Certainly, terribly, desperately. But about the authorities — they probably still have me there. Parents taught me respect for the elderly. I'm interested to hear what the people with rich life experience. And I love Directors: like introverts and extroverts, expressive, crazy, maniac of the business. They are always in search and I want together with them to seek the truth.

Юлия Хлынина: «Жениха себе я нашла в зрительном зале»

Dress, MaYa; earrings and necklace, all – Mercury. Wallpaper with hand-painted de Gournay Photo: Alina Golub

— Vadim Perelman, who you starred in the film "Buy me", is a complex character?

— He seemed like a wonderful, magical, expressive and totally in love with your work man. It evokes awe, respect and desire to follow him. While it may be modest, shy, sometimes funny and perfectly tells jokes on the Jewish theme. I think we have got to agree. In some moments, we found a compromise, in some I was just doing the will of God, and sometimes he was resigned to the fact that I'm only doing this so and not otherwise. Left a very warm feeling from the fact that we gave each other so many crazy discoveries.

— So you liked that job, your role.

— Of course! Because the issue is not so much that I have nothing to eat and I can handle any project. Life is short, it is a pity to waste it on something you don't like! This insanely talented material. All colleagues of my age know him because we went through a long casting. Katie, my heroine, is very close and understandable to me story. Though in my life and nothing like that had happened. My audition was the fact that I just read three scenes on camera. Three days later, I called Vadim and told me I was approved.

And these three days you kept your fists?

— No. What's the point? It will make no difference. The Director can get sick, or get on the wrong foot, or you can come to the producer and say that he didn't like the actress. And while they are in creative conflict to resolve this situation, I'm going to suffer? No, I have two projects with main roles.

— Julia, I think nothing can shake your self-confidence.

— Not true, something can. Always scary. Not to remain without work. Our family has been through different times. Mom taught me to enjoy the crust of bread in the same way as the piece of cake from Paris bakery. I was lucky: I was not the "Golden child", therefore, financial difficulties don't scare me. Not afraid to capture the moment when you close, road material, but millions of other interfering factors, and therefore this role in your life happens.

— You allow yourself the luxury of choosing, and yet many of your colleagues say the opposite: they graduated from the theater, it is necessary to earn, feed a family.

— No one is immune from this situation. I don't know what will happen tomorrow and whether I will have such happiness, as freedom of choice. Now I have no family that must be fed, and I need to find thirty million to save the hippos. Indeed, fate is favorable to me. All have their own strap. Too different coordinate system to render a verdict: here you work for money, but you for the sake of art.

Юлия Хлынина: «Жениха себе я нашла в зрительном зале»

Dress, Yanina couture; ring and earrings, all Mercury. Wallpaper with hand-painted de Gournay Photo: Alina Golub

— Are you financially independent from your parents?

— Yes, and for a long time. And I hope that soon I will be able to support them financially.

— They originally took your choice of profession? Discouraged?

— My mother is a completely different person. I am straightforward, hard-nosed Capricorn, she is a air Libra, always looking for a compromise, strives for harmony. In my adolescence it was hard for us to agree with each other. Recently in the shower (usually that's where I come up with brilliant ideas), I thought more than anything for what I become, I am grateful to my mother. When senior year, I approached her and asked what University I should do, she made big round eyes and said that he could not take on this responsibility, I had to decide for herself. It's the mom who told me how to wash dishes and iron uniforms! I was very surprised to say: "Mom, what are you! Dad Alina, my girlfriend, even chose her school! You at least tell me who you want to see me? Maybe a lawyer or a dentist? I'm interested in". "No, I'm not telling you anything". So my current existence — my grown, hard-won, desirable. And he gave me his mother, who simply refused to participate in the selection of my future.

In respect of your fans, she was as loyal configured?

— Fans? You mean young people? Yeah, my mom knew all of my "suitors". And there were always remains neutral. Sure, she had a personal relationship: it could, for example, do not like the Sasha boots or the hair Seryozha, but it would not affect my choice. Despite the fact that I have been going all the foolishness of youth, which you can imagine, my mother always remained an interested bystander.

— The folly of youth is that supposed to mean? Ran away from home with someone?

— Yes, I was not so humble a student, you can imagine. All the joys in life learned.

And unrequited love was?

— No, she was divided but unhappy. Probably, it happened not at the time. I have a little experience with romantic relationships. I just turned twenty-five years, and my suitors on the fingers of one hand can count. We, the actors — a very charged, sensitive nature and you want these emotions love. Our profession is both a gift and a punishment. Here everything feel sharper. We were all like... like exposed wires. Age seventeen, just after school. And we just couldn't stand the tension, the passions. Although that feeling gave and the creative energy is enormous. And at the same time, we began to realize that for a long time on this strain to exist; you burn out. It together anymore. Pours health and nerves. And still the circumstances so turned that we had to leave. Here's a story about love, not with a happy ending like in a Hollywood movie.

Юлия Хлынина: «Жениха себе я нашла в зрительном зале»

Dress, Yanina couture; ring and earrings, all queensbee. Wallpaper with hand-painted de GournayФото: Alina Golub

— A highlight in the box of the actor?

— What are you! Not a highlight, but the whole diamond.

— Probably not creative people you already interested?

— No, why? My boyfriend, my fiance, just from the public, as we say. And we had a very romantic friendship. He came to me on the show. I play Irina in the play "Three sisters" Andrei Sergeyevich Konchalovsky. And there is a very important, profound scene for me, when in the third scene, my character begins to confuse the words, her long crazy monologue. Theatre of the Moscow Council — a very large, and my fan was sitting in the amphitheatre. Do not know how it is possible to distinguish something at all. But then he saw on the monitor my face closeup. Andrei Sergeyevich this idea: when permuting the actions he shows a video where we, the actors, something telling about the characters of the play. And my boyfriend said it was then that I was struck by his appearance. But when it came to scenes of madness Irene, he's got goosebumps ran. He understood that I was his woman. (Smiles.) And you know, he was such a hound guy in the best sense of the word. It is now my social network Packed with comments, I don't have time to study. And then haven't released the "urban jungle", fans were not so many, and among the messages: "marry me" and "you are cool", I suddenly saw: "Hello, Julia, I was on the play". I thought, "How interesting! He goes to the theater." Opened the letter — not a single grammatical error. The second tick. (Laughs.) Looked at my profile: graduated from MGIMO, older than me by five years, pretty. Said "Thanks for coming". Well, that's all. On offer to get closer I said no, because the fans are not Dating. And then for each performance began to come to me beautiful, luxurious bouquets. The note was only the initials, nothing more. And when I have just had nowhere to put the flowers, he sent a note with a phone number. And by that time already and I wanted to say thank you for such a touching attention. So, carefully and correctly, he charmed me. (Laughs.) Two or three months have elapsed, probably, since the first message. Then we met. And now he's my best fan, goes to all my performances. You asked: I wonder if me and the person uncreative profession? Yes. Internally we close, we have the same attitude, some signals coming from the outside world, we perceive the same way. This is very important. Although by nature we are different. He is an introvert, more reserved, closed than I do.

— And now the bouquets continue?

— Yes, in this sense, I am a happy woman. As said Tatiana Dolmatovsky, costume design, which we worked together on the film "Selfie," "if with me at least one day a miracle happens, I feel bad". I guess this is my story. I'm starting to worry if miracles don't happen. And well, what close to me the person who manages to generate.

— You called him your fiance... seriously, the case for marriage?

— I'm afraid to jinx it. With our youth and expressiveness that just does not happen! But the feeling that all is well.

— To the costs of your profession it normally is? For example, to the fact that for a long time you can go shoot in another city.

— Yes, fine, he respects my profession. After all, there are more severe side effects my emotional instability for example. I'm panicking all the time, that at me something will not work. The performance runs a year. It would seem that complicated: Yulia, put on a dress, learn the words, but every time I go out on stage I'm nervous. Don't know how he makes changes in my mood. (Smiles.)

Юлия Хлынина: «Жениха себе я нашла в зрительном зале»

Dress-jacket, self-made; earrings, queensbee Photo: Alina Golub

— It is important for you availability of personal space, the possibility of privacy?

— Yes, absolutely. I'm a sociopath and, frankly, do not like to communicate with people. That is, I like to communicate with them at work. But in everyday life, if there are free evenings, it's hard to imagine that I will go out of the house for some get-together — for me it is extra work. I love to be alone, love to travel to travel. But to know that there are people who I'm important, that I road.

— You the Muscovite, like your hometown?

— Hard to say. I — marginal Muscovite, grew up in Vykhino. All my family is there. Childhood "in the area", anywhere especially did not leave. And then I was completely consumed by the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre. So, oddly enough, especially to get to know this city I didn't have time. Now I live at Patriarch's ponds, begins to look around and realize that this is an area that inspires me. Here green, beautiful, convenient to get to and from work, the theater Mossovet. And people go like... harmonious. In comparison with the difficult life of Southern Patriarchal — idler area of Moscow. Nevertheless, to recover energy, it is necessary to leave. It is a historical area, there is so much information you get from everything from every pebble, paving stone, Bush. And from the large amount of information, too tired. So you need to escape. I Moscow as love and hate. It provides a great opportunity, but it takes energy.

— You had to role play characters from different historical eras. What time you more comfortable?

— In the present. But I'm glad to have the opportunity to try on different eras. Open secret: that I conceive begins to come true. Wanted to touch the romantic nineteenth century — and that happened "Duelist". These lush dresses, carriages, feathers, wide-brimmed hats gave me a sense of time. Then I thought, "How do I want to get into a Soviet era!" And I was invited into the picture "Lev Yashin, the goalkeeper of my dreams", where they play the wife of our famous football player. And walk in shoes worn to the sock. (Smiles.)

— Now dream about the future?

— No, fantasy as a genre I'm not particularly attracted to. It's more like a story: what is there in the future? I am also more concerned with reality: how we are to live together, not fight and love each other.

interview, Julia hlynina

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