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Ilya Glinnikov: "Waking up in intensive care, I realized that I should stop"

The actor said in an interview about the disappointment in love

Acting fate is life in life. And the screen is quite similar to the one in reality. In the movie, Ilya Glinnikov often plays playboys, who can easily manipulate the feelings of lovers of women. But in life its share has fallen much suffering. He had to face betrayal and fight for his beloved, and even to choose between love and life itself. He rarely talks to journalists, but agreed to give an interview — and suddenly at home, on a private territory. Our conversation was like a revelation for both of them.

— Ilya, you give a little interview, and it is here, in your apartment. You need support from home?

I don't need anyone's support, but really need to rest. I'm just pressed for time. Forty-eight hours of the shift in the show "the Bachelor" on TNT. I also broke my knee. And it is my fault because I entered the project after the operation, which was in early September. It's reality, and there can't be an understudy. The frame should be myself. And we came up with a lot of extreme sports. So what happened what I was afraid of. I once again broke my knee and as you can see, I walk with a stick. After the shoot everyone will go to rest, and Ilya Glinnikov go for another operation to heal the wounds. Well, maybe on the honeymoon as lucky. (Smiles.)

— With what feelings you went into the project? I think for normal men this test.

— With fear. Because life actor Elijah Glinnikov played Lovelace, majors, some sweet boys. Do I feel beautiful. At one time even wanted to tattoo the face and neck to no longer see me as handsome. And it will sound funny now, but my main fear in life — to go and meet a girl.


— You've got to start from the very beginning. I have a complex fate. My father has never been in my life. They met my mom when he studied in Moscow to be a neurosurgeon. But they were not destined to be together. Everything was decided by the Georgian Diaspora. So I got mom's surname. But I remember from my childhood, as my mom came suitcases of roses... And my dad has lived his whole life in Georgia, with the dog. Once we talked on the phone with him I was eighteen years old.

Илья Глинников: «Очнувшись в реанимации, я понял, что должен остановиться»

Arriving in Moscow, Glinnikov moved and relatives. With his younger brother Vladislavovichu archive Ilya Glinnikov

When I turned seven, I had a stepfather, the father of my younger brother Vladislav. Oleg — educated, intelligent man, a member of the Union of artists. He insisted that I studied in high school... He taught me to draw. Nobody at school believed it was my pictures. Oleg I think his friend, he instilled in me a taste for many things in life. A big part of the books that you see here in my office, he gave me. But I grew up without a father. I was always a scrawny kid, small in stature. In the yard I often get. But I was still so agile, it seemed to me interesting. Remember, once grown boys came home from fishing. Run up: "What kind of fish do you have? Caught much?" And I put a shirt, some half-dead carp. Another kick and weighed. How sad that there is no one to stand up for me! I yelled, "I'll call my dad!" — "You have no father!" And I was walking down the street, wiping the tears. Maybe, in that moment and realized that, if you fail in this life to stand up for themselves, no Pope can't help me. Enrolled in Taekwondo, then began to study martial arts, even got a red belt. Won the championship of the Tula region on a kickboxing. So now on the street do not fight, my hands are recognized as melee weapons.

— And where does the fear of girls? The history of the relationship of the father and mother gave you such a strong impression?

— There wasn't a day that my mother did not remember it... Perhaps it is some internal fear that my personal life can arise unfortunately. Suddenly this will turn the circumstances that my children will be left without a father. I really lacked in some moments of his Council men. Frankly, I was scared of women because I'm afraid of disappointment, deception. Was taught a bitter lesson. At sixteen I entered into a relationship with a girl who was older than me by eight years. We danced together. I arrived in Moscow at the age of sixteen with one backpack and danced in the street hip-hop. Don't want to disturb the hearts of my former lovers, but she's probably the only one with whom I could create family.

— Why did not work?

I'm to blame that we broke up because I did in the theater. The study there took up all my time. And her parents were simple people, hard workers. They did not take me seriously. Besides, our age difference seemed significant at the time. I had a College love. Then a tragic relationship with one actress. I know there is a love that inspires and destroys. We are in such an abyss he looked... there was a time when I little hands are not imposed, when she said, "I don't need You". And only when he awoke in intensive care, I realized that I need to stop — for my family, for the love of your family, God. To live, to breathe. Today I am grateful to this woman for the experience that I received. To stand on a new step spirituality, it is necessary to fall. It was a very good vaccine. But with all that experience I'm sure: love is the only thing worth living for.

— But, probably, are afraid to build relationships with Actresses?

— I think it depends on the person. For me there is the example of the actress I respect immensely. This Chulpan Khamatova. It was held, and in the profession, and as a mother she has three children. This is a lovely, clean, enlightened man. I'm happy that we worked together on one stage. In the play "Joan of Arc" I play monk Dominic, and Chulpan — Jeanne. In General, we, media people are very difficult to meet your soulmate. Alien commercialism makes all the time to be alert. Someone is looking for in us money bag, someone sees the opportunity to touch the popularity, fame. But I guess I'll be married soon.

Илья Глинников: «Очнувшись в реанимации, я понял, что должен остановиться»

The series "Interns" which actor got the role of a handsome and playboy Romanenko made his popularname: materials of press-services

— Are you serious?!

— I can't believe it, but I may have finally found happiness. "The bachelor" is a show that allows you to build boundaries between you and the participants. But to see the essence of girls. I'll be honest: I don't like the previous Bachelor. And I just said kiss only one girl on this project, which I really like. My path is the path of mistakes, disappointments and hopes. But in the end, I think, here I met the person I want to go on with my life. Though my mind resists: you can't be happy all your life you suffered. But maybe miracles still possible? And maybe I'll make this girl an offer, because I already dream to have a family. I've abandoned this project three times. For the first time, after receiving the invitation, decided to see what show it is. I lasted six minutes and fifty three seconds. Then I turned off the TV, called the agent and asked if she had gone mad. She replied that her business was to convey the proposal. Then the attacks started from the producers. I refused: "you Guys picked the wrong person! I'm not a playboy, not a heartthrob. I in life very different, I will spoil everything". But in the end still talked me into it. On the first day of shooting I told the girls: "For me blasphemy is what you girls are fighting over here man. I have to do it. Let me get you." In relation to all participants of the project, I have different feelings, but from the very first day allocated for one... Actually, it's a show called I'm a Loner — a loner. Bachelor not looking for love, he is not looking for him, and so all is well. And alone without it dying. Look at me from the side. I'm a successful actor, producer, me and the money is there: the apartment is in the centre of Moscow, a convertible to be envied. But really this is cold for me. And now there was hope for a new love, and life made sense. Like something in me opened up the creative energy brims over.

— Ilya, but for two months so good to know a person to decide on such an important step.

— Time will tell. I'm in no hurry. I have a wealth of experience, to deceive me is not easy. And I want to meet a girl with his "heavy artillery" my main women. So far I have two of them: a grandmother who buried all his children, my dad in particular, and mother, who devoted his entire life for us — me and brother. Not enough only her, my wife. And when it appears, it will stand above all others — at an inaccessible height.

— Short like in "enviable brides".

— You know, about me, write all: "Glinnikov so-and-so, he has a lot of fans". Nothing of the sort. When I was in a serious relationship, it was acting honestly and did not betray anyone. While the situations were quite spicy. (Laughs.) I won't mention the name, she is also an actress, we played together. After the shooting, bringing her home, she begins to undress in my car. They say: "what are You doing! I have a girlfriend sweetheart." She's not giving up, goes with kisses. He went out of the car: well, sit here. It takes ten minutes, twenty. I look out the window: "I actually need to go home. If you don't come out now, I'm calling a cab". Jumped out, slammed the door. Offended. Of course, she's bold, bright was. And I would like one day to say to his son: "Your mother and I never cheated".

— Ilya, tell, man seeking woman, like my mother...

— I love my mother very much. But God forbid me a wife! (Laughs.) My mom has been stepped on so much blood — and there are Cossacks and Jews. And even Sagittarius horoscope is fiery woman.

— And you some people need?

— In the film of Emir Kusturica about Diego Maradona, I heard the phrase that behind every successful man stands a successful woman. I think it's very true. The woman first must be wise. One will turn you on the path of creation, and the other will destroy.

Илья Глинников: «Очнувшись в реанимации, я понял, что должен остановиться»

"My wife will stand above all other women on an unattainable height"Photo: materials of press-services

— What want to be, where you have to lead a real woman?

— Wanna be like a man, the head of the family, the father at least three children. As for profession, I don't want to be in a movie for popcorn. Only if the author's movie. Or in their projects. I produce, write scripts, shoot. Now that is one interesting idea to make a film about my life. And play me is my younger brother.

— I understand that you have a very warm relationship with her mother, brother. After moving to Moscow, you moved here and family.

— At sixteen I left home to Moscow. And made something of himself. Then I realized that I want to connect my life with creativity. (At the time Glinnikov participated in theatrical dance show that played in the musical. — Approx. ed.) But I refused to go to the theater, because I said, you will never be able to combine work with study. I'm still working. In 2005 took the family to Moscow and had something to live and to pay for rental housing. And I took this decision because my younger brother — he was eight years old — jumped on the dispute with the garage and shattered my heel. I realized that he fell in with bad company. And decided that everything must go: we need to live in the same city. Already felt their responsibility. And Dmitry Kharatyan, my senior friend and colleague said I'm a complete idiot if he doesn't get acting training. He even offered to pay for my tuition. Remember how we consulted with the mother. The amount of a big. And here (apparently, it was a sign!) I flew a good advertising contract. Thus, the problem with tuition fees was resolved. And prepared me Marina G. Golub, God rest her soul. She always said a dancer to learn to play easier than the singer. Plastic we already own his body. You could say that's my godmother in the profession.

Илья Глинников: «Очнувшись в реанимации, я понял, что должен остановиться»

Chulpan Khamatova Glinnikov plays in the play "Joan of Arc"Photo: materials of press-services

— Difficulty to work and to learn?

— Sometimes after a night shift I visited six in the morning to the Institute, the security guard opened the storeroom to me and I slept there until the start of classes. At nine in the morning came my classmate Andrey Samoylov, woke me up and said, "ilyukha, come on it". And here I am, all rumpled, came into the audience, and the teacher of Alexander Rogozhin said: "Ilya, I have the impression that you just woke up." — "Are you sure" — I replied. It was hard. But nothing on the right. And a lot of guys from my hometown of Novomoskovsk helped here to get over, one even came in GITIS. And my younger brother is learning now on the operator VGIK. And I think he's a brilliant photographer, one of the best in Moscow.

— Ilya, for some reason I think that in life, in life you difficult.

— I do not hide. But I am easily appeased. Now you see before you a tired man after shooting a complex period, and even with a bum knee. In me a lot of different energies. I learned to drive a car with the right wheel on the mechanics, a hundred horsepower. Me and one friend of the psychologist said that the way I started the second hemisphere.

— Are you a Lefty or a righty?

— I'm equally proficient with both hands. In General, answering the question of who I say I am a man, soul, spirit. I used to consider myself bad and I thought the world was. Now, I think I got better. And the world seems kinder. (Smiles.) In life there is always a choice and the ability to carry light. So I'm the lighthouse that shines the light that managed to find it.

interview Ilya glinnikov

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