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Elena Borschev: "When I introduce myself, then say: Elena borscheva — woman driver, mother" discussed with the artist of witchcraft, muscles and the secret of her boundless energy

Elena borscheva strong jokes, teaches humor plays in the movie and very gracefully walks down the runway. She's also a wife and mother of two daughters. While Elena remains your time at the gym and travel.

Elena, not so long ago you were seen at a fashion show, where he performed as a model. And this is not the first time. With your data, you'd probably think about this profession?

— In the childhood had such thoughts, but not so much with me, as have others. Many said my mother: so she can rise in the model. I thought about it, only when someone is in adolescence I was told at a meeting: are you a model or basketball player. (Laughs.) I was told that they guessed wrong. Perhaps if someone of the experts noticed me, I could be a model. But then I lived in Nalchik, and Moscow fashion Week was not. In General, did not happen. In addition, I believe that people should be comfortable in your weight, and model is known to exhaust yourself diets, especially before a show, and this adversely affects health. We love to eat. And fast, I was not ready.

— How did you start your journey in the world of humor?

— It all happened by chance, unexpectedly. I never even thought about, never dreamed about it. Went to many clubs, even belly dancing was engaged in. And I wanted something else to try. Once upon a time went into the library, saw the announcement of the casting of KVN of Pyatigorsk state linguistic University. And, as it turned out, I've been waiting for: they've already spotted me and was very glad that I came to them. He said they need a sample. And I started to play KVN. Oh, and then I liked to be on stage, and I've already gone left. Felt success. (Smiles.)

— Your image of Helena Julevna Santa Maria a Guerra was bright enough. Not afraid that will become hostage to this role?

— I believe that the image should live until he is needed. Elena Julevna was a success, but later lost relevance. And all this happened just by the time of my retirement from Comedy woman. Not that I'm tired of this heroine, just trying to show that it is capable of much: to events, movies, play different roles. I believe that his goal was achieved: I now perceive as a separate creative unit. And when I introduce myself, then say: "Elena borscheva — woman driver, mother." (Laughs.)

— I heard that you have trained your fans to develop a sense of humor. Is it really possible to develop?

— Many scientists believe that in humans there is a gene that is responsible for the sense of humor. So it depends on the environment in which the person lives. Of course, a sense of humor can be developed, and I got it.

From fun themes will move on to romantic. I know that you and your husband have been together for over ten years. Met on KVN...

— Yes, we won the final of the WHC in 2004. After awarding the medals, he came to me and met. Then we continued talking, he asked me out. And somehow it started. Six months later we were married and after another two — the birth of our eldest daughter Martha.

You quickly tied the knot. Nowadays people live together and are not painted...

— Well, it happens because of some circumstances. He lived in the North, in Novy Urengoy, I do all the time was on the road. If we lived in neighboring houses probably would longer but we had to decide something. I even spent four months in New Urengoy, but then I realized that you want to live in Moscow. And we moved together.

— Rumor has it that the man of your dreams you conjured up. Wrote about his qualities in a notebook, and then he appeared...

— I read somewhere that there is such a technique. And if you want to meet a man, you either will not meet or will not meet. And when you clearly know what you as important and necessary, you will be able to find your man. I then after meeting checked and do not match only three qualities which you can either accept or fix something. This, incidentally, is not the only time I got what he wanted. One time I was practicing this technique. True, many things associated with personal life and career. We also need to renew it all. (Smiles.)

Елена Борщева: «Когда я представляюсь, то говорю: Елена Борщева — женщина, водитель, мать»

"If you want to meet a man, you either will not meet or will not meet. And when you clearly know what you as important and necessary, you will be able to find your man"Gennady Avramenko

Your husband used to play in the WHC. And now he is doing what?

— Works as a fitness instructor. Now he has nothing to show business, but he knows many of the producers and actors. All show business knows that there is such a Valera — bright, charismatic, funny.

— That is you have your own personal coach?

— Yes, but now he is very busy season began, and all actively get in shape. So we see very little. I had him in training, so at least talked between sets. (Laughs.)

— Valery — strict coach?

He knows my ability, always feels when I can do a little more. Besides, I am his walking advertisement. Therefore, it is quite strict with me.

— You have always been a slender girl, and it is not clear why you these exercises.

— You can be slim, but not muscular, not toned. When clothing seems to be OK, but not really. So you need to keep yourself in shape, watch your weight that you can and shoulder to open up and show muscle, not fat.

— Last year you will again become a mother, which, of course, quite a feat for a busy artist...

— In the childhood I very much wanted a brother or sister. And just when I was about thirteen and a half years, I had a sister. I probably dreamed of a big family and generally love kids. We wanted a second child because the eldest daughter grew up a selfish child. But now I see how the girls love each other, what tender relationship. And I'm very glad that they have each other. We want the third.

The eldest helps the youngest to handle?

It helps, although I try not to strain. If I'm home, the younger me, and she don't need anyone else. We also have a nanny who stays with the children when I leave. But mostly economy I prefer to do myself, and also love to cook. My husband and I have for so many years, had already developed a distribution of roles, who does what better. For example, if guests come, I'm more into desserts as well, as my husband says, a strange fashionable dishes, such as caramelizing the pears can be prepared.
And he does proven Olivier, leg of lamb and cut the sausage.

— As daughters with a sense of humor?

— Junior is still unclear. She loves music, to dance, to draw. And the older one time wanted to be a designer, but now thinking about a career as a drama actress. And still studying in art school and athletics. And a sense of humor she has already seen.

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