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Elena Aroseva: "Often I catch myself thinking that he was very happy"

The actress — about a family of actors, the mystery of the names and roles of the eternal martyrs

Heroine Elena Arosevoy very often find themselves in difficult life situations and had to become strong women. Here and in the series "birth Certificate" actress played this role. In the usual life Helena has many reasons to feel completely happy woman. met the actress also clarified the mystery of her name.

Elena, you are confusing the Internet with Elena Aroseva, the older sister of Olga Aroseva. You relatives?

— Olga and Elena Aroseva — aunt of my husband, Dmitry Aroseva.

— Why is your name there is a soft sign?

— We have a home library are books grandfather of my husband, father of Olga and Elena Aroseva, — Aroseva, Alexander Yakovlevich. He was not only a famous diplomat, but also a writer. Some of these books, his name is spelled with a soft sign, and some without. The exact answer, where such a double writing, no...

— Your spouse, Dmitry Arose well-known actor, but few know that he is the successor of the famous dynasty...

Yes, thanks to the soft sign in names, even while training in Pike, nobody knew. And Dima himself is trying this time not to advertise, I think it is important for him all to himself. By the way, Olga Alexandrovna of it is very loved and always proudly told how Mitya (as she called him in the family) refuses any help.

— Dmitry, you might say, happened to office romance on the set of the TV series "My Prechistenka"?

Yes. We met on set, Dima played my son Vanya. (Laughs.) And now we own the second son bears the name of Ivan!

Елена Аросьева: «Часто ловлю себя на мысли, что очень счастлива»

Elena and Dmitry met on the set of the series. In the story, she played the mother and he son Ivan. It is interesting that Ivan and the couple named their malchiyot: materials of press-services

— You were born in the closed science city Arzamas-16. It was scary to enter a known family?

— I long enough, even after marriage, also did not know that Dima has a famous Actresses.

— Your relatives how to react to Dmitry?

— Is positive. Dima charmed them all. (Smiles.)

— A new family of tests any not satisfied, as in the series show?

— No, welcomed warmly. But with Elena Alexandrovna, who lived in Omsk, and just recently moved to Moscow, we never met.
Last year she died...

— Say that only an actor can understand the actress. Your family can be called simple or did you have a home theater raging passion?

— When kids in the house, it's never boring. Maybe that's why we don't have time for finding-out of relations with each other or something like that. For ten years my husband and I can't think of a single "fatal" conflict, although all the questions we try to speak and not leave in limbo. I think a person of another profession would be more difficult.

Елена Аросьева: «Часто ловлю себя на мысли, что очень счастлива»

The actress often accrue to the role of strong women with children. In the series "birth Certificate" heroine Elena also has to fight for his Schastlivoe: materials of press-services

You consult with each other regarding roles, new projects?

— A must!

Elena, your heroines are very often caught in a difficult situation and are forced to become strong women. Wonder why you offer this role?

— As a rule, in the movie, every actor is "typologically prescribed hero." But of course, I would like to break out of the role as eternal martyrs. The Director saw me as some other face. My sister, for example, recently said the bitch played me in the TV series "From Siberia with love", and my husband says that I need to play the "metaphysical role" — alien, mermaid, etc. (Laughs.)

— You have more than thirty roles in the movie. Probably, during this time, learned a lot: as they say, and a galloping horse will stop, and in a burning hut come in?

— Of course, experience is very important in our profession. I remember myself, first came on the set... and laughter And tears... Shaking from excitement. Couldn't a couple of phrases to say. By the way, in spite of this, with my first film Director, Leonid Grigorevich Belozorovich, recently completed work on the third joint project. Every time you laugh, remembering my first shooting.

— You recently celebrated his 33rd birthday: you have a loving husband, two sons, a favorite work. What else you need for full happiness?

— I have something to strive for, of course! But often I catch myself thinking that very happy. (Smiles.)

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