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Natalia Gulkina: "I wish native would beat me physically"

The soloist of group "the Mirage" told about the tragedy that occurred in her youth

Recently the program Andrey Malakhov became Natalia gulkin, her mother Lyudmila Gradova mother and first lover of the singer, Sergey, Seraphim Silakova. Unites these women have one thing in common grief — the unborn baby Natalia and Sergei. Once the star of the group "Mirage" had to abandon the idea of becoming a mother. Her decision was influenced by his parents, because Natalia was very young. She was only 16 years old, and she was in College. Sergey, and his mother wanted this child, promised to help raise him, but Natasha's parents wanted to terminate the pregnancy.

Наталья Гулькина: «Лучше бы родные били меня физически»

Sergey Silkov - first love Natalia Halcinonide from the program "Let them talk"

Now women are upset about the decision made back then. The details of this sad story correspondent decided to ask the singer in a telephone interview.

— Natalia, how did you know Sergei?

Oh, it's very romantic, just fantastic. I studied Stalin in College, and lived on the "South-West". Every day my friend and I were met at the metro station "October" and went on together to study. One day I noticed a guy in a bright blue jacket. He is also someone there waiting. This was repeated from day to day. Tall blue-eyed blonde like me. Ended with spring, and with it the study. Suddenly I saw a familiar jacket in the school, but the guy was different. I went outside and saw Sergei, it turned out that the jacket he lent to a friend. But the most incredible is that they also studied in the same school, or rather finished it.

Наталья Гулькина: «Лучше бы родные били меня физически»

Since childhood, Natasha could not imagine their life without musichetta from the personal archive of Natalia Gulkina

— You started Dating?

Yes. As it turned out, we lived close to each other. He was near the Department store "Moscow" in a few stops along the Leninist — my mom and I at the end of the Avenue, in Troparevo lived with my grandmother.

— How and where were your novel?

— Rapidly. We listened to rock music, Sergei was into Kiss, fooling around. Walking around the city in any weather. On the Sparrow hills, Gorky Park, Troparevo. By the way, one day Sergey I almost drowned in a local pond. In childhood I was drowning, so was afraid of water and inept to swim. We went on a boat and suddenly, near the shore, Sergei I dropped out of it. I started to shout: "Sergey, save me", and he replied: "swim". Somehow, a dog I dragged ourselves to the shore. So I learned to swim.

Наталья Гулькина: «Лучше бы родные били меня физически»

Natasha and Sergei often walked in Troparevsky, parketto from the personal archive of Natalia Gulkina

— You decide not to keep the baby?

— At first I did not understand that she is pregnant. But when did such a natural physiological process, such as nausea and vomiting, all became clear. Of course, I was frightened and told my mother, and she said a categorical "no". My mother was at work, and to help with the baby I just couldn't. In addition, she was afraid that I won't be able to have a baby, I was skinny, still a kid herself. Mom and grandma were worried that becoming a mother so early, I'll ruin your life. They literally verbally abused me, said things I could not expect them to be: insulted, called names, threatened. Better native would beat me physically.

I was a minor. The decision was taken by the mother, she was afraid that I will remain with the child alone. She said the mother of Serezha.

Наталья Гулькина: «Лучше бы родные били меня физически»

In 16 years, Natasha listened to the band "Kiss" and listen, mamohato from the personal archive of Natalia Gulkina

— How Sergei reacted to your situation?

— Sergei was two years older than me, we were in love with each other and planned to live happily ever after. And when I found out she was pregnant, the question to keep the baby or not, we were not. Serezha and his mom promised to help, but Sergei himself was a boy, he had to go into the army.

— He was offended that interrupted the pregnancy?

Is not the word. Sergey was very offended. We got in a huge fight he broke up with me, and I literally ran after him, pleading to be forgiven. I could neither drink nor eat, nor study. I cried all the time. At the same time left my grandmother's grandfather. I lived in hell. Next there was a man who could tell me how to be. In the end, the history teacher, and in the course of our affair was all school, caused me to have a Frank conversation. He hoped that after College I will go to the University, the faculty of history, and I study abandoned. The teacher said that I remembered my female pride and ceased to be humiliated in front of Sergei. And it worked — Sergey returned.

Наталья Гулькина: «Лучше бы родные били меня физически»

Have vljublennaja to roam, Naberezhnoye from the personal archive of Natalia Gulkina

— Forgive?

I forgive you. And then he went into the army, promised that when I get back we'll live together and everything will be fine, will have kids. I waited, wrote letters, almost every day, but little did not wait. By the time I graduated from College and interned at the telephone exchange. There I met Nicky Gulkin, fell in love. Do not wait for Natasha.

— How he found out that you left him?

I left him to write letters. He called his mom, my TA — they are often communicated and learned. And I was already going to marry nick. Sergei served in Poland, he remained a month, but he asked the commander to come to Moscow. I have a wedding the next day. And here Sergey on a threshold. He told me, were horrified at what I was doing but it was too late to change something.

Наталья Гулькина: «Лучше бы родные били меня физически»

19 years old, Natalia married a colleague at the telephone exchange Nicholas gulkin and 20 gave birth to a son, Alekseevicha from the personal archive of Natalia Gulkina

— Do you know what happened to Sergei?

A few years later I met him once in the Department store "Moscow". He was married, had two children. But his mother on Dr. oz said that Sergei died almost 10 years ago, but she had a great-grandmother.

— I regret that it all came out?

— Yes, of course. I often think that everything could have turned out differently. And the first child would have been born I have 16, not 20 years. And Sergey, maybe would still be alive. But the mother said that she then correctly decided. What to say now, life is impossible to beat at first.

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