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Nyusha: "I dream of a child 18 years old"

The singer gave exclusive interview, which is very openly talked about her ideal man and the upcoming role as a mother

As you know, Jane will soon go away. Her choice — the General Advisor of the President of the International University sports Federation Igor Sivov. It turns out that the singer, despite its relevance, has long dreamed of children. And is not afraid that the appearance of the heirs could affect her career.

— To be honest, I personally dream of a child 18 years of age. But at the time I met my soulmate. And for me, the appearance of the baby born must occur only once beside me was a man with whom I want to spend more than a day or two, and the rest of my life. One without the other for me simply does not exist.

— But you're unusually in demand. Not afraid that the birth of a child hinder your career?

— Does not prevent in any case! Even thought I have never encountered. As the birth of children may somehow complicate my life? That's what created all the women. This is a huge happiness! Yes, life gets harder, but nonetheless this is the way forward, this is the path to happiness.

— How many kids do you have set?

— But it's hard to think, but I'd like to master everything in my life. (Laughs.)

Нюша: «Я мечтаю о ребенке с 18 лет»

In February, Bruno Mars announced to fans that goes замуж

— You are preparing for the wedding, the name of the chosen one known. Tell me, what's your ideal man?

— I believe that ideal simply cannot be! People basically imperfect. But this is not a disaster as some may think, it's just a harsh reality. That is why it is very important to meet the person that best to look at the world through your eyes. Whose worldview would coincide with yours, who would understand you. Then it will be a great happiness!

— How would you characterize men today?

Today they have become more carefree, I think. My generation shows that women decided to grab this world. (Laughs.) Good or bad, I don't know. But it's a fact! There are changes that are now somewhat upset the balance. After all, it is that for centuries women had been happy, when he felt the male support. But today they are very ambitious. Unfortunately, it is sometimes blinding, and women reject any man's support. And do not understand that by doing so they weaken men. That is why society today has turned the other way. But I don't think we are powerless. Each of us at any time can change the world. In General, the trend observed. (Laughs.) But slowly change not only men but also women. I hope our Union will be as accepted for centuries.

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