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Dana Borisova: "I haven't seen my daughter a month!"

Today the capital's gossips discuss the news that Lou Ferrigno lost a lot of weight because of the longing for a daughter. contacted the presenter and learn more

Dana, what happened?

— I was in the hospital with pneumonia and asked Maxim to take care of his daughter (Maksim Aksenov — the former civil husband and the father of the daughter of TV host — approx. He liked to chat with her daughter. And he asked permission to take her to Spain on vacation. And in return, we agreed that Pauline another two month wait for the Pope. More precisely, my grandmother, as Maxim now lives with his mother. They will carry her to school, preparing for exams and doing homework. I have a daughter not seen for a month! Which lost a lot of weight. The whole month he ate nothing. Now, the second day, slowly begin to eat.

— Why you haven't seen my daughter for a month?

Now I'm going to visit her school, to communicate. But home won't have me. Because his mother never liked me and still, of course, dislikes.

Fans concerned that the father of Pauline can take your daughter.

— Now we have a normal business relationship. I do understand that Polina is very necessary dad. She had never seen, he did not pay child support. But now he showed himself a very good father. He deals with it in 3.5 hours, doing homework.

Дана Борисова: «Я не видела дочку месяц!»

Dana Borisova admitted that he had not seen the daughter for a month

— Where Aksenov had such love for his daughter?

— For no reason at all. Pauline grew up, she became beautiful. It is very interesting to talk to. She's nine years old and she talks like fifteen. Very good girl.

— Daughter this month called?

— Yes, was talking on the phone. But Pauline does not like to communicate. So we are very rarely called up. Besides, her phone is locked and I could talk to her only when permitted by the father. The result is five times managed to hear her voice.

And as the daughter lives with the father?

— As I said, it is not razgovarivaet on the phone. My questions, how she is doing, she replies "Ask your dad". That is, the specific does not give answers.

Дана Борисова: «Я не видела дочку месяц!»

Now Polina 9 лет

— How do you next two months will be to communicate?

— Maybe I'll take her for the weekend. I hope that it would be released. This is my last hope. But to be honest, I'm not ready physically to care for his beloved daughter. Because I haven't eaten anything for a month, I lost 6 pounds. I am very weak physically. Takes me everywhere driver because I am driving I can't. Now I have started to turn there, and before that — useless. I could not, in itself, to push, didn't swallow. Reflex didn't work. Only tea drinking.

— Maybe you some soothing drink? Very similar to depression.

Yeah, he does. But I don't drink antidepressants. And I want to get ahead of the rumors and say that I do not drink alcohol! And now begin to write. I have for him the same disgust as the food. He does not save me, not reassuring, and I do not want it. The only thing I do with a therapist.

— And the pneumonia cured?

Yes, all is well. I now began to actively engage in producing. Invented a TV show, make it "turnkey". Found investors, the channel on which it can be placed. I am very interested. But asking me to be her leading, and I don't want to. It's like using myself to cross. But investors remain rigid, and the pilot will have to back me as the presenter.

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