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Tatyana Dogileva: "I'm just in Love with talented men"

Life lessons of a famous actress — on profession, age, and, of course, about love

Tatyana Dogileva was not only one of the starred Actresses of the Soviet Union, but one of the most beloved. Today she calls herself age artist. Says he doesn't want to be young, everything in life got and no regrets, only that not given birth to a second child. She is happy with their roles and their Directors. Long doesn't want to prove anything to anyone and perceives the profession and life as they are, without embellishment.

1. About yourself

In everyday life I'm a woman from the crowd — not like makeup and beautiful dress. And the metro ride and feel great. I think that's just someone who wants to know.

Tatyana Ivanovna pelttser taught me,"Never speak bad about yourself, wait until it'll tell others." And I have followed her wise advice.

I am very emotionaland can cry: and resentment, and failure, and simply from boredom. But I used to take all their problems to family and friends. As a rule, immediately share their experiences — and it becomes easier.

I used to think that I can break. Now, I know that, no matter how much I put effort, energy and desire, if you're not supposed to, it can't happen.

A woman should always be independent. The role of the wife of money, I think, unbearable. She is not worth any human emotional costs. But I never felt like I never knew what the big money. And I was not the slightest of envy for that.

The actors there are no good characters. Many believe that I have it terrible.

2. About the profession

Mark Zakharov told us thatwith the audience you have to be careful. And I know that here from love to hate one step. After each movie, I received a lot of letters, and exactly half of them were abusive. Therefore, I prefer that the audience were in the room, and I'm on the stage or on the screen.

When I was a young artist started to work with Julia Reisman and set foot on the territory of Mosfilm Studio or Studio of. Gorky, the movie was really the most important of the arts, and now, as a rule, ratings, finances and any laws, perhaps, correct, but which I do not have the slightest relationship.

One of my colleagues starts to make a movie, because as an actor wants something else to provide. To be honest, I've receive. I'm quite happy with their roles and their Directors. I think that in this sense, is absolutely palovana.

I'm not from itself, because the combination of actor and Director, a difficult, almost impossible. After all, the Director should try to be objective, the artist cannot be objective.

For some time I believe that life itself, and most importantly, the health of loved ones, of course, much more important than any performance, film or role. It is incomparable.

3. About the age

More than anything I was afraid of on the stage to be young. Maybe it was one of the reasons for withdrawal from the "Lenkom", because in twenty-eight years, I still played "Violent games" and the question "how old are you" answered "nineteen", internally, thus shaivas. And continued: "that's probably a Lie?" — with happiness said: "you Lie!".

I have a feeling that the youth has not passed in vain, because at that time people must be novels. I do not believe that life is sure to love one person. The novels were many, but all with the artists, and none with the audience.

I am very easy to relate to their past and not dig into it: it was. And his old movies. I'm not interested. I'm interested in today. And the roles as if the other woman played. But I am very grateful, because until now largely food in the baggage, on trust.

Everyone finds protection from age in their philosophizing and world views. But all is a pity to lose the shell, which is peculiar to youth. We must try as much as possible to keep it.

4. About love

I already know so much about men and about family lifethat it's very difficult, almost impossible to fall in love. I immediately read what happens next and how it ends.

I just fell in love talented men. For me it's quality has always been first. I have never had Affairs with incompetence. Looks don't matter, and talent was mesmerizing.

Now I treat love as a diseasepeculiar to a certain age. It is necessary to recover, as chicken pox in childhood, because in adulthood it can occur in severe and serious consequences. But to recover it it is necessary.

Tatyana Dogileva, life lessons

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