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Alexander Child: "I as long as alienate family life"

The actress was sure that she will never marry a colleague, but now happy is a happy marriage c Alexei Vertkov

Alexander Child bears a masculine name. The nature of our heroine, too, is not sugar. However, thanks to him, Sasha and achieves goals without losing their individuality and charm. Once she thought that she will never settle down with a colleague. And nevertheless became the wife of another acclaimed talent — actor's Studio theatre arts Alexey Vertkov. So we had something to talk about.

— Alexander, you have admitted that you attach great importance to the appearance, clothing is your second "I," and many photos confirm that you are prone to originality. This is all from my mother — designer-technologist?

— Probably. Mom with colleagues worked in the era of scarcity, and by creating her Atelier, they helped the Soviet women to add to your standard wardrobe of something interesting, clever miksoval existing costumes. I was lucky. Good taste my mom tried to instill in me since childhood, sewing beautiful dresses that were different from the store. In the future, it helped me a lot. It's easy for me to choose the clothes, I get pleasure from it, and absolutely are not a Shopaholic. Don't like trends — they have their seasonal time. Mostly bought things on trips to Europe or America, where high-quality flea-markets, vintage shops, great model (even the mass market) and supersale on luxury brands. I prefer a mix: a mixture of vintage pieces, mass-market and heavy Suite. Probably because I didn't have grandmothers with ancient boxes with brooches and RETROPLATE, I like vintage, there's a story there, but the shoes have to be expensive! By the way, recently I received an offer to create a joint designer brand will design clothing for students.

You zodiac sign is Taurus. But Taurus is also a great hostess who knows how to make beautiful home with no problems leading the budget, cooks great...

— Well, the ability to cook still need to come. Personally, I as long as it repelled. As, however, and family life, the comfort of their own home... on the Contrary, one time I easily passed my apartment and began to move around a removable Moscow spaces. I lived on Chistye Prudy, Zamoskvorechye, then a few years down the lane near the Hermitage garden, but the favorite area is to Patrick. I love to live in a hotel — I like champagne in the room on arrival and the atmosphere: it has the taste of new experiences, the unknown... But from any travel, sooner or later comes a desire to return to his home.

Александра Ребенок: «Я максимально долго отталкивала от себя семейную жизнь»

In the series "the Crisis of tender age" the actress played the role of mother difficult podrastaet from the series "the Crisis of the tender age"

— Are you caught last year when you married colleague Aleksey Vertkov, the actor's Studio of theatrical art of Sergey Zhenovach...

— Yes, and by the way, that even five years ago I would have said boring everyday life now brings me pleasure. You know, all in our head. If you made up your grey, painful world, it will be to perceive, despite available alternatives. I am now happily immersed in household chores. For example repair. This terrible word proved to be a very creative activity. The whole design project I came up with myself. Again, no specific style — the author's shabby chic: cleaned brick, old doors, window in the bathroom and a movie on the projector on the wall. Now I have a place where everything I love and where I feel good. More precisely, we good.

— A few years ago you claimed to never engage in a serious relationship with a man of her same profession, but the shooting of the film "goodbye, mother," you joined with her future husband...

So, it turns out that buried in the very place where and not looking for! (Laughs.) It turned out that the actor — most understanding you. This, of course, a joke. The profession is completely innocent, it's just Alesha's individual quality. It is important that the house was a house, not a stage or film set. And a person, who protects you, fills, supports, believes in you like no other. When the husband in the same environment, it is not necessary to explain what a difficult rehearsal period, why two months is necessary to go to another city for the shooting, and it does not mean that love is the end. And if you're coming in the evening, tired, not talking, is not a sign that you have someone appeared.

Aleksey Vertkov is a talented actor, winner of many awards, but what was special about it for you that it stood out among the others?

— Well, major awards he got when we were together. (Smiles.) In General with Alex, we go way back, but tied us one set five years ago. He's very creative, charismatic. I respect him as a professional, but can't articulate what qualities I have identified Alex... I just wanted him to be happy. And the feeling was mutual. And yet, for me very important mutual understanding, willingness to compromise, respect for personal space. And if the husband doesn't want to go with me to a party or premiere — no problem! I'm happy to go alone. Wearing a beautiful dress, have a glass of wine, find out all the latest news and return to home.

Александра Ребенок: «Я максимально долго отталкивала от себя семейную жизнь»

In the film "goodbye, mother," Alexandra met her future husband, actor Alexei Bartkowiak from the film "goodbye, mom"

And traditional wedding you also have to make do.

— Yes, a wedding celebration in the broadest sense we had. Only a close circle, without a master of ceremonies and competitions for guests. In our case, it was a gift from my parents. It turns out that they were very worried and waited for our wedding more than we do. So we all arranged in easy mode or non-binding celebratory lunch after a hike to the Registrar, a party and alert the press. You know, I got married in a frame that in real life all this abundance is not wanted. (Smiles.)

— Do you have joint with Alex wall of fame?

— No, and it is unlikely we will create it. Many prizes we are not even unpacked yet. Perhaps, if self-esteem will begin to decline, then we will take out our treasures and will hang on the walls. (Smiles.)

— And what things inspire you in life?

— Life itself. However, when I have a busy shooting period or intense rehearsals in the theatre, I closed and focus only on work. To find something for the scene in my case is possible only in existence privately. But in my free time I travel. Trip I fill, and restore power. Well, that Alex is also adventurous. Together we began to drive around the world. Plan routes, for example, in Florida, from St Petersburg to the small island of Key West, or in France, from Strasbourg across lake Annecy to the North, to the island of Ile de Re. We have a lot of friends worldwide, with whom we once met in his travels. And I am also inspired by the feats of previous generations. When you realize that, enjoy the fact that someone once invented and created, when you look at the masterpieces of world art... Yes, it's impressive.

Александра Ребенок: «Я максимально долго отталкивала от себя семейную жизнь»

Shooting the Thriller "the Bride" have become for the Child an interesting professional optometr from the movie "the Bride"

— Do you always ably filled creative pause. For example, travel with Alexander Petlura and his performances in Europe!

— I was generally intrigued our underground scene of the eighties and nineties! And another was that in Europe, Petliura, and not only him, know more than we do. And what Sasha is a magnificent collection of Russian fashion of the Soviet era, all of the twentieth century! It's such a real encyclopedia. Even the Museum.

Organically for you to take for multiple projects?

— Somehow it seemed to me that I do not work at full capacity, and I decided that I'll sleep less, work more, will load every hour of their day. And signed up for three series at the same time. If it was a full meter or a play, I would not have been able to do it, and then tried and squeezed all the juices. I am grateful for this experience that showed me how quantity is not the best way affects quality. Then, when I looked at these works, it was very disappointing that I missed some important points, lost something, missed. You can't be everywhere, but this is my personal opinion. When the actor is eager to earn money and agrees to all what is offered is the banal hysteria. You have to be selective, dosing my face in the TV. To be able to wait or even leave on time.

You are in the profession did not come yesterday, but you have a feeling of a fresh person, you rarely give interviews, not overused on TV, except that in the series Valeria Gai Germanika "School" featured prominently...

— I do not rush to the mainstream. You know, you either have it or you don't. If you're at all the glossy covers and do not miss important social gatherings, this is not the same as what you are. I have much more respect for those artists who go into the shadows, at some point in time realizing that they have nothing to say. Better to sit quietly in the village, weeding the garden or by the sea to write a book, than the fear of loneliness or oblivion to simulate movement, everywhere flickering, filming and post pictures on social networks. Well, everyone has their own way... as for me, I'm very dissatisfied with themselves in the profession. I want to go further, to set the bar high, to open themselves, to throw into the unknown, but not losing individuality.

Александра Ребенок: «Я максимально долго отталкивала от себя семейную жизнь»

Running as a hobby appeared in the life of the actress a few years ago. And it started with participation in charity марафоне

— Not long ago, the screens went Thriller "the Bride", to which you have long prepared, had accustomed themselves to watch films in the horror genre...

— Yes, it was a very cool experience. We with the Director Svyatoslav Podgaevsky went on a journey that lasts a month. The most interesting thing of this genre I have learned: in the Thriller you should not be sorry, for you, it should. And there are fifty shades of fear, and that from the point of view of the acting profession is very difficult. Now I dream about science fiction and historical costume drama with dip, but in the style of Tarantino. I would really like. (Smiles.) But in any case will be what you need now is you, no matter how much you tell God your plans.

— Reading your biography, it seems that you've been looking for my calling.

Nine years I was engaged in painting. I had obvious ability, I participated in many competitions, even won received prizes. But watercolor, still life, painting in the open air, modeling to me induced nostalgia. I loved the monumental easel composition, three-dimensional shape. But at the same time I played in the children's musical theater and studied music. Graduated College Galina Vishnevskaya, by the way, we were the first release. Alas, in this field, I have not seen a special talent: the fingers are too long for the piano, and at first I can barely reach an octave. In addition, with the vocals too, it was not. I was nervous and excited when the exams came Galina Pavlovna, and it was necessary to perform the Vocalise, romance, an Aria from the Opera... No, I'm not out of tune, but frankly not up to the present Opera singing. I'm a great performer on the karaoke level. It is curious that we, almost all of the first issue Vishnevskaya, successfully entered the drama College and became dramatic artists. Today I draw and sit at the instrument only at the call of the soul, it is as an outlet, sort of a hobby.

Александра Ребенок: «Я максимально долго отталкивала от себя семейную жизнь»

The couple loves to travel. Usually Alex and Alexander are маршрут

In "the Crisis of the tender age," you played mother a difficult teenager. But they had a hard time transition to adulthood.

— I was a typical teenager of the nineties. Then there was a number of decent and affordable cafes, Gorky Park was considered a very dangerous place — there was nowhere to gather my puberty party. We had an apartment without parents, stairwells, basements or attics of houses. There and "rocking" arranged and improvised musical group played their concerts. Was saturated. We removed the pioneer ties, suddenly it all became unnecessary, worthless. Accordingly, the authority of the previous generation were completely lost in our eyes. We breathed in the fresh air adjustment, and changes require our hearts. (Smiles.) It was kind of naive, but the teenager is always set revolutionary. So by the standards of the nineties, I was a completely normal teenager. In school I had time, but then it was unfashionable to learn, to sit at home with a book.

Is still time usually associated with first love, especially when it comes to wayward catchy blonde...

Yeah, the blonde one... By the way, noticed that the blond turns people on more lenient attitude: Sasha call me. And when I once repainted in the searing brunette, all appealed to me strictly: Alexander. As for the feelings, from an early age I did not lack attention from the opposite sex. And I'm not one of those who are in the race for the ideal chooses some remarkable this list, when one hero is somewhat reminiscent of the previous one. I was a collector-connoisseur, fell in love with a genius, a bright personality. Personal once I figured out, but with the profession all were not easy. I have done only the third time, and in the theater were not immediately.

— You seemed to be everywhere late...

— Where did I come late?! I first stood everywhere. (Smiles.) I just did not take. May have had to suffer my desire. They say, the more unhappy you love, the happier in his career. (Smiles.) I think it's all nonsense. I am opposed to in preparation for a challenging role to bring her home and torture his family, and pretty powaniu, perfect to rehearse the next day. Or, when there is no work, and you need emotions to rock your love boat and smash it to pieces on the rocks of life. I think between your business and home needs to be distance. As soon as I cross the threshold of the apartment, strictly say to myself, forget everything and go cook soup!

Александра Ребенок: «Я максимально долго отталкивала от себя семейную жизнь»

"I did not lack attention from the opposite sex, was a collector-connoisseur, fell in love with a genius, a vivid personality," admits Ребенок

— What in your life come running?

— I got bored in the fitness club, where he worked for five years. I wanted something more inspiring. And there was a puzzle: the organizers of the charitable Foundation "Life as miracle" has asked me to take part in the race at the Moscow marathon, and I agreed. Class! You run and help people. Now I run regularly and became a Trustee of the charity. Recently, we participated in the auction Action Svetlana Bondarchuk, where lots were short films from famous Directors. Everyone can help someone repost in social networks, who run, who the film, and who is financially. The main thing to start! (Smiles.)

— You worked as a journalist and host on multiple national television channels, there is no desire once again to enter the water?

— Do not feel the need. But if that happens, I see myself in the role of the interviewer in the author's program. I would like to talk to people who themselves did. I'm always interested in stories about a man from a small village, who just made himself and became a millionaire. And if to speak about my experience, then a total of a year and a half I spent on the TV and it was great! Working on the TV channel "Culture", I met with Mikhail Egorovym and the result left the channel in the theatre Doc. You know, no wonder they say: if you want to know your way — roll with it. That's when I was at one theater, then was offended and turned him. The result was first at Doc, then at the Theatre of Nations and now I play in one of the best theaters in the country — the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov. (Smiles.)

Independent you girl...

— Full of enticing hooks, and which sometimes they delicious worms! But you can't afford to podderjivat. Hunters to fishing around a lot, and you should be able to be a carp, and catfish, which in the past used to frighten children. (Smiles.) This is the only fish that she can steal and destroy any angler.

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