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The lukeria Ilyashenko: "I can afford to act in a bed scene"

Actress — basic instinct, children and ballet past

The name of Lukeria Ilyashenko was first performed in 2014 with the release of the series "Sweet life". Now Luz is close, is already one of the most promising and popular Actresses. met with the actress and asked about what is happening in her life.

— Lukerya, recently premiered your movie "Dance to death" on TV was the series "the RAID" where you are one of the main roles. Tell me, do you feel like a star?

— Honestly, no. When, after the series "Sweet life" started recognizing me on the street, ask for a photo, pick up autographs, I had a feeling. But now it is not. I understand that the increased strap that the following projects should be better and better, and I'm rather leads to a state of discipline and combat readiness.

All your heroines are very similar to each other. Who are you closest to?

I think I temperament is most similar to Oksana from the TV series "the RAID". I have a texture such that when I see, think I'm evil, harsh aunt. But really it's just physiognomies so happens that I have a severe form. So it is easier, more organic to play Oksana, than Leroux of the "Sweet life". What cost of her costumes, which I always wore and thought: "my God, what a nightmare! How hard it is to walk: short skirts, high heels, bras with a push up".

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я могу позволить себе сниматься в постельных сценах»

The role of the Moscow beauty Lera in the series "Sweet life" did Lukeria Ilyashenko, znamenitosti: materials of press-services

And in real life, you don't wear skirts, heels?

— If it was hot summer, I'm on vacation, of course, wear a short sundress. And I don't deliberately wear sexy clothes. And even on some outputs, try to she was more.

— In the "Sweet life" you had scenes of nudity. And now you can afford to the scenes in the bed?

— Yes you can! And nothing bad can not see. We — a strange puritanical society. On the example of cinema, I can say that any "shooter" in any horror movie, the viewer is the most interesting human relationships. And the sex is directly connected with them. This basic instinct is all that makes the world exist. And we have in the country a feeling that he's gone and all. In fact, how many married couples who stick exclusively due to this "chemistry" that occurs between them. Remember the movie "killing me softly" — there just about it. About what people are to each other, about the fact that there are a million factors that are against their relationship, but between them there is this infamous thing called "chemistry." And in the world accepted such a show, there normally react to it. And we have bared his chest at the scene, and all — the debauchery, the vulgarity. And I want to say: "Guys, you were so done!" So if it is dramaturgically justified, if this story is about the relationship of men and women, sex scenes absolutely normal. I recently had the experience of shooting the short film. It is "about it". And there's a scene where my character's hand is a pleasure to the man. It is not to show pornography. There's not even shown close-up and made on the same plan, on the faces. But this scene shows all the pathological their relationship. When people hate each other, but at the same time, they are drawn to each other so much that the force of their Union is destructive to everything that surrounds them. So without such a scene you never in my life did not understand, any dialogue will not show.

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я могу позволить себе сниматься в постельных сценах»

In the TV series "the RAID" lukeria Ilyashenko starred with such actors as Vladimir Mashkov, Denis Shvedov, Andrei Smolyakov Alexander and PAL (pictured)Photo: materials of press-services

Your personal relationship is not affected?

— If the person contacts the actor, if he accepts her as a single individual, if he does not want to become just an appendage of the men stayed at home and cooked borscht (and for me that's not an option), he must accept these things. If he does not accept, so he goes on his way, I go mine. I sincerely believe that man and woman should complement each other and lead to some achievements. And in my case, career is very important to me. For me it is a moment of realization, the moment of gaining social status. And I'm not gonna lie, I do not care. And if a person does not share some of my aspirations, so we are not on the way.

— That is, at this stage of life, family, children you don't even think?

— Children need a lot of money. And the child is a challenge for any family. And if you still live from hand to mouth...

— But you do not exclude the birth of children?

— No, of course. I really want children. But now I'm back on my feet, earn, gain mind...

— Your way to the cinema was partly thorny: you danced in the music should be sang in a pop group. What is the most you stronger and made it possible to achieve what you want? Or you are by nature disruptive?

— I don't breakdown! I'm not the artist who will scream: "I can! I want! Take me!" I'm a very unobtrusive man. There is a stereotype: the actor himself needs to move, but I brought up differently. The ballet school we always said, "don't go forward. Wait in the back line and do the best that you can. And if you're really good, if you are truly worthy, you will call. It is not necessary to stick out." And part of me kind of attitude hinders because the artist should be in charge of everything. But I don't believe you can get some of the role that status through the crowd, through acquaintance, through communication with the right people. I have never been.

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я могу позволить себе сниматься в постельных сценах»

According to Luceri, before the filming of the movie "Dance to death" she had a lot to do. The girl who graduated from ballet school, modern dance was, tradotto: materials of press-services

Your ballet background helps you in care yourself? I know you can still show the gorgeous twine...

— If the person with four years does the splits, it is unlikely he goes anywhere. This is just of the people this shape and elasticity — and special efforts to make no need. But I do touched by this rampant fashion: "Studio stretch. We'll put you on the splits." Why do the splits when you're 30 years old and you stretched the hell out of all ligament? And frankly, nothing useful is to sit on the twine, no. But if you find the right teacher who will not pull muscles, will not do so that you will become injured, and very well will work with your body, then ballet is definitely the best load for the female body. Because ballet builds muscles in the proportions in which you need. Now often girls who go to the gym, where some unknown bodybuilder with a strange entity, not knowing how that works, them loads. And we do not see the slim girl with accentuated calves and an elastic stomach and ass, and pumped the keg.

— And you do what you do?

I'm doing body-ballet. Can't say that I do it every day, but I try. This is not only useful, but also pleasant. Because after every load so many endorphins into the blood is ejected, feel great. No wonder they say: "If you have depression, go to the gym". It's really helping.

— You can allow yourself junk food? Or study at the ballet school have taught you to restrictions?

— Well, stop! Of course I can. My favorite dish is a quick chicken noodles. When I see the noodles in the shop, drooling and thinking about how I would like to eat it with mayonnaise! I try to keep myself in shape. But recently, for example, was in Georgia. So I was crazy — not their khachapuri? Or kebab? Or churchkhela? Abroad I, of course, eat the local cuisine. And then you come and you take of yourself, eliminate flour, sweet. But to sit on a diet, need a pretty measured way of life, and my travels often diet is a forest.

Лукерья Ильяшенко: «Я могу позволить себе сниматься в постельных сценах»

The lukeria Ilyashenko don't see anything wrong with Frank stenothoe: materials of press-services

— Lukerya and you also DJ.

— Well, you know, decorative. (Laughs.)

— Why do you need it? Not enough areas for self-realization?

It was a purely commercial story. At some point on the wave of my popularity after the series "Sweet life," I said, "don't want to go to Krasnodar to play a DJ set for big money?" And I'm not going to hide it, as a human being materialistic and pursuing a comfortable existence on this mortal earth, said, "Yes, let's." Quickly mastered this simple program, and periodically go earn money. This is the music I like to play. And occasionally I have sets in small Moscow clubs. But mostly the people that music doesn't understand, but sorry. Could be even more interesting.

— You can call yourself financially secure man?

No, you can't. I have really large queries. I sincerely believe that a woman should be able to support themselves at the level of life on which she wants. And any woman who wants to live on a very good level. I'm not a feminist. But when I was ten years old, my father died. And I saw my mother was hard. Always keep in mind that at any moment can happen anything. And always, of course, need to rely only on themselves. What would a strong man beside you.

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