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Ekaterina Morgunova: "to Bond with her future husband helped me humor" discussed with the artist the perfect weight, exotic destinations and offer hands and hearts

Ekaterina Morgunova no drama training, but its vivid television images are consistently impress the audience. Catherine appears very convincing exalted and versatile lady in the show "Once in Russia".

— In the show "Once in Russia" - your character very exalted personages. They are somewhat similar to you?

— On the contrary. I almost never raise my voice. My characters are in the show rooms in conflict, shout, swear. This is not peculiar to me, even when I'm mad. So it's the opposite.

Sometimes audiences confuse the actor and his character. Have you ever perceived not as Catherine Morgunov, but as her character?

— Not yet, apparently, because there wasn't a character who is "stuck" to me. I played various characters, but the LP role or a specific character who is remembered, or clearly different from all the rest at least the duration of the airing, it seems, was not.

Екатерина Моргунова: «Сблизиться с будущим мужем мне помог юмор»

On the set of the show is never dull.In the photo Ekaterina Morgunova and her colleague Igor Lastochkinogo: materials of press-services

— We can assume that comedians can't act without jokes on the Playground. Some of the episodes of "Once in Russia" you remember most?

— I think number about Sherlock Holmes. Each character had its comical. During the shooting several times we fix. Then Azamat tube will fall, someone will forget part of the sentence is the concentration of the humor in this scene is maximum.

— We know you have no acting education. Does it not need, if you can play so organically?

Creative producer David Callev that puts the room, always watching how organically we show. We do not forbid it. Therefore, to show not scary. We also feel good about each other: came from the same environment, worked so well together, catch feed each other, feel the tone. Hence the organic. As for the acting, to learn not bothering anyone. There are certain techniques, methods of work. The more you know, the better. Just until I can find time for it.

— And the maintenance of the sports form? In "Once in Russia" you are the most slender!

Apparently, it's genetics. Because my parents are in great shape. Not that I praise myself. (Laughs.) Such is the stature we have — not predisposed to be overweight. My weight does not change from school — 45 pounds. There were moments when weight slightly decreased during the games in the WHC I lost 43 pounds because I was nervous, dramatically lost my appetite. Almost a skeleton was coming to the game. Now there is no stress. Therefore, the weight is kept at around 46. Despite the fact that eat everything and not limiting yourself.

— Many dream about it. What is the secret? Caucasian health, mountain air, natural food from childhood?

Maybe. Here my mom is too long weighed 46 pounds. Then had two children and a little added. But it remains in great shape.

Екатерина Моргунова: «Сблизиться с будущим мужем мне помог юмор»

Dad Morgunova — Georgian, mother was Armenian, while Kate is a bright-eyed блондинка

— Your father — Georgian, mother was Armenian, while you, blue — eyed blonde. So is there?

— Many are surprised this. The stereotypes are that the daughter of Armenian and Georgian seem to be different, I agree. But in my family, on my mother's and my father's side is Russian grandma. Apparently, somehow mixed. My sister is also bright-eyed, more like a Slavic type of appearance.

— Caucasian family are renowned for heavy drinking traditions. But you and your husband work and live in Moscow. Often manages to get to his family for the holidays?

Anniversary, wedding, birthday parties — all the events in Pyatigorsk table, and going all relatives. I'm happy to break back and enjoy socializing, fresh air, tasty food. Grandma's cooking, grandpa leads the table. By the way, they recently celebrated 56 years of marriage. Traditions are very strong, but we modern family: I was never pulled: "when are you getting married". Of course, getting together with family is not enough. Still getting used to Moscow because of this.

Can you imagine yourself in the place of grandfather and grandmother at the big table with my children and grandchildren?

— Of course we want children. It is in the plans. (Smiles.) But a large family is unlikely to succeed. We still have a different rhythm of life and circumstances. But I really want. My husband is a Siberian, he fell in love with the Caucasus. They have such a feast is not very accepted, so happy goes with me in Pyatigorsk at the first opportunity.

You and Leonid — artists. Two creative units in one family is difficult? Differences or contradictions about this no?

We, on the contrary, always rejoice each other, and supported, if you have the experience. We get along easily, due to the fact that they work in the same field. There is a trust. We understand that if I leave for a week, then at work and not somewhere else. Or Vice versa — if one of us needs to be alone, to rest, the second does not move, not inquires. Complete harmony in this sense.

Екатерина Моргунова: «Сблизиться с будущим мужем мне помог юмор»

With her husband Leonid Catherine traveled to dozens of the most exotic places , being also the leading program of puteshestvuyte: materials of press-services

And met you also at work?

— Yes, Leonid played in the team "Parapaparam", and we often went on the same games and concerts. Before games I usually tense — repeat the words survive, to succeed, to me is better suited. Two years we've crossed paths backstage, but I didn't notice it. So to communicate we began on the road: the atmosphere there are simpler, quieter, no competition, the situation is more relaxed. That is, we met two years later after he met for the first time.

Leonid worked for you?

I'm a private person: "Oh, no, thank you" — so all and sent. Leney and we started talking like friends, quietly and joking. I guess it's me and bribed. And imperceptibly our relationship moved into a different quality. The humor helped. The friendship gradually turned into feelings.

— And then, I heard there was a proposal of marriage on stage...

— Yes! His friends all knew and prepared in advance. It was at the festival in Jurmala during the concert for an encore. Everyone knew except me! I didn't suspect anything. All these days on the way to the concert hall I went past the attraction — the slingshot and set yourself up for extreme, I had to jump it. Therefore, all thoughts were about it, I didn't pay attention to what is around me whispering and preparing the surprise. And here we play, went to a musical background team Sloth — he came out, said everything. Everyone was crying. This was unexpected and extremely touching.

— In the show, "Russo Turisto" you traveled a lot of countries. What travel impressed the most?

We visited 24 cities in 18 countries. Asia seemed the most exotic. In Vietnam, the husband drank the blood of a Cobra. In Hong Kong and Singapore like in the future is space! Outland technologies, clean as decorations go. And in Cambodia on the contrary: we see families who live in boats. Six people sit in a boat and sleep in it. They have nothing else. The water is grayish-brown wash, brush my teeth, wash clothes and catch fish there. In the same village I was roasting frogs. After this trip we have much to rethink. It was a strong impression.

interview, KVN, Ekaterina Morgunova

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