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Elena Hanga: "the Child and television — incompatible things"

The presenter told us that now is its main life interest

Elena Hanga made a splash on television when, in 1997, started the program "About it". Then there was "the Domino Principle" and "Russian in Forte Bayar". But lately, the main interest is in Helena with the TV not connected. At least we have the impression after the conversation.

— Elena, what relations do you have with TV?

Now I have dedicated my life to her daughter. Are committed to trying to make it a world-class tennis player. All my time is devoted to this: in the morning going to Lisa for the first exercise, then physical training, then school, and tonight I'm taking her to court.

— Probably, it was hard to give up work?

— It was logical. Because the child is like a tree, which was looked after, watered, fertilized. And the better it gets, the branchy crown will be. As for my television career, I was lucky with the projects: "it", "the Domino Principle". But I realized that on the glass ceiling. Child and TV — disparate things. To make another transfer? Of course, great. But I also know what it would be and what we will say. And on the other side of the scale, a daughter. And now is the time to invest in it. While it is small is not so important. Came the nanny who was watching, the baby was washed, fed and warm. And now, when laid values, ambitions are raised when you can talk to her like an adult, we can't lose this moment. We're traveling together. Just flew with her from new York. Was "the bride" from one of the world's best tennis players John McEnroe.

— What did he say to you?

— Praised. This is happiness, not comparable with any of the television ratings. But I understand that once this is all over. Each fruit has its time. My daughter will go to College or say, "Mom, leave me alone, give me freedom." And when it gets his freedom and goes to University, maybe I'll go back to what I wonder — television.

Елена Ханга: «Ребенок и телевидение — несопоставимые вещи»

In a current-show "About it" Elena Hanga discussed topics in our country it was not accepted, govorite: materials of press-services

Tennis can be a family sport?

Yes. My mother played tennis. I daughter Elizabeth-Anne was named in honor of my trainer Anna Vladimirovna Dmitrieva. Daughter now plays on the same courts, which once worked in CSKA I. There's a great big spruce. And I remember how we planted them. And when I misbehaved, we were forced to water them. It's so nice when I come to the same courts, sit on the same benches...

— If I am not mistaken, tennis history in the family began with my grandfather?

— Yes, all right. My grandpa is African American. And in 20 years in the United States know how hard it was for people with dark skin color. He arrived in the USSR. And wanted the mom got what she could not obtain in America. Can you imagine what did wealthy white American in those years? He was a private teacher of music, be sure to Bonn (the governess. — Ed.) and the game of tennis. And when the grandparents came in 1931 in the Soviet Union, the first thing they did was hire Bannu. Very funny happened. Grandpa wanted mom spoke good Russian. And Bonn was a Ukrainian actress, but grandpa did not distinguish Russian from Ukrainian. And my mother started to speak Ukrainian. Then, of course, in Russian spoke perfectly. Mother graduated from music school with a gold medal and played very well in tennis (TV presenter mother, Leah Golden, was born in Tashkent, played for the national team of Uzbekistan and was the champion. — Ed.). My mom did the same thing to me. In turn I did the same when my daughter was born. We had a very good nurse. We hired a music teacher, and Lisa long "suffered" with piano lessons and five years of beginning to play tennis. History repeats itself.

— To parents whose children are engaged in professional sports, raises a difficult choice: either children's education or sport. You have already thought about this?

— Of course I did. You have two options. The first is to become a professional. Every child involved in sport seeks to win, to win medals and titles. But you also need to understand that this is one chance in a million. Second option: if Lisa is not going to work out with tennis, it will go to a good school, where they will play for the national team. And all the money invested in it now — and tennis, as you know, one of the most expensive sports — hopefully, discourage scholarship. Like jokes my husband: on the amount that we spent, Lisa five times would be paid for education at Harvard University.

Елена Ханга: «Ребенок и телевидение — несопоставимые вещи»

The daughter of TV presenter Elizabeth-Anne with 5 years of experience in tennisopolis: materials of press-services

— How do you manage to combine study and high physical activity?

— I think it all depends on the wishes of the child. We underestimate the capabilities of children. I Anna Dmitrieva told a wonderful story. As you know, she is the first Russian tennis player, which 50 years were invited to Wimbledon. It was a huge honor for our country. And then the teacher said that Dmitriyeva, the tails of her subject. Called the representative of the sports Committee: "What is chemistry? She is going to defend the honor of our country!" To which the teacher replied, "Until she pass, she just assessment will not put. If I go away, I do not atteste". And had nowhere to go. Anna learned the whole book by heart. For a week. All passed and gone. Why do I say this? If a child has motivation, he will surprise you with its capabilities.

Your daughter is now fifteen. 've reached the age when they want to walk, meet with friends...

— Walking once, and not particularly desirable. Best friend daughter's a gymnast. It is injected in training for six days a week. And I want to watch a new series. And my daughter loves the TV series to watch, knows everything.

— What about first love? Recently wrote that her daughter Helena hangi striking fans. Is it really so?

— Who wrote this? Maybe he had in mind that it's a wonderful story about an American groom? I live in America very good friend. When I gave birth to a daughter, around the same time his son was born. And he asked me: "let's marry our children when they grow up?" I agreed. Periodically, he sent me emails and pictures of son. And Lisa knew that in far away America, we have the bridegroom. (Laughs.) And two or three years ago calls me up the other and says: "it's Time to acquaint young. Children 12 years of age, they need to see you." And when we went to USA with his tennis business, then met a buddy and his son. Children at each other looked up and realized that they were from two completely different worlds. What can be said about the children? About the school. Lisa asks the boy if he to write off the other guys. To which he begins to resent: to write off bad and unfair. Then Lisa asks the question: "how to help a friend?" And they tied dispute on the subject. Then they have something discussed and found common ground. Now, two years later, we went to the USA and again met with this family because the father does not lose hope to marry children. I went to the restaurant. But the number is not passed. The boy seemed to Lisa as if to say, reguliarity. Most interesting, in Los Angeles the son of one of our friend was the bully. Yard bully. He and Lisa found a common language in five minutes! And I can't figure out why the cute boy from an educated family she is boring and a bully from the Los Angeles suburb interesting... the Mysterious Russian soul! (Laughs.)

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