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Ekaterina Volkova: "If you make a show about our life, will ratings" met with the actress and discussed with her perfect family, botulinum toxin and all the charm of country construction

If "Voronin," the actress Ekaterina Volkova TV family, in the "Mr. and Mrs. Z" is real. On the set Catherine works with her husband Andrew, that creates a certain atmosphere.

— Catherine, are you two Dating now husband not only at home but also on the set. What are your impressions from working together?

Is a big plus that Andrei and some time spend on the site, because home only in the morning and evening. And as for the filming, we gradually lapped each other. We, of course, easier than to strangers: we can make fun of each other, no tension.

— Home discuss the working moments?

— Of course. Because Andrew is not new, but there are difficulties. He asks, I give him advice. Sometimes we text learn together. Help each other to toss the phrase.

— Full idyll with her husband, you do not swear?

— What are you, we live on a volcano! Can day a dozen times to pick a fight, eleven — make up. Might as well say nothing. We were a normal family. (Laughs.) If we were perfect, we probably Kashchenko'd need to pass. And experiences for us to put.

— What do you learn from each other?

— Learn patience. Because we sometimes flighty and demand a lot from each other. Sometimes I want to bend the situation for themselves, to do as I said. But I'm learning to avoid it. While I'm not a student, although we have been together for eight years. Now doing repairs. And during this time was divorced five times a day. "I want this hood was here! I am the customer". "And then I Ordered it I will explain that this is impossible. And you're my wife. Please go mind your own business". I think if you put cameras in our house and to do a reality show, will the ratings. (Laughs.)

Екатерина Волкова: «Если снять шоу про нашу жизнь, будут рейтинги»

"We live on a volcano! Can day a dozen times to pick a fight, eleven — make up"

— In your transmission, you learn the myths about health. Many have already learned?

— Of course. For example, comes to us and tells the expert whether it was true that tooth decay comes from candy? There are so many nuances, it turns out. It turns out that dental caries is not all candy appears. Or, for example, about the now so popular botulinum toxin tell.

— And you are faced with a similar rejuvenation methods?

Of course, I've heard, but not experienced myself. It's scary. Reflect: what is it? Maybe it is time? I learned how it affects our blood and than it can be replaced. A big plus is that we can consult with doctors, call the experts at transfer. For example, our daughter's terrible allergies, and we received advice on what to do this spring. And can share the information with family and friends.

— As you know, your husband is an architect, it's very useful in a household profession?

— Of course. Project design is all his. He consults with me, but questions about the location of beams, bearing structures, of course, in his charge. We spent two years building a house for the summer and will move permanently. Ready the first floor and we live there. However, to build a house isn't everything. There are also territory. Many believe that this is nonsense. But this morning we got up, saw the debris and realized that one must first drive the truck, take out the trash, and then think about where to build the garage. But before you build a garage, you need to make stormwater drainage system of the soil. It's such a blast to be honest. So many nuances. Arrived our friend who is engaged in landscape design, looked at everyone and said: are you kidding? You can't do that! Started: preganate tractor, remove the top layer, dig a hole, add gravel, from gravel — some drainage, drains... I thought it was easy, but actually not.

— Where is the baby all this time?

— At grandma's, clean. Lisa is now in preschool education. Before she went to kindergarten. But the regime is not for her. At lunch she never slept: lying, playing quietly with the bear. But I believe that all children should go to kindergarten, after all, is communication. Although come to daycare at seven in the morning — mockery. When parents operate on the usual schedule is one thing, but I don't want to your output to get up at six in the morning. In General, I agree that sometimes I will bring it to ten.

Екатерина Волкова: «Если снять шоу про нашу жизнь, будут рейтинги»

Ekaterina Volkova admits she did not want her daughter became актрисой

This year in school?

— No, I decided, a year or more wait. I believe that in six and a half years earlier to give. Let the child be a child, and she seems like poskolku where learning takes place in the form of a game. There's dancing, English, music.

— If Lisa suddenly want to become an actress, do you mind?

— I would not have wanted this. I want the child received the education for life. In our time it is better to be independent, I think so. And then... don't know what she will choose, but I push it just won't. Because she is a person. And force her to do something useless. When I said I wouldn't eat the soup I made. I sat choked, but he ate. And Lisa will be released from the table hungry, but there will not be. The same study circles: if she's interested — will move mountains. Maybe it's for the best: she has her own opinion, is a stud. And it moves in the direction in which it sees fit.

— The series "Voronin" fans call almost eternal. You probably colleagues are like a family, learned each other inside and out...

— I can say that in life, and this is the most attentive, kind and helpful people. I know that a helping hand will stretch to absolutely everyone. We are really a family. And the family is an important word. We are already laughing that we all have two last names. Our dash Voronin. We Anna Vasilievna is called the mother of Boris Vladimirovich — dad. We can always ask for his advice and assistance. We're all in this together. I can say that a sense of humor is absolutely everyone. And when one battery ends, the second picks up.

Actors often admit that they have no recollection of the funny situations that happened on the set...

— Can only remember that sometimes we forget the text. Although it is all the time hiding under the table, write on the tablecloth... And there was once a time when we tablecloth scribbled all. And here I go and I do not remember exactly where you wrote. And then shout: "Stop! Guys wash the cloth".

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