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Anastasia Panina: "I feared that we simply an office romance"

The actress and her husband Vladimir Zherebtsov has told about his winding path to happiness

The story of their relationship, Anastasia Panina and Vladimir Zherebtsov, laughing, called multiple play. And Theatre. Pushkin, in which they both serve, became for them fatal. What was the starting point of their love — silent goodbye on stage, when he was Romeo and she was playing in the crowd, a chance meeting on Tverskoy Boulevard or the role of lovers in the play "Bullets on Broadway"? Importantly, Cupid released his arrow, and after all the vicissitudes of fortune presented them with a "Letter of happiness", in fact, where it all began for real.

— Volodya, Nastya, lately I only hear what you are both filming in another city, and most of and do not intersect. How it is difficult for you mentally?

Vladimir: Sometimes overlap. Recently there was a funny incident — Nastya took off from there, and I just flew.

Anastasia: Yes, I was shown our friends, I was on the second floor of the airport, they came down and saw Volodya. We were separated by the border control. We talked on the phone while in the same building. Try to live in the same hotel, so at least the evening to meet. It is sometimes possible to walk. We live almost all the time in this mode. I believe that artists cannot refuse to work. I went to audition pregnant and acted pregnant, this is normal.

— How daughter Sasha endures these constant departures and separation from you?

Vladimir: of Course, she is bored, waiting for us impatiently. But she already lives in a fairly active pace. And we do not see for months. Three or four days one of us she is still watching (smiling), plus the modern development of communications, especially video, smoothes the moments of parting.

Anastasia: Sasha stoically endures our absence. She's an adult in this sense. And she has a strong character, she's not a whiner, despite his six and a half years. And she's really bored. She is passionate about training in choreographic school, friends from kindergarten, and they have there own atmosphere.

— Now both of you career develops successfully, both shoot a lot and in the theatre playing leading roles. But never if it was not jealousy of the success of the second, competition in this sense?

Vladimir: we are all equally developed.

Anastasia: No, Volodya, you better known, more work, don't be shy. But any jealousy I have never experienced. Don't know if I was sitting for three years without work, then maybe... Although it is unlikely that such a thing could be. I be sure to be initiated. Besides, we have theatre — beautiful, love, our second home.

Анастасия Панина: «Я боялась, что у нас просто служебный роман»

In the popular TV series "Teacher" Anastasia Panina played the teacher, literatureto: materials of press-services

— You are engaged in one profession, and together do your Hobbies? Nastya, you're doing gymnastics, and you, Volodya, — martial arts, karate...

Vladimir: this is already finished. A year ago I received a leg injury playing football for theater. So now moved on to coaching post (smiles), do not allow any risky experiments.

Anastasia: And I three years ago, on skates fell, it was a partial tear of the ligament. So now we can neither ski nor skate. We both love to travel. However, Volodya many years had to be persuaded to go somewhere, only now he liked it. Volodya first time found themselves abroad, in Egypt with me. And the sea he saw for the first time in twenty years.

Vladimir: Yes, I saw the sea go shooting. The family had other interests, I have an older sister, parents have a cottage built, we have elderly grandparents. We rested at the cottage. And the Institute has been out somewhere with friends, but most of the summer still held in Moscow, tried to have a job somewhere.

Anastasia: I even envy Volodya, can you imagine what it would do to me if I saw the sea adult! I as a child went nuts, waiting for the summer as manna from heaven. We have a month or two always left to the sea. Me and my company were waiting.

— Looking at you, it is difficult to imagine serious conflicts or quarrels. But, on the other hand, you live not like a sweet couple.

Vladimir: Yes, we are sweet couple! We are all very keenly. (Laughs.) And how? If it is necessary to solve a question, you have to decide. And it's not always immediately obtained.

Anastasia: If people don't fight, then they are to each other don't feel anything. But domestic disputes we have. Quarrels occur because of the nuances of our relationship. I may not like the tone of the man, something like that. Sometimes before you talk and find out all this is solved by PR, we are hot-tempered people, we have a mobile mentality. (Smiles.)

— And who is more violent?

Vladimir: Nastya.

Anastasia: No, you're what?! You are more hot-tempered. I could say more, but making all you, Volodya. (Laughs.) And then I do bears. (Laughs.) But I know myself to stop. I am a true Capricorn, while the weight to the floor will not come, keep. But then I tear. But I am easily appeased.

Vladimir: Yes, as a rule, in half an hour all is quiet and calm, as if nothing had happened, no fights of local value.

— Sometimes, people don't talk for days...

Anastasia: I Admit, it was also. (Laughs.) I can resentful to wear. But I'm a woman.

— Volodya, what do you do in such situations?

Vladimir: Suck, of course. (Laughs.)

Anastasia: Flowers, kind words and gifts. I love flowers. Volodya knows that. And if suddenly, I'll be like, "Where's my bouquet?". But it is well done in this sense, spoil me with their attention.

Анастасия Панина: «Я боялась, что у нас просто служебный роман»

The show "Bullets over broad-Wei", in which he played Vladimir and Anastasia, became "one of the acts" of their romanetto: personal archive Anastasia Panina and Vladimir Zherebtsov

— You are making gifts to each other, and this surprises or not?

Anastasia: We can ask each other, for example, before February 23 or March 8, about the desires and to go along to choose a gift. But in the New year or birthday prefer to make surprises. You can find out something ahead of time, about two months, then all was forgotten. And to go along to the store, for example, in my birthday and to buy a dress, this is not good, in my opinion. It should not be. What are you laughing about, Volodya? Because I asked you an IPhone for your birthday? But we didn't buy it together, you've chosen, it's not that. (Vladimir laughs.)

Anastasia: But I'm surprise you made for the New year. You didn't even expect this.

Vladimir: Of Course! (Smiles.) I have had this year with a wonderful gift, just a dream. One of the most unexpected I have ever received. Is karaoke.

Anastasia: he loves and can sing. And somehow he mentioned that he would like to have a karaoke at home. I thought, "this is it". Now they with Sasha unable to sing at home, only need a second MIC to buy.

— Do you remember when you first saw each other?

Vladimir: of Course, it was a meeting on Tverskoy Boulevard. Nastya was in a black cloak, white shirt and jeans-bottoms. She walked into the theater, and I'm out of it.

Anastasia: And right at the corner we crossed. We already knew each other, knew that working together.

Vladimir: But here for the first time spoke. Nastya said she was going to rehearse in "Bullets over Broadway" and we parted.

— Then someone moved something inside?

Vladimir: If I still remember, probably, Yes.

Anastasia: We runaround each other for a long time. When I came in crowd, you me cling eyes, was it? I remember Volodin white tee shirt, I noticed, when standing in the wings. I hadn't been in the troupe, studied with Roman Yefimovich Kozak. He may have played Romeo. Only a few years we met in "Bullets over Broadway", where he played lovers.

— In the TNT series "Fizruk" you also played a loving couple. How do you like together on set?

Vladimir: It was our first time with Nastya combined experience in films, so I was excited, she too, but it was very interesting, even beautiful. And I would like to repeat.

— Nastya and Volodya were courting?

Anastasia: Volodya can come up with surprises, and because he was courting cool. Flowers in theatre came to me incognito. And how many gifts he was doing! I was about to leave with my mom and niece and Volodya brought me a cute beach bag, stuffed with all you might need at sea. There lay all sorts of creams and lotions from sunburn, sun. Volodya, I remember everything. And what a gift it on birthdays did!

Vladimir: I Tried to like it.

Анастасия Панина: «Я боялась, что у нас просто служебный роман»

The first time Vladimir was on holiday abroad due generato: personal archive Anastasia Panina and Vladimir Zherebtsov

— However, starting to chat, you broke up for a year. What happened?

Anastasia: Nothing. I just probably scared. I saw that the relationships at work, in the theater, many are very easy, I was afraid that it was just an office romance. I knew that Volodya beautiful, popular young man, he draws the attention of women, and he to them. (Laughs.) Perhaps, I'm not very happy. So I had to push and test your feelings first and foremost.

— It was difficult to enter a second time into the same water?

Vladimir: It Is Not Easy. It's one thing when we talked every day, and another when there was such a gap.

Anastasia: I think we had to go through that, then something serious has happened. And when it all started in the second round, we talked about other things, even about the children. We again reduced performance. We started to rehearse... "the happiness Letter". I saw and feelings were stirred up.

Vladimir: I was absolutely sure that everything will be fine. And I already knew that Nastia has character and its own position.

— When the affair did happen, and maybe you even moved in together, opened some surprises in each?

Anastasia: not really. And special household bedding we had. When we started living together, I have the child waited, we started a repair. Then I had Sasha, what is lapping? And Volodya is very tightly shot, in the morning went and later that evening returned. And we were sitting in the kitchen talking, discussing how one day passed, until late at night.

— Pregnancy, none of you are scared? After all, you are even together still lived, did not enjoy this...

Anastasia: We have gone this way with all the UPS and downs: a novel, parting and return. And decided that, once it happened, we need to take this seriously and build a family.

Vladimir: it was already twenty-seven years. We were adequate adults by that time.

— Volodya, I know you were present at birth. Were not afraid?

— This piece of life I have just taken out of memory. Clean. Has been shut down. (Laughs.) And I do not seem nervous, but it was such a stressful situation that I don't even remember where I dressed up, went to the maternity ward. Thank God, everything happened quickly and easily. Main impression: it was a miracle.

Анастасия Панина: «Я боялась, что у нас просто служебный роман»

Daughter Sasha is six years old, she's a girl with character and stoically endures frequent departures, roditelyami: personal archive Anastasia Panina and Vladimir Zherebtsov

— Do you have differences in the education of Sasha?

Vladimir: Happen, of course. Most likely, because of discipline issues. In this matter I am cruel.

Anastasia: In my opinion, it's overkill. He thinks I'm too soft.

— What about the affection, moreover, you have a daughter? Dads with them is usually Ty...

Vladimir: Of Course. Without affection and tenderness anywhere. All alternates. Sasha we love and tenderness shown, and considered its opinion. But if you need to apply rigor, then I take it.

Anastasia: Papa, the first man in a girl's life, it imposes a huge impact on the whole of her future destiny. So I, as a mother hen, asking her to be softer and more likely to admire the daughter, to say that it is the best, she was a Princess in the eyes of men. Responsibility for future life of my daughter, in my opinion, lies more on dad than on mom. They Volodya a good relationship, but I think they can be friends even closer.

— Volodya, and you're going somewhere alone with Sasha?

Vladimir: Of Course. The Museum and planetarium, and theater — she loves it. Always discuss what she liked, what doesn't. We also have a tradition wherever you go, be sure to visit the zoo. We've been around all sides of Prague zoo and a zoo in Cyprus. And we still have a lot of new unexplored places.

— A discipline is that: time to go to bed to do their homework?

Vladimir: to Sleep — Yes, for a clean. Not to forget that the daughter there is a zone of its responsibility. This does not mean that it is constantly on this occasion, sawing. But she needs to clean up their toys, books, dress herself and take care of your things, put them in their place.

Anastasia: And I think that she is not even a man, but a man who needs to approach. It has its own established principles and beliefs. If you talk to her gently and kindly, to explain something, she will do a lot with pleasure, and sometimes doesn't want to do something because of conflict. And it is normal for a child. So you need to find the strings that pull. She and utensils are often happy to wash, even though we have a dishwasher. The main thing — the child needs to know that he can do anything and that he can give it to parents.

Sasha is open to you?

Anastasia: Yes, it tells us a lot. For example, shared that her teacher did not like, somehow looked at her. But after a week everything was fine, the daughter said that they are friends. By the way, she razrulil, understand how to approach the teacher.

— I see you all the time I want my daughter to please with gifts: toys, clothes, gadgets. But the children from satiety to stop to notice it.

Vladimir: of Course, we always give the daughter some surprises, little things. But I'm serious dad. For example, can you explain Sasha's in store, this thing we will not buy, because today is not a holiday and nothing space, she did not. And the minute joy and fast cooling from a gift all children happen. They can play, enjoy, and then on TV to see a new gadget or toy and want it. Now is the time, so much that you stop appreciating some of the little things. And we look at the designer "LEGO" and understand that if we had at least one set in childhood, it would be incredible happiness.

Anastasia: Sasha enjoys the gifts, but we have a system of punishments in the use of gadgets. Something not so did — they numb and hide for as long as the situation does not change. And "IPad" are hidden for six months for a certain offense. If she needs to do a lesson, then the TV turns off, and then you can continue to watch it.

You are all the time talking about your shared rides with my daughter. And do you have a romantic holiday for two?

Anastasia: No. Maybe we haven't reached. When we have such a need, we will not be denied. But her daughter us absolutely not a problem, because with us goes still and my mom. We may Sasha with her to leave and go to the restaurant in the evening.

Анастасия Панина: «Я боялась, что у нас просто служебный роман»

Panina and Stallions often travel with her daughter and mother, actisite: personal archive Anastasia Panina and Vladimir Zherebtsov

— Do you remember how was your experience with your parents?

Anastasia: Of Course! Volodya immediately liked my mother. I looked at her with astonishment when she told him: "Volodya, would you please wear woolen socks". It was cold and very barrel on the floor, but still it's aerobatics for her. (Laughs.) My mother is a true Siberian, pretty stingy on the emotions and external manifestations of love. We were strictly brought up, and here... suddenly such a concern.

Vladimir: And I was very pleased. I was worried. And then immediately calmed down somehow. And Nastina mum cooks at home. And it also played a role. I hungrily ate, and mom loved it. (Smiles.) I also have strict parents. No exceptions we never did. Although I felt the mother's love, sometimes it is and hug, and kiss he could, but once again not praised. But with her sister she is even more strict was.

Anastasia: But we still are children of love. Our parents are bright people. We are from ordinary families. Neither us nor them no one on a saucer brought. I remember being very worried before meeting with Volodin parents, but his mother was completely loyal, we normally talked. But dad and I had a love. (Smiles.) You know what when he showed him my picture, he told him: "Oh, Nastka what you have!".

— You live separately from parents?

Anastasia: Yeah, mum is in the next street with us. And if we are going somewhere, then Sasha goes to her. Together with my parents, I probably wouldn't be able to live, even in the big house.

Vladimir: Love is measured by kilometers. (Laughs.)

— You come together in a banal but important habits: night owl — lark, replaybility and cold resistance, punctuality and the lack of it? This also can occur hassle...

Anastasia: We partially differ. I the heater, and he likes to colder it was. But both believe that the need to ventilate the apartment. But on vacation I need the heat and sun. Volodya climbs into any sea, no matter what the temperature was. Husband is a morning person, and I'm a night owl. But even if Volodya stood up, he said to me: "Lierotica". If you have the opportunity, why not an hour to lie? Volodya, if I woke up, I immediately got up and ran somewhere. But in matters of punctuality we are very similar. We are disciplined and don't like to be late.

Vladimir: There are people who come to the airport back to back, calm feel. And I always think, "Well, who knows what?" Why once again nervous, might be traffic, queues there.

Anastasia: actually we were lucky — we have more in common than differences.

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