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Victoria Daineko: "30 — a beautiful figure, but it's hard to believe now she has me a direct bearing on"

On the eve of the anniversary of the singer said, why not want to summarize

Twelfth of may, Cheryl Cole will celebrate the thirtieth anniversary. Say that the round dates are very useful to sum up the life totals. met with the singer and recorded her reflections on various occasions.

About education

— The city of Peace, where I grew up, was a music school. But they taught only academic vocal, which, as it seemed to me, not really my thing. I learned to sing by listening to Christina Aguilera. (Laughs.) And the school used to pretend to be a party to any show, the same "star Factory". At the age of 17 I came to Moscow and entered the Moscow aviation Institute. Why there? We all know that, as always, was the famous Palace of culture MAI and how a lot of musicians and creative people have started there. For me, the admission to this University was the opportunity to combine education and work. True, I studied there a couple of months because it's been on "Factory of stars". When I was in school in the Pacific, it seemed an unattainable dream. And the fact that I can become a winner, even in a head did not come.

Don't know what would have been my life if I got a degree MAI, whom I have worked, where and how she lived. But still want to get a higher education and hope that my dream will still come true. To learn it is never too late.

Виктория Дайнеко: «30 — красивая цифра, но сложно поверить, что теперь она имеет ко мне непосредственное отношение»

The daughter of the actress born in her marriage to musician Dmitry Kleiman. On may 3, she was 1 year and 7 months. However, the singer is still not showing faces baby and does not comment on his personal, infoto: personal archive of Victoria Dayneko

About Moscow

Moscow met me with open arms and gave me much more than I was expecting from her. Can't say that it made me shed tears, is the prerogative of men. (Smiles.) Although I immediately fell in love with this city, but sincerely and, it seems, forever. And I'm glad my parents moved to Moscow, to live far away from them — it was a real torment for me. But most of my friends left for Russia but now when I go on tour in the city where they live, we always see each other. And it's great. Especially a lot of the friends I have in St. Petersburg — always come back with pleasure.

About yourself

— I am — if I have a bad mood and something really offends me, I can write about it in their social networks. As well as something good. In life are actually much more positive aspects. If you don't have time to notice them, then something worse. A few times I had situation when I realized that I must have something wrong did not appreciate what I have. Life gave lessons, as if hinting: appreciate what you have, be happy with it. Always. In fact this may not be... I tend to believe that everything in this life depends largely on ourselves and our moods. Even if you hurt someone, and you want to answer, you need to think it's better just to wish the offender a good mood and then he won't be spoiling it to others.

Виктория Дайнеко: «30 — красивая цифра, но сложно поверить, что теперь она имеет ко мне непосредственное отношение»

To 11 years Vick was engaged in dances, and then said that he wanted to sing, shocking that its mamohato: personal archive of Victoria Dayneko

About a career

— My mom was in shock when I left the ballet school after six years of professional lessons and said they wanted to sing. At first she thought I was crazy. I always treat artists with great respect. To us they often came in peace. And I know for sure: no matter how developed my life, I would sing always, and to what extent — it does not matter.

Eventually mom and dad become my main support in my difficult task. They still help me a lot. But for me the important thing is to continue singing and to reach new heights, dream always to be able to Express yourself in music and art in General. Now I have released two new songs — solo "Beating heart" and the duet "heartbeat" ft. OLEYNIK, and it's great. Everything comes at once sometimes, and sometimes just need to be able to wait and continue to work to improve their skills. Relevance — it is very relative. You today love and miss everywhere, tomorrow is waiting for someone else, and in three days or three years you're back at the peak, so I don't dwell on this their attention, to live peacefully and sing. As for dubbing, I'm really proud of Rapunzel's voice and the rosettes of the "Trolls". My daughter these cartoons just love it!

About life

— I do not have a little free time, but at the same time I am happy that life is in full swing. Otherwise, I'm glad that I have. The main thing is not to go into depression and find the strength to wipe the tears and move on. Actually what I now have, has surpassed all my expectations. Honestly. I can't imagine that I would live such a life! The stage is the place where I feel free and fully happy. Although my first performance was not very good. I was ten years old. In the Palace of culture city of peace was a big concert in which I participated. I had to make the children's song "the Sun is laughing". And I really didn't like neither my hair nor the outfit. And the excitement I missed the tone, and then forgot the words to the song and just stopped. My parents were in the audience. Mom during my speech covered his face with his hands. Now this is very funny. But then, for me, it was a tragedy. On the other hand, this case helped me, and since then I never ever lost. As for my thirtieth birthday, it is a beautiful figure, but I still find it hard to believe that she now has to do with me directly. (Laughs.) Although I never hid my age — why? To sum up, I prefer to look to the future.

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