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Oleg Gazmanov: "my child gives me another life."

We used to see them together since 1988, when seven-year-old Rodion sang about a dog named Lucy. Now Oleg Gazmanov 65. Rodion Gazmanov — 35. met with the father and the son, to see how much of a difference in 30 years

— Oleg, you remember the house you grew up in? Do you have any family traditions?

— I remember well. It was a German house, very long, like a barracks. Six entrances and two and a half floors. Half of the floor was the attic. At one entrance were two families who shared a community garden. We, along with neighbors gathered the apples that kept the us until may. I have a very vivid childhood memories. I was seven years old growing up without a father, and my mother worked as a doctor, was gone for the whole day, and I was left to myself. Remember that at New year we always decorated the Christmas tree, a real, smelling of pine needles. And my mother did toy, cut them out of paper. Because in the post-war Kaliningrad with toys were the problem. And even in the garden we have grown stunning raspberry, German varieties. And it wouldn't start worms. I summer, in the holidays, were dragged into these thickets of raspberry cot, climbed in there, read adventure books, stretched out his hands and touch tore raspberries. And when the berries are gone, I moved on to the next Bush. And so could spend the whole day.

— If to return to childhood, what would it be the day?

— I don't know what day I would choose. I was happy most of his childhood. Despite the rather difficult post-war situation, the problems of food and clothing. Any day other than the first of September, when I went to the first class. To this day, despite the fact that my hand was holding mother, I was hit by a drunk woman on a moped. And I got to the hospital I had the surgery, sewed up an eyebrow. I still have a scar.

— Do you remember the first time I saw and took at the hands of his son Rodion?

Of course I do. Somehow, it seemed to me that he has a very big nose, Caucasian. (Laughs.) But eventually it leveled off. And I remember one time, when Rodion was a few months — quite small, was in a wheelchair and did not speak. And before the weather played a prominent melody. Rodion and her shrill voice repeated. That's when I knew that he will sing.

Олег Газманов: «Каждый мой ребенок дает мне еще одну жизнь»

Rodion Gazmanov sang about a dog named Lucy when he was 7, levoto: materials of press-services

— What would you like to say to the judge, but did not say?

— Probably more often need to say that I love him. But somehow between men is not very accepted. And I love it. He's my son. My first-born.

— What have you learned in the son?

— Not only today, but all the children of all us adults, are taught. They teach us to be happy — not to think about problems. All the children are happy. And then they grow up, there are many worries and happiness evaporates away. Now I have a third child, the youngest, is a daughter of Maraska — I live a third life through the eyes of his third child. That is, each of my child gives me another life. I am surprised the world and thanks to them I understand that sometimes just to watch the sea — that is happiness.

— In your opinion, you are a good father?

— It's probably better to ask Rodion. And he will, of course, not to say that I'm bad. (Laughs.) Therefore, the truth is actually hidden. I guess I'm not a very good father, because they rarely see their children. I would often see them, but the tour schedule does not give me this opportunity.

Олег Газманов: «Каждый мой ребенок дает мне еще одну жизнь»

Rodion, Gazmanova: materials of press-services

Rodion Gazmanov: "I'm trying very hard to be a good son"

— Rodion, you remember the house you grew up in? Do you have any family traditions?

I lived in Kaliningrad, and in Moscow and in the suburbs. Different places and different houses. When we lived in the Silver forest, I liked to ride a bike with a dog. Now the house we love with the father to roast meat. This is a very good tradition. We compete to see who can cook tastier. And when we moved to Moscow and lived near Suschevsky Shaft, our house passed a tram line. And if trams went, it was heard running at full volume on the TV. And I had to be very loud to talk with each other.

— If to return to childhood, what would it be the day?

— Probably, that day when I first got backstage. I was about three years. My dad took with him on tour. He then worked in the Kaliningrad group "Galaxy".

— What is your most vivid memory of my father?

— Just, perhaps, the moment when he took me with him on tour. I saw how it works on stage. Then very few people in the country knew who Oleg Gazmanov. Yet there was no "Squad" or "Officers" or "Sailors". But flip father was already doing. And the audience took it great. I did not know then that very soon it should shoot. But the atmosphere, which was enveloped in the action, of course, unique.

Олег Газманов: «Каждый мой ребенок дает мне еще одну жизнь»

Oleg and Rodion Gazmanov together on stage almost 30 levoto: materials of press-services

— What would you like to say to the father, but not said?

— I think it's never enough to tell your parents that you love them. It is impossible to say it enough times. So I try and dad and mom say it at every opportunity.

— What have you learned the father?

He taught and continues to teach to be hard on yourself. Demanding. Maybe it's messing up my character as I become more demanding and to others. But the moment when you realize that you can do better, and doing is important. You can leave it as is, but not calm down on this. A very important corrosiveness to what you're doing. Not enough for many musicians to achieve success.

— In your opinion, you are a good son?

— I really try to be. It's important to me.

interview, Oleg Gazmanov Rodion Gazmanov

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