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Igor Saruhanov: "conflicts in the family — it is nonsense"

The actor said about his wife, daughters, karaoke and the elixir of youth

The last eight years the life of Igor Saruhanov largely subordinated to the interests of his children. The famous musician was separated from the Metropolitan bustle and are trying to create in Moscow suburbs the ideal conditions for your favorite girls: wife Tatiana and two daughters to dress and Roses.

— Igor, many of your colleagues admitted that career and children don't always mix. Did you feel that after the birth of daughters?

— The most important thing — priorities. It is very important to understand that a man who devotes himself to art, is a complicated man. It is a doomed man, I'd say. But if you have a head on their shoulders, can all be combined. If you have children, beautiful home and wonderful family, you can be successful, to work, to devote himself to art. I have extra motivation to work — two children. But if I used to have forty concerts a month passed, and now from five to ten. And if you see that too much, try to leave no more than seven performances. I love to go on stage and love to interact with my audience, to give an interview. But I love that after work I had the strength and desire to communicate with their loved ones and raise them in the mood.

Then there are the children to trust you?

— Of course. I can do everything myself. Can change diapers, cook porridge, to play, to read baby stories. I get up at seven in the morning, am the eldest daughter in school, I enjoy doing it.

— Your eldest daughter is eight years old. What is she doing besides school?

— Lyuba is already a remarkable way to cope with music, singing, piano, guitar. We live near Zvenigorod, where is the cultural center named after Lubov Orlova, where she once a month acts. She also goes to school in Zvenigorod. Incidentally, the quality of teaching is magnificent, I checked. My mother's education is teacher of Russian language and literature. Dad taught at the Institute, and I am learning seriously. Before the baby I promonitorit. However, I came to the conclusion that, wherever the child may learn without a tutor is not successful. In addition to learning, and lessons with Tutors Lyuba in ballroom and sport dancing. Junior also dances. All quickly understands and grasps, though still barely speaks. Tatiana said that she has very good credentials, she draws well. Tatiana Saruhanov — artist of Russia. Therefore, the daughter of a very interesting relationship with colors. Well, while rose is only two years old.

Игорь Саруханов: «Конфликты в семье — это глупость»

The eldest daughter of Igor Saruhanov eight years old, the youngest only two. Both girls are interested in creativity, and it has all slavette: Svetlana Mursi-Guji

— In children there is often a struggle for parents...

— I'd say they have fight for attention in General. If I suddenly hugged Lyuba and kissed her or encouraged for what she received "five", already running rose: and I, I... She, of course, jealous. And that's fine. But we try to do everything to keep the attention got both girls. In General, my growing daughters. Roses have the same dimples, the curls, like mine. (Laughs.)

— Speaking of appearance. Last year you turned sixty years that many people are very surprised. Tell us about your elixir of youth?

— After all if we believe and say — God works in mysterious ways, I think he does everything that I looked young and was engaged in his profession. I fully and completely give myself what he gave me, and try not to offend the Lord.

— Plus a healthy lifestyle...

Yeah, I try to eat right. There are up to seven hours. To eat less meat. Everything not to sweep, and water the same way... the less you eat, the better you look.

— You not so long ago seen at the karaoke. Unexpected passion for professional artist...

— I was there for work. I created the music festival "Sarukhanov Music Fest", which give the opportunity to those who loves to sing, go to a new level. We select participants in each of the cities in which the festival takes place. And these contestants will take the stage of the concert hall in Moscow at the final concert. The winner will get the opportunity to record in a professional Studio his first single. They will also be able to perform my songs at my concert to the accompaniment of the band. I, therefore, give life to my songs for many years.

Игорь Саруханов: «Конфликты в семье — это глупость»

Your vacation Paradise Igor and his wife came up with without outside, pomeshivat: Svetlana Mursi-Guji

— Say that your spouse has dedicated one of his paintings hit the famous "Violin-the Fox"...

— Of her works this is my favorite. In our house only her paintings and hung. There is romance, there is eclectic. The paintings are bright, bold, I really like her style.

— And for your image too, Tatiana is responsible?

— No, I can't to burden her with such things. Actually, I do a lot of things myself. Moreover — and at home too.

I hear you, and its construction almost did...

I was deceived by a former assistant, who I trusted. So I had to take matters into their own hands. I even created a sketch, procured materials, supervised the process. But Tanya was also a lot of design ideas for home. I always consult with her, she is very creative, after all three degrees.

— According to statistics, the decoration of the house is one of the most frequent reasons for family quarrels...

— We must not quarrel, children all see. I can certainly say: it is necessary to do so. She — Yes, you're right. And that's all. Sometimes I want to shout on the phone to someone- we are all people. But I stop myself, because the ears of children that hear everything. I by nature do not like conflict. I believe that the conflict is stupid and no one brings any good. Family — even more so.

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