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Jared Leto: "I always feel lonely"

Time around him seemed filled with: whatever role the hit, every album is platinum. The attitude of the title of a sex symbol, her appearance and sexual minorities in an interview

Talk about the fact that he looks like a famous hero of Oscar Wilde, forever young Dorian gray started ten years ago. Now forty-five Jared Leto hears jokes that he found an inexhaustible source of youth, almost more than then. Looking at the star actor and musician, understand how these conjectures: Summer equally successful and amazingly beautiful for over twenty years since his first film.

Jared, Hey. Let's be honest — what are you doing to stay in such amazing shape? You become again the face of the brand Gucci is constantly shown perfect figure on stage and in film. Tell me.

— Do not believe it, but I baffle all these questions. Well, the truth. Seriously, this is not flirting from the word "quite". I can only say that for me the good life is a pure life. Fair care of yourself and your health. And of course, sleep — sleep, sleep, sleep.

— And how much you can afford to sleep with such a busy schedule?

— Try to do it as often as possible. It is because I love to work, I have from time to time, so to speak, to restart your hard disk.

And how you do it, like you said, reboot in conditions of constant time pressure? In addition to sleep, I mean.

— I will not reveal any secrets — the question is the change of activity. Make the film — switch on the creation of music. Recorded the album — began work on a new role.

Джаред Лето: «Я всегда чувствую себя одиноким»

Jared Leto believes that the concept of freedom for a creative person relatively and absolutely одновременно

Then have free time to just, sorry, fool around, you are left with?

— Know the concept of freedom for a creative person relatively and absolutely at the same time. I feel myself free in full. And I think that's one of the main advantages of the artist, his main luxury. I am free to drop everything and indulge in laziness, I just don't want to, I like to act and this is also my freedom. The path to its adoption it took me a while, but now I clearly see: only being free, you can be productive and successful Creator of your life. And this, incidentally, applies not only to the creative sphere, so in all. Many people ask me the same question, wondering, as I don't feel tied hand and foot by their obligations. Don't know, I just really like what I do. I make music, acting as producer, actor, entrepreneur, as an investor in forty-seven companies (by the way, mostly technical — I am very passionate about new technologies). Yes, life is very full. So, to catch the balance to your endless possibilities and perspectives do not impinge on your freedom, just take a little time and space for awareness.

— By the way, about the perception, you enter a small cohort of Hollywood beauties, who, surpassing forty years old, still childless. It is a conscious choice or did it come from?

— (Laughs.) Difficult to answer. Probably, it happened. You know, I don't hide my relationship, but I don't like to comment. Although it must be seen — serious novels, I wasn't so much (no offense, girls). And we don't go that far. But I do not exclude such a situation that one day I will knock at the door someone would call me dad. Here is an incredible surprise! In fact, such a development — it would be really nice.

— In one interview you talked about the fact that the decision not to become a father affected your experiences with drugs...

— Yes, I was worried that my experience could somehow affect the baby. You know, unfortunately, this period of my life was not temporal — it took some time, quite long. I started back at school, even then preferring the sport of experimenting with illegal substances.

How do you stop? After all, many of your colleagues, alas, on the contrary, start to abuse, becoming successful and wealthy.

— At some point I asked myself, is this the path that will lead me to fulfillment of my dreams? Anyway, whether my dreams? This what I want for myself? So it is my choice.

Джаред Лето: «Я всегда чувствую себя одиноким»

Mother and Jared Leto were close since childhood. The woman survived two divorces and raised two of Synovate: Rex Features/Fotodom.EN

— By the way, are you a dreamer? Judging by your image in the media, you're inclined to indulge in fantasies.

Fantasies and dreams are two different things. Imagination is not required to have no, and sometimes it's good that they remain only in our imagination. Dreams — the result of choices made by a million times, a million mistakes and trial and only a few successful circumstances. To achieve the dream we must try and fail in their attempts. I've always said, fantasize, dream, dream when I woke up. The line separating reality and fantasy, we all know it is hard work. In my life there was a period when people pointed out to me what is real and what is not, what is important or unimportant. Being young and naive, I listened to them and got on the nose from life. Well, that learning ability has always been inherent in me — I quickly realized that you need to listen to yourself, your intuition and to follow it always. So you become a full author of his story, and all your victories are only yours, and no one to shift the responsibility for the good and the bad that happens to you.

— Judging by the fact that you are very selective in the roles that are removed solely in the success of the author's projects and undertake challenging role, you've become a full-fledged author in its history. Who or what brought you to this taste and professional flair?

— A taste for good movie and music is inculcated from childhood, but you know, I don't really like to talk about their young years.


— Some facts of my biography has already leaked to the press, so to hide them makes no sense... in short, my brother and I — we are children of divorce. Moved frequently, often changed schools, even starving. But no details not you tell. I often lied about my life that no longer really remember the truth about those years. I read once in an interview with river Phoenix about what he was trying to speak to the media as much as possible of falsehood, and took this approach on Board.

And still, returning to your creative flair...

All thanks to my mom and brother Shannon. Mum since the childhood gave us a good plate — Deep Perple, Kiss. And Shannon is constantly drumming, so I was in the right atmosphere.

Джаред Лето: «Я всегда чувствую себя одиноким»

For his work in "Dallas buyers club," Leto received the "Oscar"scene from the movie

Are you close with your brother?

— Still! Given that I grew up without a father, he largely replaced it for me the way being a friend, ally, and sometimes even crime. All of the difficult times we have experienced together, side by side. We stole cars, dealt drugs. Help each other to refuse it. (Smiles.)

— How you managed to save brother has a great relationship, being with him in the same creative process? Not any professional jealousy? Still, he's a senior, and a recognized leader and star of your group 30 Seconds To Mars — you.

— Somehow it did not occur to you that we have something to share. We equally work hard for the albums, equally sensitive to this our family business. (Laughs.) Even the views on fatherhood and marriage are similar.

— I will explain.

— Well, we always joke that by the time we sozreem to do this, our children will call us not dads, and grandparents. Joke that have outgrown their first divorce. What we are older, the more lessons learned that I can share. And the more patient and be wiser. You know, given our experience, we both didn't want to lose the potential mothers of our children. The family must be complete. Know that these words are but cliches, and yet: a man must understand the full extent of his responsibility to his wife and child. It is impossible to get off once it is hard. You can't leave if you love. But to live in dislike also it is impossible. The solution? Humbly wait for the feelings to which will be timeless and of the current situation.

— Wait? Your numerous novels were more like an active search than the humble expectation.

— I will tell you this: all the quest end or humility, or success. In my case, it is clear what went wrong, the outcome. No, I'm not desperate, just stating a fact. No sadness or melancholy about my personal life I do not feel — in the end, I loved beautiful women and they loved me.

Джаред Лето: «Я всегда чувствую себя одиноким»

The way the Joker went to the actor inherited from a deceased Hit Ledgerock from the movie

And do any of you have not visited the idea to settle down, to settle down?

— I feel quite "settled". (Smiles.) As for my former passions — they are all wonderful people, but no serious intentions regarding the future.

— In one of the conversations with the journalists you mentioned that you communicate with the opposite sex is given to you with difficulty. Seriously?

— Absolutely! And don't laugh! Neither the appearance nor the success nor the money to do not affect your confidence when in contact with the girls. You know what I've learned about women over the years? Absolutely nothing. And farther, the clearer it is aware of. With age, I increasingly see in front of people, and gender has nothing to do with it.

— On personal front now?

— I'm totally and completely in love. All my thoughts and feelings dedicated to the one and only- my work. (Laughs.) Feel so full and successful, popular, loved by the public that you don't feel needs the extra love from a particular women.

— Do you have a favorite role that you are proud of?

— Hard to say. Without false modesty I will answer that I love all the characters that I have ever committed. I try to choose scenarios and characters, which I suggest, so as to be able to open them and unfold them yourself. If to speak about the complex role, the last is the Joker. Large imprint he put on a Heath Ledger — I had to reckon with his legacy, his contribution to this hero. Army fans Hit, which I unfortunately didn't close, were ready in arms to accept my interpretation. So I was afraid and worried. And still with fear looking at this work.

Джаред Лето: «Я всегда чувствую себя одиноким»

For the role in "Chapter 27" Jared gained thirty pounds. With ex-girlfriend Lindsay Lohanok from the movie

— How do you prepare for such roles? In addition to the Joker in your piggy Bank and the complex nature of the transsexual Rayon from "Dallas buyers club" for which you got your Golden statuette...

— If to speak about the Joker, his character is similar to mine. It so happened that I had to watch the violence, all the dirt and the underside of the streets. "Finished" their knowledge I'm watching videos from the Internet. Remember how we came to realize the terrible, frightening fact: not all crimes are committed in a fit of madness. A huge number of bad things — the result of a calm, prudent choice. As for Rayon, I started with the basics. In my case, this meant meeting with transgender people, learning about their culture motifs with their life. I wanted to get away from the traditional image of them as a kind of drama-Queens who like to wear women's clothes and bright makeup. I wanted to demonstrate how great is the dignity and humanity in these people.

— By the way, your colleagues, Recalling shooting, said you communicated with them only in the way the Rayon...

— So I wanted to dive into the character, act and feel in its rhythm. I tried to focus and direct the creative energy on creating accurate, clear image. Moreover, I "wore" in the statement of Rayon not only on set but in between work. I remember I went to the store to buy nuts and gained invaluable experience. Around whispering, eyes are now turning to me in heels, wig, makeup in the evening. Maximum attention to hide the disapproval, the outrage, public condemnation, mixed with some quiet admiration of the other visitors to the supermarket — it was scary, hard and amazing at the same time. It was then that I realized how much strength and courage required of people who differ from the majority, to live the life they choose, not to bend under the yoke of society and continue on your way. After this role I became very sensitive to the word "minority". It has something offensive and humiliating. Even if you don't represent the majority of the population, you don't have to feel on the edge of life. I think that word a long time ago should be banned.

— Obviously, to feel the Rayon you got it gorgeous — as evidenced by the number of awards for this role... in General, your Oscar-winning status does not affect your personal life?

— No way, absolutely no way. All the awards and figurines, I prefer to pass the buck to the corner of the kitchen.

Before this avalanche of success, you did a five-year break in the career of the actor, concentrate on your music group. Not afraid not to return to this path?

— I took a pause quite deliberately, nothing and no fear. At the time of all the proposals there was not one for which it was possible to score 30 Seconds To Mars. To stop and reinvent himself as an actor to overestimate what was done, is one of the most important and the most correct, as time has shown, decisions I ever made in my life. What we're seeing now would not be.

Джаред Лето: «Я всегда чувствую себя одиноким»

"I feel so full and successful, loved by the public that do not feel the need for additional love from a particular women," admits Лето

— Returning to the theme that excites all of your fans. I about the source of your youth and energy. Maybe it helps you vegan?

— I, of course, vegan, but vegan-deceiver — this definition is more suited to my diet. I do not eat meat, but being on the shores of crystal-clear rivers teeming with trout, happy to catch one fish and I'll eat it. And shamelessly ate my mom's cookies, despite the presence in them of animal fats. So past the fountain of youth is clearly something else. (Laughs.)

— What are the Hobbies of the famous Mr. Summer?

— How addicting nature, I reach for a lot — and many quit. So, ten years ago, I came up with the idea to learn Russian language. Then I starred with Nicolas cage in the movie "Lord of war" and, I suspect, tired of the order and Director, and Nicholas, trying to turn all of his monologues in Russian speech. But the language was too difficult to understand — and I'm restless.

— Now, at forty-five, do you feel alone?

— Frankly speaking, I felt and feel lonely almost all the time. I am an optimist, but at some point stopped believing in happiness. The only thing that inspires me and brings joy, is music. You know, at the risk of shocking religious Americans say: I don't believe in God, I believe in creativity. When I am sad or lonely, I don't pray, but just turn the radio louder.

Jared, your success in Hollywood is truly amazing, your performance deserves respect. Is there some kind of secret, a recipe for popularity, which you could share?

— I have experienced enough failures, there was a bit of fate many times, punishing them himself constantly. And learned one simple thing: you need to laugh at the failures, to laugh heartily, sincerely. Because look around — all around are laughing at your misconduct. Don't be afraid to say the word "no". Now all around use "Yes" — say it all about the world. To be open is important, but it is also important to know your boundaries and defend them. Start small — give up what you don't need, alien and uninteresting. You'll be surprised how to begin to change the life.

interview Jared Leto

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