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Valeria Lanskaya: "I become Anna Karenina, when wearing a suit"

Actress — a new theater role, true love and weight loss

This season the team set "Monte Cristo" and "Count Orlov" was presented to the great premiere of the musical "Anna Karenina". met with leading lady Valeria Lanskaya and discussed with her true love, premieres and weight loss.

Valeria, do you remember your first encounter with the novel by Leo Tolstoy?

The experience was quite chaotic. Read quickly, rather for the sake of the plot to pass the school exam. And I think that such complex multi-layered novels — still not a school program.

— Probably, preparing to audition for a musical, you re-read the novel? Your views on Anna Karenina has changed with age and social status?

— Yes, of course read! And not just once. My social status did not affect my perception of the work. I separate personal life and work. The more that our Anna life situations well, very different! I married for love. And she is not.

In September 2015, you first become a mother. By this time it was already known about the plans to put the musical "Anna Karenina." The decision to accept participation in a casting it instantly, or had to weigh the "pros" and "cons"?

The 2015 m plans to put a musical for "Anna Karenina" was only known to the producers Vladimir Tartakovsky and Alexei Bolonin and Director! I learned about a new project and casting on him when I have given birth and returned to the operetta Theater to play the musical "Graf Orlov". When I was in good shape and prepared! (Smiles.)

— Any rehearsal stage is a very difficult time, not only from a psychological but also from a physical point of view. How did you manage to combine everything: the work, the care of my husband and small child?

— I combine all this not only in the rehearsal periods, but also throughout his adult life. If you have the desire, the ability and strength appear. Of course, help mom, my sister and nanny. Husband respects what I do, and always supports us, so all is possible!

Валерия Ланская: «Я становлюсь Анной Карениной, когда надеваю костюм»

"Who is for me Anna Karenina? She is love itself! There is so much of this feeling that he's not able to handle either Vronsky or Karenin or Anna herself," says Valeria, Lanscape: materials of press-services

— Your spouse, Stas Ivanov, Director. He helped you get into character?

For me, in principle, the concept of "process" is very strange. I don't understand what point you need to do it and what it means. To give the audience the character of the heroine — be it on stage! We were looking for a reflection of her character during rehearsals with Director Alina Cevik and partners. I get Anna, when you wear a costume wig. When makeup and go on stage. But not in another moment. Stas told me some nuances when he watched a performance. No more. He really trusts me in what I do on stage. He's a filmmaker. This is a movie — this is his territory. There he is the master. There he helps me. Comes up with me.

— He shared with you his impressions about the show?

— Stas do not really like the novel. It is difficult for him. But the production is like. He is very happy for me. Says proud.

— The premiere was held in early October 2016. They say artists don't like premieres. Is that so?

I love the premiere. This is a special adrenaline rush. And the desire to share with the audience that we've created. Always emotions are so powerful that the performance is on such a rise is only possible only once — at the premiere!

— Do you have any superstitions before going on stage?

I always disguise myself. And read a prayer before going on stage.

Never noticed how much you lose in weight for the play? It's a very big load. Especially that dress of Anna Karenina is very heavy.

— I lost a lot of weight to the first block, while distributed power... And when you understand where you can save costs, on the contrary, became easier. Lose weight but, probably, all the same. Per kilogram, I think, for sure.

— Are you married, do you have a son — just like Anna Karenina. Who is this woman? After all, those who condemn as much as those who justified it.

— Again, can't see any Parallels between my family and Anna's family. Who is she to me? She is love itself! There is so much of this feeling that he's not able to handle either Vronsky or Karenin or Anna herself. It's not her fault that I have this strong feeling! And happiness that she felt a mutual love! Love any morals and principles are not important. She is sincere and honest to herself and her love!

— Do you think that love can all be justified?

— If it's really love and not passion and not love, — Yes!

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