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Margarita Simonova: "On stage I always dance for your parents."

The female lead in the movie "Big" — on the role of ballet in my life

Behind the scenes of the ballet closed to outsiders, and that is why what happens outside of the scene, always interested spectators. The female lead in the movie "Big" Margarita Simonova knows this firsthand because she is a ballerina, soloist of the Warsaw Bolshoi theatre.

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Margarita Simonova was born in 1988, in the Lithuanian town of Visaginas (her father is a nuclear engineer who moved to the age of 30 to Lithuania to work on Ignalinsky NPP). In four years, the parents sent the girl to school acrobatics, where she learned the discipline and stress. However, ten years Rita began health problems — slight ptosis of the organs, therefore, from the acrobatics she had to go. Seeing the experiences of his daughter, Margaret's parents began to try it wherever possible. And in the end, the girl was in a ballet Studio Tatiana Ezhova. Then, with the filing of the teacher, in 2001, Simon entered the Vilnius ballet school at the school of the arts. M. K. Čiurlionis. During her studies, she became a laureate of several international competitions, and in 2009, Margaret joined the troupe of the Lithuanian national Opera and ballet theatre. After a year she was offered a contract in Warsaw "the Bolshoi theatre — the National Opera", where the dancer is dancing to this day as a soloist, performing in dramatic and character roles both classical and contemporary repertoire. Her favorite role in "Spring Sacred" Stravinsky, staged, composed by Nijinsky in 1913.

— Margaret, how you got the offer to star in the movie "Big"?

Found me via social media. Wrote that Valery Todorovsky takes a picture about the Bolshoi ballet and is looking for an actress for the role of the heroine. Of course, I'm familiar with his work, even imagined what he looks like. And because of this I was sure that this is all a hoax. Nevertheless, I asked, what role. Answered that on the main. I especially couldn't believe it. But it turned out that it's all true! In October 2014 I came to audition in Vilnius. And then I was called to audition in Moscow. I called Irina, the second Director, and told me not to get our hopes up, because it means nothing. But I approved.

Маргарита Симонова: «На сцене я всегда танцую для своих родителей»

The role of the rival of the heroine Margarita Simonova played by former ballet dancer Anna Ievadot: materials of press-services

— You been to the Bolshoi theater?

— No, it was my first time at the Bolshoi theatre when I arrived to shoot the film. I grew up in Lithuania, and no connection with Russia and the Russian ballet. And just before filming us with Anya (the former ballerina Anna Isayeva, who played in the film the rival of the heroine Simonova. — Ed.) was invited to the Bolshoi theatre as spectators. We watched "the Lady with camellias". Very beautiful performance, which next season will also be in Warsaw.

And after the film you are not asked to act Big?

— No, the world of ballet, you can only glamour the ballet. With a movie it has nothing to do. As well put Valery Petrovich Todorovsky, a Large theater, no one needs, but all need a Large theatre.

— Todorovski said that the film is not about politics, this is "yellow press". But it is clear that the intrigue was there. Do you ever have to conspire?

— No, I, fortunately, have always worked in a very friendly company and still be working. I don't know how in other theatres, maybe sometimes it comes to extremes, but I have some hard, unpleasant things never happened. Competition, of course, is always there. But from my experience it's rather the competition which is very inspiring and motivating. That is, if you really see what someone better, I work primarily on themselves. Do not try someone to jump, because in the ballet, in principle, for someone to jump impossible. There is no objectivity. It's not a sport, there are no achievements, results, records. Not the best and the worst in the ballet, is an art, it is someone likes one, to someone in a completely different.

And friendship in the ballet environment is?

— Well, of course. And if you keep in mind the main characters of the movie Julia and Karina, I would not say that there is no friendship. Just destiny has developed differently. My character Julia was in the corps de ballet, and Karina star. The corps de ballet and prima are working in different spaces and do not even intersect.

— Your heroine Julia sacrificed her dream of becoming the prima ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre for the sake of his being in dire need mother. You could do the same?

— When I study, for you nothing is more important than ballet, before going on stage and desire to be the best. But in adult life you are differently it is interpreted. In such a situation, like Julia, I too probably would have done so, because it is family. And, in my opinion, very good that she set their priorities. For her, this step was very difficult, but his leap from roof to roof Julia herself has proven that she is the best.

Маргарита Симонова: «На сцене я всегда танцую для своих родителей»

Margarita Simonova with his parents at the premiere of filmphoto: materials of press-services

— This jump was a very reckless thing to do. And most reckless in his life did you?

— Perhaps the fact that I went to study in ballet school. Although it cannot be called reckless, because in the end he was right.

— It was difficult to live in the ballet school away from the parents?

— Yes! It's awful. It was hard, but I hate to think that in that moment felt my parents. For them it was even more difficult. After all, as you have to believe in your child and to help him to take this step.

— And you're ready to let go of your child?

So where it to push — no. I'm all for it, that the child himself decides that he is interested. And if he will tell me what she wants in the ballet, I naturally will not block his way. But, on the other hand, probably still wouldn't have wanted this.

— You have young man?


— He's from the world of ballet?

— No. But he goes to all my performances. He is my fan and very curious about everything.

— In one scene, the hero of Alexander Domogarova, Julia's mentor, warns her: don't drink the champagne from him, legs weak, it is better to drink cognac. Is this true?

— Yes, the absolute truth.

— And you allow yourself alcohol?

— Of course, sometimes even for medicinal purposes. And champagne including. But before the show we will never drink it because the champagne really legs weak. A stiff drink helps to relax in the right direction. But this, of course, not talking about to drink.

French choreographer Nicolas Le riche, who played in the film a visiting celebrity Antoine Duval, with whom Julia will dance the premiere, she says before going on stage: "Think, for whom do you dance". And you for whom dance?

— I'm always dancing for their parents. Before each performance I mentally say to them "thank you!" and leave. That's not lying, it is. Always!

interview, Margarita Simonova

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