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Alex Lemar: "to Remain an eternal student is not on me"

He is known to the public as Alexey Gavrilov, who plays goshi in the TV series "Univer" and "Sashatanya". But suddenly changed the name, profession and even the country. received comments from Alexey

— Some time ago your numerous fans have learned that there is now a Alexei Gavrilov, and Alex Lemar. Why you suddenly decided to change the name?

— At some point I decided to take a pseudonym. Lemar — it's a combination of two names Alesha and Marina. My name and the name of my wife. It also translates as "sea". We live by the sea, and it is very logical. The documents, however, I have not changed because a year and a half ago from the life of a sudden my dad left, he had a heart attack. We decided to leave in the passports surname Gavrilova. In his honor.

— What is happening in the life of Alex Lemar?

— The most unusual that has happened lately is that I try myself as a theater actor. Will play on the stage of the Great Kremlin Palace. With just two main roles — Storyteller and King.
In our show will take part more than 120 children of different nationalities. I will speak with Tamara Gverdtsiteli. These roles are very exciting for me. Because to exist on the set and on the main stage of the country is completely different goals and feelings. Also this year my wife and I are planning to hold the most unusual seminar that is ever done. We will talk about secrets of family life and family happiness.

— You may share with us. Tell us what your secret of family happiness?

In my opinion, the secret is trust, honesty, love, sincerity, understanding, support each other. To listen to not only themselves, but also a partner, to feel it and to keep harmony in the family and relationships.

— Say that the proposal you made Marina is quite unusual...

I didn't have the ring, but a sudden feeling coming over me: we were sitting on the beach watching the sunset. And on my neck was the chain with the charms. I took the chain and wrapped around the finger of the Marina. Asked her to be my wife. Marishka began to cry and said Yes. And then we had three weddings: one in the Tibetan tradition, this meditation. Held in the Indian city of Dharamsala, the residence of the Dalai Lama. We bought the necessary things, attributes, and came to the gods of the White and Green Tara. To The Buddha. We just prayed and asked for blessings. Then there was the Vedic wedding. She was held by all the traditions drevnekitaiskogo culture. We were married by a real brahmin (spiritual guide, priest. — Ed.) in the temple of Rama and SITA at an altitude of 2,350 meters above sea level. It was probably the most mystical wedding, because at this point we knew that already, perhaps, once did a ritual in a past life, because they believe in reincarnation of the soul. Well, the Russian wedding is the most fun. It was mainly for parents, namely that they met, because before that had never seen each other. (Laughs.)

— Who had the idea to go to Thailand?

— Marina. She gathered her things and said, "I'm going to live on the island. Are you with me?" And it was at the very beginning of our acquaintance, we've known each other a month. I replied to her, saying, wait, I need to think. But she said she's still leaving. Of course, then I have within myself said Yes, although she didn't know how it will be, because I still continued shooting in the series "Sashatanya". They ended before the New year. And once completed, I collected all the money, possessions, sold the car you just bought, and went to live on the island.

Алексей Лемар: «Оставаться вечным студентом уже не по мне»

Most of the year, Alex and his wife Marina spend in Thailand. The pair have become accustomed to life in an exotic country, and young people are returned only by delamota: materials of press-services

— Now you live in two countries?

Yes. And we are very happy because in may, the summer months and September are holding in Moscow, where I participate in various seminars, in feature films and TV projects. But from September to may we for the most part on the island (in Russia, I only fly on business), where we have a yoga centre, which we opened together with partners. Also going to build a restaurant and guest house. That is to do a good eco-friendly centre so people could come from different countries and to restore their health through yoga, meditation, and constellations by Hellinger and other practices from the invited experts.

— What difficulties do you face in Thailand?

— When there is natural disasters, long rains, or in April, for example, very hot, when I want to leave Thailand, and the Marina is well tolerated. There we rented accommodation. We had several houses that we change depending on our mood. If you want to live by the sea and then shoot there is a house in the mountains — rent housing on the hill. And, despite the fact that the house is removable, we always give equip. Create comfort, love to hang decorations, fabrics, paintings. We also have natural stones, which are energetically saturate the house.

— After these changes probably changed and your attitude to life...

— When I started to live in Thailand and travel a lot, began to pay attention to how people from different countries are open to each other and always willing to help. All find a common language, help, help. And that propaganda, which is often in the information space, that around us are enemies is not true. It all depends on human consciousness and how they relate to the world.

Marina, from what I hear, extremely versatile personality...

Marina is a yoga instructor of international class. She constantly improves his level, is also a psychotherapist, engaged in the manufacture copyright jewelry from natural stones. And still writes books and is an active blogger, develops an individual program of yoga for people. I have really very versatile. (Smiles.)

— And your relationship with yoga as a work out?

— I can do yoga. Can work few months and then do a long break. Now I went to the gym — getting ready for the audition for two leading roles in projects for leading channels. For them I need to bulk up and gain muscle mass, to create a more sporty. I also write short stories and a screenplay. And for one famous magazine began to write poetry. Also I love politics, and I like to study different political strategies. Yet I'm attracted to history, art business and art, both modern and classic.
In General, the areas of interest I have many.

In such a bright family, probably, will grow incredibly talented children. Already thought about the new addition?

— Of course! We dream of children, and working on this issue. I think that when we have kids, we will easily be able to combine career and education. The more that we basically create and work on themselves. For the benefit of his family.

— Alex, you were very convincing in the TV series "Univer" and "Sashatanya", why suddenly left these popular designs?

— I'm about eight years gave to these projects. And I think the time has come to prove to the audience and to myself that I am capable of something more than the role of a rake and parasite goshi Rudkovsky. We need to move on, to remain an eternal student and at the age of 37 is not for me. So I decided not to participate in the new season of "I", although I received an offer from producers.

— Do you communicate with colleagues on the series? What do they think about change in your life?

— Yes, communicate, but not as often as we would like. My life and behavior has always been not quite standard for my colleagues, so I think they got used to me. I don't like all banal, gray, everyday. On the contrary, prefer bright, unusual, interesting. And I would encourage all readers to they are the most bright, interesting and individually lived his life.

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