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Liza Arzamasova: "When you love someone, you accept everything in it"

She grew up in front of the entire country and the nice girl turned into a beautiful and talented actress. asked Lisa to answer the questions of our questionnaire

— What were you in childhood?

— Quiet and quite flexible. Mom says I never was capricious. I remember childhood serene and joyful. Remember that there were many interesting activities and friends and the company we had fun. And I remember a happy suburban hooliganism and adventure. To have fun I loved to argue and hated. Just was too lazy.

— How did you earn your first money and what they spent?

— The first money I earned in five years, and have spent for gifts to friends, bought some commemorative souvenir. It was a pleasure. And I felt very grown up when I could invite my mom and aunt at a cafe and then she for the first time to pay the bill.

— Do you often hear jokes about girls driving?

— To be honest, jokes about girls driving is becoming less and less because she's grown up very capable generation of girls. All my girl friends are very good drivers. It is time to come up with new jokes about the nervous men at the wheel.

The best advice that you followed?

— Don't follow anyone's advice. To listen smart and experienced person is always nice, but the findings have to do independent.

— What Goodies are you ready to abandon the diet?

— A lot of these treats. Pancakes — this time! Watermelons unlimited. A chocolate truffle. Not even worth it. Although, if anything tasty in range no, I mean the food is especially not think.

— What quality of men you will never accept?

— I guess when you love someone, you accept everything in it, and what do not agree, trying to fix or good to talk about.

— In what clothes you feel irresistible?

The feeling of "awesomeness" I have often depends not on the clothes, and the mood, state of health, from the events that occur, and even the weather. And clothes, I also love "the mood". Here I've got some friends-designers, who spend so much of energy and positivity radiate as their clothing I have been associated only with goodness and joy.

— Is it easy to cheat you?

— Very! Something I have a sense of humor happens from time to time. Guys say that to me is uninteresting to play the first of April. I really believe it! So they themselves in the middle of the drawing have to admit that it's all a joke, so I strongly not upset.

— And do you know how to cheat?

— All people know how to cheat. Certainly I'm capable of a white lie, or when you really do not want to offend people. Trying not to lie, in case of emergency, at least hint at the truth. The worst cheating — loss of trust.

— What kind of movies you can revise endlessly?

— The Films Of Woody Allen. And great movie "one Flew over the cuckoo's nest".

— What is the female whim in your performance?

— I'm not picky. Sometimes capricious as a joke with loved ones, to hug tighter, showed more tenderness. So, I guess. But you need to watch him. If something I myself do not know?

The journey that you remember forever?

— A trip to Mongolia! A lot of travel, which I will always remember because of some special new experiences, but in Mongolia for some reason I felt like on another planet! Magical!

You imagine the best job in the world?

— The best job in the world — to do what you love. The fact that in childhood it was a favorite game.

— You know what's in your handbag?

At first glance there is a complete mess, but I know that there is.

— Happiness is...

— Happiness — LIVE!

interview, Lisa Arzamasova

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