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Alexey Chadov: "Love has brought me a lot of experiences and even tears"

The actor, who is trying not to comment on personal life, in an interview opened with an unexpected side

"War", "9 Rota", "Heat", "love", "Hammer" is all the movies that brought the actor Alexei Chadova fame. It is not easy to interview, he referred to extreme employment. Indeed, the actor is very popular. Sometimes, working in several projects. Personally, prefer not to communicate, especially after the broke up the family with actress Agnia Ditkovskite. But when, after much persuasion, an interview took place, it turned out that all the free time Alex spends with his son Theodore, he is gentle and caring father.

— Preparing for interview, found out an interesting fact of your biography: at birth you were named Alexander, but at sixteen you changed the name to Alex. This something worthwhile or just like the name, which, by the way, very well?

— For some reason, mom and dad could not give me a name. Thought and thought, could not agree before the registration in the registry office I decided to call Alexander. But when I began to grow, did not respond to Sasha, and began to respond only to Alexei. And when I went to school, lining emerged: the documents I'm Sasha call me Alyosha. It was not until the age of sixteen, until I got the passport with the new name.

— You already several films about the war. How close are you to this topic? For example, one of your ancestors fought?

— Of course, the grandfather from the mother Nicholas Lucia-novich Korovka was awarded the order of the red Star. He commanded a company, raised it to the attack and repulsed the Germans height. His heroism served as an example for others.

— And from the father what you know?

Daddy's parents live in Tuapse. Grandma had already gone into the world of the ancestors, she was a teacher of Russian language and literature, and the grandfather is alive. Going with my son to visit him in the near future. And ask about the war.

Алексей Чадов: «Влюбленности принесли мне кучу переживаний и даже слезы»

The painting "War" Alexey Balabanov opened Chudovo the way in acranet from the movie "War"

— In the summer and unless you have not been sent to the grandparents? In Tuapse the sea.

— I every year, all ten years of school, was leaving for two months in Evpatoria with children's theatre "the Searchers". We had a serious mode: sports competitions, marathons, rehearsal. There I learned to peel potatoes.

— So grew up the "dashing nineties", and you lived in Solntsevo district, a fairly criminal area. How you and your brother did not get into bad company?

— We practiced in the school and in the theater from morning to evening. And with the Solntsevo gangsters we have had a special relationship: we washed their cars in the Parking lot and then earn more than our mum-the engineer. The bandits were paid generously.

— How to spend earned?

— On all sorts of primitive needs, on clothes mostly. Food was then large interruptions. And grandpa came to us early in the morning to take a turn in the store and something to "get". The time was, not want to remember. The disintegration of countries like Soviet Union is a serious geopolitical catastrophe. When we entered the theatre Institute, life slowly began to improve. In the first year I worked as a waiter in a cafe, then as a bartender in a trendy club. The bartender was more prestigious.

— Artists usually, remembering the student years, tell us that the Institute had gone late. When to work?

Yeah not just lost, we've periodically stayed overnight. He combined as best he could. Every Friday I had to leave for an hour with the skill of the actor to prepare a bar at the club. And each time we had to come up with something new. The fantasy worked well. Night stood behind the counter, came at seven o'clock in the morning to College, I had two hours left before the lectures to sleep. Remember, Saturday on time art, I really liked this subject because showed filmstrips and turned off the light, and it was great to take a NAP. And in the evening, after the skill of the actor, is back in the club until morning. Sunday slept. In his second year starring in the film "War", I already bought a car and learned to drive on Moscow. Then the navigation was not focused on the map. On this car about a year my brother and in turn also "bombed".

Алексей Чадов: «Влюбленности принесли мне кучу переживаний и даже слезы»

Alex has always been the role of the brutal paraquat from the movie "the Hammer"

— If everything is written down and look at your background, you could be considered lucky. You started early to work with good Directors and immediately entered the profession.

Well, I guess that's true. I am grateful that my first movie "War" took place at film Director Alexei Balabanov. I consider him my godfather in the movie. And still adhere to his vision and his style, this little documentary the existence on the screen.

— How not to lower the bar further, not to roll in stuff?

In any case, each of us, before agreeing to the role looking for material and who takes. Someone sometimes agrees to a uninteresting work out of despair, and this is understandable, because life is going to sit idle is impossible. Resource the camera is quite fragile, time flies so quickly, everyone gets old, going bald. In General, you need to cultivate patience and learn to wait for decent offers. Our profession is not for the faint of heart.

— In your opinion, so after twenty years what modern movies and TV shows people will reconsider the way is now reviewing the Soviet cinema? And why we it all the time review and revise, as if standing still and not going anywhere in art?

— It's not so bad, believe me. "War" will be must watch. The film for fifteen years, so not long to wait. "9 Rota", "Live" — Yes, a lot of paintings from us, which can be reviewed. But if you compare with the Soviet masterpieces, such as Comedy by Leonid Gaidai, for example, or the films of Eldar Ryazanov, such folk art is unlikely. Then the movie was original and so understandable for everyone. And now the Russian movies are mostly produced by Western patterns, and it remains unclaimed.

Алексей Чадов: «Влюбленности принесли мне кучу переживаний и даже слезы»

In the film "a Matter of honor" partner of Alex was his ex-wife Iniakuk from the film "a Matter of honor"

— What would you like to play classical, if filmed some novel?

— I'm interested to play: from Andrei Bolkonsky to Raskolnikov. At the Institute, I learned to fence, and I would like to use your skills in the movie. And if Romeo I'm too old, then Tybalt of the Capulet clan as the time is ripe. I do like the film adaptation. I love to review "Anna Karenina," with Tatyana Samoylova starring. What in the Soviet cinema was a beautiful woman inwardly as well as outwardly! The same Larissa Guzeeva in "Cruel romance". How adorable! It is impossible not to fall in love. The Soviet school, of course, was the coolest. There was ideology in the society, and eyes were filled with meaning. And now watching a movie — beautiful actress, but something is missing. The eyes of others.

— You are already very known actor. Among your fans?

— They are different, among them there are very intelligent, and there are simple, once you poke. In St. Petersburg young people are very pleasant. Can sit openly on the court, not to hide in the trailer, they will easy fit, ask for an autograph, but somewhere in the Outback — there is a vision of the world, and better the nose of the trailer do not stick out.

— Surprisingly, in the nineties, when kindergartens were closed, clubs and sports clubs ceased to work, you have in Solntsevo district bloomed a sort of oasis of art. Someone from your Studio, but you with Andrew, went to the people?

— We are an oasis and called the theatre. And put serious performances: "Valentine and Valentine", "Romeo and Juliet", the rock Opera "the Story of a horse". This theater still exists. Of our adult troupe of five enrolled in the College theater. That says a lot.

— All the friends you have, maybe there is?

— No. Neither the school nor at the Institute my friends. Comrades — Yes, but friends, do not directly pour water, — there are none. The first real friend I acquired just ten years ago. And closer to thirty years another. True friendship comes later in life when you at least with him in trouble.

— Others believe, not to have enemies, you need to have a ton of friends, that is, to turn them into everybody. You agree with that?

— Enemies don't need anyone, so you need to be a shrewd diplomat with people and respectful of everyone. In any civilized society that way. In America, for example, you all smile, and maybe it's a taut smile, and she'd come down from the face as soon as you turn your back, but it's an act of respect for you. We must be tolerant.

Алексей Чадов: «Влюбленности принесли мне кучу переживаний и даже слезы»

In "Irony of love" the actor appeared in a new employer from the film "Irony of love"

— You are in harmony with his generation and time? You are happy in life and in the behavior of their peers? There is no feeling — if I had been born earlier, perhaps I would have lived differently?

— I like the way I live. I am grateful to destiny and God, and the cosmos that I live now. I'm all happy, all in my hands. Do not complain. I, of course, many are not satisfied in society: ignorance, impudence, venality, lack of spirituality and stupidity. But I prefer not to waste my time on people's lives. Let God be the judge, and I have my own way. And I understand very well that there is no perfect world.

— Who is more dependent on your profession: a man or a woman? Actress, for example, used to be able to find a husband-Director and to find her husband-producer, and everything is in her hands.

Women are generally more dependent, because men rule the world. Of course, the fair sex has its undeniable advantages. Woman — this is the incredible beauty of the creation of this space, without you everything is meaningless. We, men, leave women and all life aspire to it. And so you can be forgiven, in the name of life. And in the acting profession addiction all the same. Any rumors, gossip play the same role and influence, will choose you or not, will or will not give role. I dependency in the profession do not like. Man, in my opinion, should be the master of your life. I am therefore trying to do more producing, and interest in directing has not been canceled. To be independent is important to me.

— In terms of your work there is one more name of a famous film Director Vladimir Bortko and the film "About love". And about love if this movie actually, do not you think? Maybe it's just emotions?

Love for me — a mad passion, chemistry, desire to be close — that's what love is for primary level. All that happens is family and children — that's another story. It is a difficult path to great love. Twenty-four years to start a family earlier, this is a difficult time for young people. It is necessary to spend on myself and exploring the world. Need to form as a person. If we do not work on time, in thirty-five can grow desire to know itself, but it will be too late. I pretty love with intelligence, when both partners connect the mind and trust myself completely. All that was before... this does not want to go back and re-pass. I want to move on.

Алексей Чадов: «Влюбленности принесли мне кучу переживаний и даже слезы»

Alex tries to maintain excellent physical, formatto: personal archive of Alexei Chadova

Your first love was unhappy?

— She was unresponsive, maybe, but for children, not a trace left. There was some love, and they bring a lot of experiences and even tears, but this does not affect me in the future. I never regret anything. There were moments that I wanted to improve, but after a while I realized that it was for the best and correctly.

— You have a teenage son. You can tell that he like you or is he different?

Of course I can. I have a feeling that I created the most important work of his life: the continuation of itself. Fede for about three years. He is now so interesting. Knows all brands of cars, versed in the phone, singing songs. Maybe will go then in my footsteps and become an actor. But for me most importantly, he became my friend, so we have established a trust relationship. I will educate him, because kids grow up and the good friendship between father and son can spend the rest of my life.

— For this you need to and your ex-wife thought so. Mother love sons and raise them as selfish.

— But it's true. Sissy, helpless young people who basic questions can not solve, all the more in our society. I do not accept it. A man should be masculine and the woman feminine. This is the ideal formula for me. A wife needs to understand one simple thing: the family is all and all is responsible man. The man is always right, if wrong, then this is not your man.

Алексей Чадов: «Влюбленности принесли мне кучу переживаний и даже слезы»

Brothers Shadowy the same age. And chose one profession, akterskogo: personal archive of Alexei Chadova

— We have so few men like you. Basically, all trying to share the responsibility equally with his wife or even her shoulder.

— In our time — Yes. I have something to compare, I travel across Europe and see that there is trouble with this, there is a classic men seem to be extinct. They're kind of effeminate. And the man should be a little wild. Civilized, of course, but weird. It needs not only to wear beautiful fashionable shirts, and still be able to kindle a fire, to hunt, to shoot well. And great to drive must in every modern man, how early were able to ride. I think so.

— As they get older sons away from home, especially when they start their families. Do you have the feeling that you are estranged from your mom?

I am not a sissy. Love mom, but I'm man pretty. I have no father grew up, he died when my brother Andrew was little, and me always lacked. I don't share with my mom their problems and experiences, I cope and I see no reason that her shipping.

— What do you remember about your father?

— I was five years old when he died, so much. Even the smell of it I remember. Remember how ticked we are with Andrew in the corner like spoiled us. Remember stole our bikes out of the house, and dad found them and found the person who stole. He was a very particular person, significant. And very family friendly. In his line we all are. In principle, the singles we have. Our family was self-sufficient: dad was dad, mom — mom. So when dad was gone, I acutely felt that I was fatherless. This is a solid complex was that for the life was manifested, I have in varying degrees. But when my son was born at seven in the morning I was standing in the hospital and looked at him, and suddenly realized that this complex I no longer have that now I'm the father. Everything fell into place: I bought a Central role in his life.

Алексей Чадов: «Влюбленности принесли мне кучу переживаний и даже слезы»

Son Fyodor. He knows all brands of cars, love to sing, and he knows daddy's, telephoneto: personal archive of Alexei Chadova

We now live in permissiveness. Anti — hero- hero. A strap down. The rudeness, for example, to the Mat on the street became quite tolerable. What you do not accept and never will?

— Never let down my dignity and hurt my family. To this I was intolerant and always ready to defend the different ways their loved ones. Although by nature I'm a pacifist and violence is not acceptable, but rudeness, rudeness, zhlobstvo cattle and prevent me to live in peace and be in harmony, so sometimes I interfere and try to understand. And, crossing himself, can go to the wolf language of boors. I know how to do it.

— What do you care about money, and you're ready to pull everything we have?

— The son is willing to spend without stopping. And construction of a comfortable family life ready.

— Who is your family now?

— Fedor, mother, brother, grandparents and my awesome friends, my family.

— Boy have you been staying?

— I have not staying. I have lived it every two to three weeks of the month. He has a full nursery, a full family with loving relatives. I've been taking him to kindergarten every morning, afternoon classes, walk with him, to sleep. So I had no time to meet with you to interview.

— Instagram all the time you tease the public with a joint photo with one particular. It's a new relationship or just intrigue?

— There is nothing on my page in Instagram. You are that page just look. I do not share any personal life. My girls stays behind the scenes.

— Then explain that you are free or busy right now?

— While I like my status of free men, but without women, I still can not exist. So I'll tell you this: I live alone, but I'm busy.

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