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Elena Panova: "I always thought I was incompetent"

The actress spoke about how he achieved initial success in the cinema and met her husband-Director

Elena Panova remembered by the audience from their first appearance on the screen. In the series by Alexander Mitta "the Border. Taiga novel" she played the strongest dramatic role. It was hard to believe she's only twenty-three years! After that there were many other striking works. Love her Directors and colleagues, and the audience. And she is a spectacular woman. But... for some reason it is not on the covers of magazines, in all kinds of top lists, and because not everyone admires her work, immediately call her name.

— Lena, you have an acting and directing family, but dad and older sister work in your native Arkhangelsk. You are the only one left in Moscow. It never happened, or they are the real devotees?

— You know, there are people who find it difficult to leave their native places, they make such attempts, but still come back. And my dad had the opportunity to stay in Moscow after the Shchukin school. Older sister Jana is an actress, too, are unable without a home and in the theater, she realized, maybe even more than I do. Dad is art Director of the Arkhangelsk youth theatre, and he feels completely comfortable, but I've always wanted to go. I had a happy and interesting childhood, but I felt that this is not my city. I remember very well that, when going to Moscow, many friends said, "She will return".

— If you are so eager to leave, then took his change of scenery and plot?

— Oh, no. I have been so acute during the adaptation period after receipt in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre that the first few months I went to the Central Telegraph office to call home, was in a daze. But at some point I realized that I was tired of the internal voltage, and said, "Think of it as a kind of vacation. Home you can always come back, and now spend time with benefit and pleasure, and learn."

— Parents help with money?

— Of course! The Pope sent a decent amount, and my mom took care of me (they were divorced). I left in a difficult time, when many of us have long not been paid, and my mother — piano teacher, also had trouble, but without money I had. However, I remember a period when I have almost all the clothes drifted, because we are in the hostel enjoyed collectively. (Laughs.) The summer came and I realized that I literally have nothing to wear on my feet. Someone gave me their shoes, they wildly dig into the lift, walking was simply impossible. Rescued, at that time my teacher Dmitry Brusnikin shot "Chekhov's stories" with theater artists and their students. I got the fee and transition on Pushkin bought white sneakers. It was very stylish. (Laughs.)

Елена Панова: «Мне все время казалось, что я неумеха»

With his parents, Victor p. and Jeanne V., and sister Anitta: personal archive Elena Panova

— Lena, you went to Moscow to enroll with someone of the parents?

— No, because it all happened suddenly. Dad in the theater there was a sign that the course is gaining GITIS Andrei Goncharov. I was told that the set in July. And remember, as I lie in my room on the couch, listening to music, and in walks mom and says: "And you know you're leaving tomorrow?". It turned out that confused, set in June. Because of this urgency, the mother was not able to go with me. But she called my cousin, my uncle and just in case, even gave the address of a hostel refresher courses for teachers. I got off the plane and wilted, although in Arkhangelsk, thinking about Moscow, was very brave. But uncle was not at home. A neighbor asked me to leave her things. I went to the Shchukin school. There I saw a crowd of bright, I thought, talented people, they loudly spoke, recited poems, sang, played the guitar. I stood in the corner of the eyes and calculated a modest girl who, surprisingly, also came from Arkhangelsk. She told me that her shelter the parishioners of the nearby Church. We went with her there, and we really took to his kind of woman, but she was without us very closely. I called the neighbor and she exclaimed: "Lena, what are you?! Come to me, wait my uncle". After a couple of days he finally came, and I heard, "Lena, I don't know how to help you. I have to leave again for the weekend. But you can leave things and come in Monday." I said, "no, no, No. I'll go" — and then it was like a joke: "What and tea not to drink?" He said, "come on, Lena, many great artists started this way". (Laughs.)

— You have had a good relationship with his uncle?

— For some reason we decided that a good grandmother loved him very much. Provincial people are more simple and direct. And I had a phone friends, they were waiting for a call, but I hesitated to disturb them. I got up and went to the hostel refresher courses of teachers, it was raining heavily, and I arrived there very wet. Took mercy on me — the child came and scored for a modest sum. I have lived with them for three days and escaped to Arkhangelsk. (Laughs.)

— So you're in the first year even listening yet?

— Walked a bit, but at the Shchukin school was so worried that everything swam before his eyes. In the Moscow art Theater then gathered tobacco, and I was told that I have a terrible accent, it need to be corrected. This week I am terribly lost, so was the stress.

Елена Панова: «Мне все время казалось, что я неумеха»

As a child Lena had seen the green sposobnostyami: personal archive Elena Panova

What did a year later, he returned to Arkhangelsk?

— Worked as a courier from the Pope in the theater. And left me, like a kitten, to play the non-commissioned officer's widow "inspector". Went to the theatre father in Paris and earned his first thousand dollars. Bought gifts to everyone and myself. Remember waffle shirt sophisticated beige, boots-Doc Martens and other original stuff. And after the first year, I went with my dad's theatre in Avignon for the festival. The next year I went to Moscow in advance, dad took me to the hostel Institute of culture. It was near the entrance to the staircase to the dormitory of the School-Studio MXAT. So I immediately went there. And as soon as he set foot on the threshold, I realized that I don't want to go — so I liked it there. Master of course was Oleg Nikolayevich Yefremov, and teachers — Alla Pokrovskaya, Dmitry Brusnikin and Roman Kozak. I missed the tour on the tour, but the contest was quickly stopped what I was sure is a failure. And suddenly, the teachers came out, called names, including mine.

— What was it like?

Incredible! I knew that happened to me something unique, a dream come true, life has changed radically. But the first year was very hard. Perhaps I had very high standards for myself all the time thought I was incompetent. The first rating acting was great, but I thought I put it up front. Also a year after graduation I was shooting at Mitta's series "Border. Taiga novel". Terribly worried and waited for the Prime Minister with the feeling of his huge failures. And then... success. But no one has recognized me because I looked at life easier younger. The best I managed to do in "the Border", was due to my teachers. First Alla Borisovna Pokrovskaya. By the way, my partner was Misha Efremov, the son of my teachers.

Yeah, Ephraim played in your life big role. What do you remember about Oleg Nikolaevich?

— He at that time already seriously ill, but still gave us the maximum attention. Come to the freshmen classes. It was touching that he was looking and jumped, ran up to us, something told. Remember our last meeting in Melikhovo. We had to play a one day two performance of "petticoat government". After the first ate, walked around the estate, it was hot and we were worn out. Suddenly we were told that he was going Oleg Nikolaevich. With the advent of the play otherwise would sound with some new understanding. He said he would call us in a few days that he has something to say, but... the meeting was not held, three days later he was gone.

Елена Панова: «Мне все время казалось, что я неумеха»

"Shadow-fighting-2" was for Lena's life-changing work: she met her future mougenot from the movie "shadow boxer"

— After graduation, you took the Mat. But a few years ago, you left the theater...

— I had some life in the theater and even an interesting role, but Mat didn't feel like home to me. Probably, for my part lacked the fanaticism, when the actress necessarily need a theater, no matter how her fate there. For me it is important not presence, and professional growth. I quite early began to withdraw and sometimes preferred movie theater. To the final I had a conversation with Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov, and he was good. But then I had a kid, and to revive their stay in the theatre to ask something herself, I have not had the opportunity and desire. However, if I was offered an interesting role, I would have refused. And today, for me the question is not so actual. Even though the husband says to me: "You're an artist should be in theatre."

— What does your husband do, if he is with this understanding say about you?

My husband is a film Director Anton Megerdichev. (Smiles.) I think he is a unique Director because he came over from television to film and never stops internally, all the while learning. The feeling that he was always in the movie, so it is comfortable and interesting to be on the court.

— Feelings appeared, at first work together?

— No, it wasn't love at first sight. (Smiles.) We met on the film "shadow-Fighting-2", then I starred in his film "Dark world". It was only during work on the "Metro" it is understood that we will be together.

The husband shoots a lot, obviously, he likes you as an actress. But the criticism is he?

— He was always sincere and directly speaks his mind. To me it's expensive. I always ask his advice about the proposals. In General the opinion of Anton importantly though, we have a mismatch of creative positions. I was pleased that, after seeing "Duel", he said that he liked the performance and I in him.

Елена Панова: «Мне все время казалось, что я неумеха»

On the set of the painting "first Time" with Konstantin Khabensky and Eugene, Mironovitch: personal archive Elena Panova

— What movie do you think really your first?

— "Mother" by Denis Evstigneeva, although I have only appeared in the beginning of the film because it is heroine Nonna Mordyukova in his youth. But it was noticeable. And here was the scale — tap (laughs), railway station, there is a feeling that I'm in a movie, originated here. For me, a student of the third course, it was an event. Besides Nonna Viktorovna she chose me.

— How exactly did that happen?

— I was invited to audition and said that will need to play the heroine Mordyukova in his youth. Remember that I went around the Dorm and asked: "do I look like Mordjukova?" and I almost all said "no." I stood before the mirror and tried to see her in your reflection. And convinced yourself that. Just realized that if you smile, you look nothing like her, but if you look shrill, slightly head down, then there are similarities. After the photo session, Dennis asked me: "Lena, what are you so serious? Why not smile?" I said, "okay," and never smiled. And Nonna Viktorovna saw the photo and said, "I'm young". Remember how I introduced her. We went to some hangar, Nonna Viktorovna was sitting on a chair, I brought to her, I said Hello and stood grinning, because it was incredible happiness. She asked me about something in life and said, "Good girl. Let the smiles". In the end, in the episode where Andrey Panin jumping from the train, I stand and smile.

— How did the parents of your admission to the School-Studio of MKHAT and then your work?

— First, the Pope reserved attitude, but now proud of me, joking that finally became a father of Elena Panova. In Arkhangelsk, he is a famous man. But even for parents it definitely was and still is happiness and joy. Mom collects photos and clippings from the press. From the point of view of the layman, happened to me a lot of magic — at once opened up an incredible opportunity: the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, Oleg Efremov, and other iconic teachers, and the Moscow art theatre, and shooting here and abroad, festivals. The start was bright and promising. I even had the offer to go abroad to study, but I thought that only Russian theater can make me an artist. Perhaps, another way I was not prepared was not at all ready to succeed. To match all attributes of success, with my "love" for interviews and General publicity, it is difficult for me.

Елена Панова: «Мне все время казалось, что я неумеха»

With her husband, film Director Anton Megerdichev. Now the couple already has two daughters – Marianne and Litigandi Avramenko

— Lena, how did you manage a few months without a break to play with a tiny daughter, and even in the expedition?

Now the Lida eleven months, and in the expedition of the film with the working title "Mother Laura" I went with her four-month-old. In Pereslavl-Zalessky and Yaroslavl, we went by minibus to a big company: with the eldest daughter, sister, mother and helpmate. We had a spacious, nice home on the lake. Children enjoying the air, and we enjoyed the beauty. I just fell in love with those places. I had an hour for lunch, I went home to feed the daughter, and the weekend almost was not. But despite all the difficulties, remember the shooting as a wonderful time. And with a little Mariasha I also managed to do it.

— What was the most striking and interesting in the movie "first Time"?

— First Director was Yuri Bykov, with whom I starred in the movie "Fool" in a small but striking role. He wrote the second line — a serious, dramatic story wives with their relationship. I play the wife Belyaev — the hero Habensky. We started to shoot, then the producers changed the vision, they placed greater emphasis on flight, and many left. But in any case, I wish the project success, because the story is decent and the actors. But if you ask me about my role in the film, will answer in one sentence: "I am there". (Laughs.)

— Having children is not dulled the desire to work?

— For me motherhood is, on the contrary, an impetus, a stimulus, it gives strength. In addition, only in traffic I have time to do much. I admit, I was lucky — both girls are very calm in infancy, I did not have sleepless nights. In our profession there is no pattern, it's always a miracle. Therefore, when there is a decent offer to go and work.

— You have a big sister. And you wanted daughters?

— With my firstborn I didn't care. The second time I thought it would be nice to have a son, although he knew that having a sister is great. We agreed with the husband that the daughter called Lydia. And suddenly I realized that if it's a boy, so there won't be Lydia? I covered the inexplicable feeling of longing. In the end, we had our girl, and I would not change it even for ten boys. (Laughs.) I try to give more time to the eldest daughter because Marianne leads over all four years. It's very important to not feel deprived, I didn't think anything was changed in relation to it with the advent of the sisters. And the husband and I do everything for this.

Елена Панова: «Мне все время казалось, что я неумеха»

"Before my husband I had no loves," laughs Elena Provato: Sergey Lee

— Arkhangelsk — the North, the cold sea, little summer. What I remember from my childhood about nature, winter, holiday?

Winter I don't like. Well, when it's warm and snowy, but when you run in the cold and thinking about where to get shelter, it's terrible. And considering that I went to dance classes on the first bus and then walked to the tram stop, where waiting for the tram, which went as need be, sometimes I had frozen fingers and toes. Sometimes in the bitter cold mother, taking pity on me, called a taxi. And sometimes, I walked with the coffer in his hands, because trams have not been called from the machine with the stop, and mom was walking towards me. She laughed and called me little by Lomonosov.

— Separation of parents does not impact on your interaction with the Pope?

— Mother is unique in this sense. She never showed any negativity towards the Pope, on the contrary, remember its lightness, irony, understanding. But in ten or eleven and my dad didn't communicate for two years. I wanted him more attention I paid, and he believed that the daughter herself should aspire to the father, quoting Zhvanetsky: "the Children have to follow the flight of the father...". (Laughs.) Once I told him: "Dad, you and I have not had a single intimate conversation." It's true. He's incredibly bright, interesting man to communicate with him is always a holiday (laughs), but to eat together, a bowl of soup, to sit, to mourn, to be silent, and I would say to him: "I like a boy how to be?" — this was not.

— At what age do you remember your romantic experience?

— But I do want to say that before my husband I had no loves. (Laughs.) No, of course they were. Now, remembering them, you know that the young man could captivate my imagination. It was interesting for me to think of him, waiting for an unexpected meeting, but not to say that it's very exciting. In adolescence, my girlfriend fell in love with one boy. I think we just had nothing to do (laughs), and we came up with common cause. Once sat all night at his apartment. But honestly, I don't even remember his name.

But Anton you've had enough years of conscious, young life. I was not serious or vivid novels?

— Yes, I had a serious relationship. But now I don't want to remember: all the previous was only a preparation for my life today.

interview, Elena Panova

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