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Alexei Morozov: "the Wife brings me tranquility"

The actor told in an interview about how it changed family life

Alexei Morozov played the main role in two of the most resonant projects of the past year — in the TV series "Mysterious passion" and the film "28 Panfilov". There are new interesting roles. There was a time when he left the acting profession! Then he moved from his native St. Petersburg to Moscow. Worked for several years in PR, can be said to have made a career... And then decided to go back to work. In General, our hero, began a new phase in my life — and began a shock. Something will happen next?..

— Alex, leave the acting profession is a very sharp thing! However, time has shown that you've done everything correctly. Without that check and re-evaluate yourself, maybe there would be today's take-off?

— Most likely. Apparently, I had to leave to find some other quality to a new experience. By the way, I came back because Lev Abramovich Dodin offered me the role of the fool in "King Lear". Before that I played heroes smart, intelligent, and here — Fool! I could not accept because it was a challenge that led me out of the comfort zone. Now, by the way, a similar situation. Someone probably would think: to go from one of the world's largest theatres?! (Morozov served in the famous Maly drama theatre. — Approx. ed.) But all the points of contact began to run. One would have to suffer and stay in the company, but for me it would mean imbalance. To now serve in a repertory theater should be a powerful artistic motivation, which I have gradually disappeared.

Your wife, actress Dana Abyzov, left the theatre for the same reasons as you?

— You know, if Dana left, and I'm not, or Vice versa, so in the future would lead to some conflict situations, at least for one simple reason: someone is there, someone is here... So we decided to leave together. Just terminated the employment contract without any scandals. And we are very grateful to Lev Dodin for the fact that understood us and released without further ADO. This is also a lot of work outside of MDT. And she, too, needed some updates. We have Dana now is a period when both have more work in film. But with theatre, we said goodbye. In my March premiere of the play "Little tragedies" by Pushkin. Playing iconic roles — Mozart and don Giovanni. Director: Vlad Furman, the one that removed the "Mysterious passion". Danecki also have plans in the theater. But it will be the roles and productions that we choose for ourselves, not that we will.

Алексей Морозов: «Жена воспитывает во мне спокойствие»

In the acclaimed television series "Mysterious passion" Morozov played writer Vaccinate: personal archive of Alexei Morozov

You and Dana have noted a wedding anniversary?

— Yes, in January. But we live together for about three years. Interestingly, we've worked for several years in one theatre, and even thought that something might happen. Moreover, we had to each other even, I would say dislike. And imagine that this will change dramatically impossible. We looked at each other with new eyes when I left the first wife, and Dana from my husband. Was found, so to speak, two lonely and all mixed up! (Laughs.)

You and Dana creative people who are shooting and rehearsals are often not allowed to be together. In their wedding journey at least was able to go?

— They were but peculiar. We got married 15 Jan 2016 and two weeks later went to the theater on tour in Italy, in Milan. And there, you can tell felt married couples who commit their honeymoon. Walking in Milan, went on the roof of the fantastic Duomo, which offers a beautiful view of the city, eating pizza, pasta, drinking delicious Italian wine... in short, enjoyed all the gifts of the ancient Italian civilization, including cooking.

— I saw your wife in the TV series "C-2", where she played the sister of the main character. Good job!

Dana is a great actress. She now runs parallel to some interesting projects. One — "Goldeneye" Alexander Tsekalo. It partners This is Oleg Menshikov, Sasha Petrov, the Russian young star. And another TV series where she has main roles.

Алексей Морозов: «Жена воспитывает во мне спокойствие»

In the film "first Time" Alex got the role of the astronaut German Titovoj from the movie "first Time"

— And you, too, another great premiere. You played cosmonaut German Titov in the movie "first Time". What a great time.

— Remember almost Hollywood, I'd say accuracy. On the set everything worked like a charm: took off and exploded when it is necessary, without overtime. "Earth" the unit was directed by Yuri Bykov and "space" — Dmitry Kiselev.

— The theme of space close to you? Did you meet his wife and daughters Titov before the shooting?

— I was born in Soviet times, when this topic was almost closed. Rather, the achievement of PR in the modern language, and the rest of the information was taboo. Therefore, the space for me, as for most people of my generation, it is only the flights of Gagarin, Titov, Leonov and other cosmonauts. With the wife and daughters of Herman Stepanovicha I never met because I was selected for the role, as is currently often the case, for two or three days before the shooting. I only had time to look at biographical information, pictures and some memories about this man.

— Other legendary cosmonauts Alexey Leonov and Pavel Belyaev — play Yevgeny Mironov and Konstantin Khabensky. As you work with them?

Great. Especially with both of them I have met. With Khabensky we studied in St. Petersburg at the theatre Institute on Mokhovaya one master — Veniamin Filshtinsky. Our course was following their course. Konstantin graduated in ' 96, and I did this year. He often came to us, and we're pretty close contact. And with Yevgeny Mironov we starred in the TV series "Dostoevsky". And he's remembered for his incredible... altruism. Judge for yourself. I had one day of shooting, a small stage with Mironov. I came to the shooting, and the first thing I heard from Evgeny: "Alex, I've been thinking: what if you add text from a monologue Verkhovensky from "Demons"?" I was impressed that the actor playing the main role, thinking about the small role of a student terrorist, which I did! We proposed this idea to Vladimir Khotinenko, and he loved it. In the end I'm in "Dostoevsky" do the monologue of Peter Verkhovensky from "Devils." What a great thank you to Mr Mironov.

Алексей Морозов: «Жена воспитывает во мне спокойствие»

In the TV series "Cross in circle" his character will face mistikokan from the movie "Cross in circle"

— Your Vakson in the sensational series "Mysterious passion", in fact, Vasily Aksenov. You this writer like?

— Aksyonov, as a writer I met at the airport five years ago. Okay, I watched the movie "My little brother", "Coworkers" in his early works, that is some idea. And then accidentally took flight in his book "Burn". It is as if the Central Roman Aksenov, from which he was forced to emigrate. I read it all on the plane. There was some long flights across the ocean. I read and was amazed — such style! Absolutely jazz. He just swings it out like improvising! What kind of interweaving of themes and how he famously managed with them! I was struck by the audacity of it. How could I think that in a few years will play this very Aksenov? Rather, Vaxon is not Feldman, and his ironic view of yourself. In Vaccone I also tried to find this "jazz". Another task was to show the writer that in the frame, now, in our eyes, as if composing the story. Show it permanent "qualifying" view of the situation: that's what I will remember and then describe. In some moments it seems.

Who kinogeroi that in different paintings were loved by your characters you particularly like? In other words, what type of woman you yourself are more to their liking?

Well, this is my wife Dana like Relics, the main love Waxon — for some reason, the internal culture, understanding their feminine essence. Given a Latvian, born and raised there, and a special mentality. Here it is, in my opinion, the correct attitude to her husband, to the man at all, for comfort in the house. In Dane at the same time there is a restraint, and explosive temperament, strength and weakness. This is a wonderful combination. And all of this seems, I think, and Relics.

— Understand that you are attracted to in women. And what repels?

— Vulgarity. As if excessive force... unfeminine. Men's head. Now, unfortunately, blurs the boundaries between femininity and masculinity. The rhythm of life, the Internet, all these technologies are pushing for this. Women are becoming the locomotives and men trailers is wrong. But I think this is temporary, sooner or later, the situation is equalized. History is a spiral. Surely this period has been. Now you just have to try to live properly. To give birth to children. To move on.

Алексей Морозов: «Жена воспитывает во мне спокойствие»

Alex and Dana have been together for three years, but were married a year, nakedphoto: Xenia Greene

Wife something in you has changed?

— Danochka in me brings peace of mind. Generally an actor must be so... Buddhist. Because the set always hectic, crazy. You need to be able to protect yourself — to protect your ideas, your self, your inner world. If you do not eat, "crazy" will consume you and your "translator" will turn off. Because the main task of the actor is not the text to speak and act out scenes, and to broadcast, to emit. So the actor must be in his "box." Generally, by and large, our profession alone. Every man for himself, every man for himself. This is despite the fact that working in a team, when you come to the theater or going on the set. But this team... these individuals. Given with its Baltic mentality helps me to keep to myself most importantly and not to squander on trifles.

And you bring up Dana?

— I think the same thing. Because she had symptoms kinda... abrupt. And at me too such happened. But the more we are together, the calmer and wiser you become. And don't fight in quite some detail. Grow up...

— You have a son from his first marriage grows up?

— Yes, this year I took Matthew to the first class. We got him into a good school in the centre of Saint Petersburg, close to home. Son lives with my first wife, but we constantly see each other, communicate, and all on good terms. Matthew makes me very happy. For acting he's not very attracted, but he definitely has directing and screenwriting talent. He not only writes entertaining stories, but also tries to role-play, she creates mise-EN-scene.

Алексей Морозов: «Жена воспитывает во мне спокойствие»

Son Matthew this year went to scolohofo: personal archive of Alexei Morozov

— Introduce, invite someday dad in your project?

That would be happiness! Here we are with Philip Yankovsky starred in "Mysterious passion" in one pavilion, and in the next in the title role, was filmed by his son John in the film "Queen of Spades" directed by Pavel Lungin. And Philip said to me: "Alex, what is this happiness: my son — and so, side by side!" And I understand it: it's really happiness.

— You play almost all musical instruments. And the son, learn this art?

Not yet. Then it all depends on the person. This Matthew must come initiative. Do not think that six year old children are little. They are adults. In any case, it can be determined in their desires and aspirations. For example, I myself at this age, asked my parents to enroll me to a music school because felt the need to learn to play the piano. It seems to me that such things cannot be imposed. A parent task to see to understand that is interesting to the child, and send it it there, and not to realize our own desires.

Алексей Морозов: «Жена воспитывает во мне спокойствие»

Alex has saw the son in directing and screenwriting talent. Boy writes a fascinating istorijata: personal archive of Alexei Morozov

— Petersburgers often without the sympathies belong to Moscow. You are one of them?

— I lived in Moscow for several years, when I left the te
atra, worked here in PR. Moscow is so... changeable. It is as if "adjusted" by the person, under what he now does. I have had several such periods were varied circumstances of life changed and Moscow. And Peter is a constant, he never changes. And I, as a person who loves architecture, I can not admit that Petersburg is beautiful. While in Moscow, in the center, of course, there are parts of the stunning. For example, we were looking for the "nature" of the sixties for filming — and found! Courtyards, some churches... So that both capitals are dear to me, but each in its own way. Now with the advent of "Sapsan" border of our two cities is almost erased. Some three and a half hours — and you're there! So I'll be happy to continue to live in Petersburg and work in Moscow.

You're definitely on the crest of success. Without what, in your opinion, it would be impossible?

— I think that in my case the main driving force was my need to look for new opportunities. I'm in a "Mysterious passion" was only because I had it. If I did not go to auditions for Andriy Zholdak, the Ukrainian-Russian "mad" in a good way, the Director on the play "Madame Bovary", Vaksona would play someone else. I worked Dodin and suddenly saw the announcement of the recruitment. Then read the letter Zholdak, addressed to the artists, I really enjoyed it. And I, an artist MDT, went to a casting to another Director in another theater. It was also, you know, step. I passed the audition and then there was the nine-hour run of "Madame Bovary", which granted Vlad Furman, who directed the later "Mysterious passion". And he saw me. If I would not have swung in some other direction — all of this would have happened. It is necessary to expand the boundaries of their role, their developments and not be afraid to step out of their comfort zone. The modern actor must throw himself in different situations.

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