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Taisia Povaliy "I "dumped" my future husband, when he wanted to meet me"

Таисия Повалий: «Я „отшила“ будущего мужа, когда он хотел со мной познакомиться»

The actress said the secrets of a lasting relationship with her husband, young daughter and a unique pedigree.The singer Taisia Povaliy can be the envy in the best sense of the word. Not long ago, the actress celebrated the 25th anniversary of the relationship with her husband and producer Igor Lihuta. Now she is a caring mother and a wonderful mother-in-law for the darling of his son

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Anna Tikhonova: "After the shooting Bondarchuk shook my father's hand"

Анна Тихонова: «После съемок Бондарчук пожал отцу руку»

Today, Vyacheslav Tikhonov would have marked 91. About the beautiful actor recalls his daughterThe success of Vyacheslav Tikhonov after the release of the series "17 moments of spring" was big. The country is literally trembled at his name. Numerous fans were on duty under the Windows of his Moscow apartment and was very popular. Today it is hard to imagine how great was the glory of the artist

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Dmitry Dyuzhev: "I was interested to spend the night in the bed of Peter the great"

In February, the world premiere of the historical epic "Tobol", filmed on the eponymous novel by Alexei Ivanov. The era of Peter I. the Actor played in the film role of Peter and shared his impressions with— Dmitry, admit it, it was not easy? Still, this role is truly a landmark...Each of the brace for me was like an exam. We need more training in order to play the royals

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Karina Andolenko: "I often attribute to novels with colleagues"

Карина Андоленко: «Мне часто приписывают романы с коллегами» discussed with actress female beauty, absurd rumors and life in airplanes"In the morning she woke up famous," not about Karina, Andolenko. To his glory, the actress was slowly but surely. But now she took his place on the Olympus of acting for the long haul.Karin, do you remember the moment when I decided that I would become an actress?I remember at six years old I saw on TV a concert pianist, I enjoyed it so much that I begged my mom the piano and asked me to return to music school

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Denis Klyaver: "All things are possible — is wanted!"

Денис Клявер: «Все возможно — стоит только захотеть!»

Over the years, the singer has learned how to conduct a correct way of life and knows how to look healthy, beautiful and full of energy. His experiences he shared with WomanHit.ruAbout sixteen years I came to the gym. Lean teenager with complexes was about to turn into a serious man. Since then, sport is an integral part of my life. Now a fitness club is visited not so often, I have a home gym. Can't say that running in the gym, but force me too do not pull. Perceived as a kind of routine work

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Oksana Akinshina: "Archil nobody has been able so powerfully to affect me"

Оксана Акиньшина: «До Арчила никому не удавалось так мощно на меня влиять»

The actress admits that has become wiser, and to the credit of the husband. Details — in interviewWhen nothing portends a Grand prospects, is usually to happen and those miracles. Born in the most ordinary family mechanic and accountant in the working area Kupchino, Oksana Akinshina was unexpectedly captured by the film and, remarkably, not lost then, as many star children, flashed on the screen, and has become an actual actress of our time, whose name in the credits guarantees success

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Petar Zekavica: "I dream about the house with a samovar and Russian wife"

Петар Зекавица: «Я мечтаю о доме с самоваром и русской жене»

The Serbian came into our country practically his. Details — in interviewHis life though has several dimensions: professional scientist, not a day of working in the field, with his youth, decided to develop the film. A Serb by blood, he became a Muscovite, speaking without an accent. Still Petar Zekavica — fascinating dad son and daughter, which always returned to his speech, why would she began

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Laura Keosayan: "With my parents I could speak on any topic"

Лаура Кеосаян: «С родителями я могла говорить на любые темы»

Heir of the famous artistic dynasty said in an interview about family ties, the traditions and errors of youthLaura Keosayan is the heiress of the famous artistic dynasty. To date she has more than thirty works in the movies, most famous of which is "TSyganochka with an exit", "Copernicus" and "Jung", where she played a healer

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Maxim Shchegolev: "I Have hair on the head is not enough to list all the dignity of my wife"

Максим Щеголев: «У меня волос на голове не хватит, чтобы перечислить все достоинства моей жены»

The actor said in an interview on the skates, the kids and the marriage to Theon DolnikovaMaxim Shchegolev known to fans by the numerous films and series, however, coach a hockey team for him to play was not necessary. Under the impression of how the actor kept on ice, met with Maxim and discussed skates, children and a wife had to read twice.— Maxim, before going to the youth Team, you especially hockey was not interested

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Vlad Furman: "a graceful back and legs Nelly I fell in love for life"

Влад Фурман: «В изящную спину и ножки Нелли я влюбился на всю жизнь»

Director and actress Nelly Popova together for over twenty years. About the secret to a happy family life, they said in an interviewWho is the most beautiful –and with experience — a pair of Russian cinema? Vlad and Nelly Furman Popov could compete for this title. He is a famous Director: "Streets of broken lamps", "national security Agent", the "Mysterious passion", "Terrorist Ivanova", "Kuprin. Pit", she is a talented actress

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