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Nelly Popova: "No need to ban myself — it is better to limit"

Нелли Попова: «Не нужно себе запрещать — лучше ограничивать»

Star of TV series shared his rules of daily life and beautyNelly Popova — actress, who is well-known and theatergoers, and fans of the series. She understands what it's like to be in shape to withstand a long shooting shifts and the most complex plays.I've always been thin — it's genetics, thanks mom and dad. Long ago made it a rule not to overeat — it is better to underfed

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Alina Deliss: "If the child sees the parents reading, it will in any case come into contact with the book"

Алина Делисс: «Если ребенок видит, что родители читают, он в любом случае соприкоснется с книгой»

Writer, poet and singer spoke about how to teach your baby to read, about his childhood, love of literature and the virtual world— Alina, depends on what the child likes to read or not? And whether to force him if he doesn't want to do that?I think it depends largely on the example of adults. If he sees that, in spite of that, the parents read, the inner circle reads, in any case he will touch a book, no matter what kind of world we now live in

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Daria Egorova: "With the actors more to meet I will not"

Дарья Егорова: «С актерами больше встречаться не буду»

The star of the show "Anyutino happiness" — about the dangerous stunts, the intimate scenes and Affairs with colleaguesPopular actress Darya Egorova often have to play roles in melodramas, where her heroines are not the most enviable fate. However, in ordinary life, Daria was not the easiest period. But now everything has changed for the better.— Daria, you're well-known for his roles in various melodramas. But I heard that recently you have done to star in the Thriller

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Daria Kalmykova and Sofya Kashtanova: "On set we were all afraid"

Дарья Калмыкова и Софья Каштанова: «На съемочной площадке нас все боялись» staged girlfriends confront and discuss jealousy, laughs on the set and spiritual closenessProbably, only the lazy did not name the acting world "a terrarium of adherents", where about friendship and speech can not be. However, the two actress Daria Kalmykova and Sofya Kashtanova — refute this widespread belief.So, Dasha, Sophia, tell me how you met.Daria Kalmykova: — We met with Sonya on the set of the first part of "holiday romance"

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Danil Steklov and Hope Lunova: "the Baby wasn't planned, it was an accident"

Данила Стеклов и Надежда Лумпова: «Ребенка мы не планировали, все вышло случайно»

The actors were first time parents! Details — in an exclusive interviewDanil Steklov and Hope Lunova and at first glance completely different. He is very emotional, sociable, mobile, as mercury, and it is unhurried, quiet, all to yourself. He was a Muscovite, the successor of the famous actor's name, but she is far from Solikamsk, from the most ordinary family. But, perhaps, this difference, and a great sense of humor and allowed to develop to their puzzle

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Anna Saliva: "no One will forbid me to love diamonds"

Анна Слю: «Никто не запретит мне любить бриллианты»

The actress admits in an interview that imposes high requirements to the chosen one, but at this stage feel fine oneThin, delicate blonde with porcelain skin. Russian Isabelle Huppert. Anna Saliva of that breed of Actresses whose potential is immediately obvious, but it is infused years. She's not from the cohort become familiar. Looks like it's always lacking a little bit while she is busy with her tumultuous life

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Ksenia Surkova: "Beloved man saved me from panic attacks"

Ксения Суркова: «Любимый мужчина спас меня от панических атак»

The star of the TV series — about the crises in education in the United States and confidence on the setDespite her young age, she is already quite an experienced actor, known for the TV series "the Crisis of tender years" and "Closed school". Under the impression of the game Xenia in the new season of the series "Olga" met with the actress and heard her story about crises, combating panic attacks and the mystery of the red hair

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Nadezhda Angarskaya: "the Eastern tradition penetrated into our family"

Надежда Ангарская: «Восточные традиции проникли в нашу семью» discussed with the artist touring curiosities, ideal weight and music educationStar Comedy Woman deftly copes with things to do. Actress and singer not only starred in a Comedy show, but still active in sports and has a son David and pampers Goodies her husband Raed Barney.— Hope in Comedy, you play a colorful lady. What do you think, what is it your character?— Sometimes singing, always in search of food, losing weight woman. (Laughs.) I originally came into the project to sing

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Pauline Sidikhin: "I lived a whole life with idol"

Полина Сидихина: «Я всю жизнь жила с кумиром» met with the actress and discussed a mock wedding, pregnant photography and the education of girlsPauline not only the daughter of the famous Eugene Sidikhin, but she is a famous actress. This year for Polina truly iconic. Actress magnificently celebrated the thirtieth anniversary, and in about a month for the first time is preparing to become a mother.Thirty years is a round number, probably summed up some results

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Nina Shatskaya: "I have come a long way before it became popular"

Нина Шацкая: «Я прошла долгий путь, прежде чем стала востребованной»

In an interview with the artist remembered the stories from the past and plans for the futureYoung Nina dreamed of becoming a singer and was gone all day at the rehearsals of the orchestra "rainbow" under the guidance of his famous father Arkady Shatsky. However, the path to the stage was for singer long and difficult.— Nina, you have now the busiest time, as far as I know, you are preparing for a new concert program..

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