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Alexander Project: "Pugachev made it clear that Sasha can still"

Young singer Alexander Project has already managed to gain the support of as many fans and colleagues, and most of Alla Pugacheva. discussed with rising star of the happy beginning of a career and future plans— Alexander, tell us, how was for you the beginning of a new year?The year started for me with the creative work. Remember, 31 December at 23.45 I finished to make the song "New year"

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Konstantin Yushkevich: "I do Not like to be a pawn"

Константин Юшкевич: «Не люблю быть пешкой» he discussed with the actor doubts in the profession, retirement and family kinomistoKonstantin Yushkevich is an actor Lenkom hardening and therefore able to play a variety of characters in movies and on the stage.— Konstantin, you are a native of Yekaterinburg. It happens to be at home? Do you have friends there?— In Ekaterinburg I go to regularly, but mostly come from the performances. During these visits quite often seen with his classmates

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Katrin Assi: "for the Sake of climbing you have to sacrifice a manicure"

Катрин Асси: «Ради скалолазания приходится жертвовать маникюром»

The star of the show "Catch the crew" — the girl with fine forms, tasty and not always useful food does not deny. The actress said how she does it.I try to adhere to a separate food, not mixing carbs with proteins. I'm sixteen as feed, can't imagine to be otherwise. Another habit — a minimum of salt, which retains water in the body. I don't really like flour, but I love chocolate! No wonder they say that the hormone of joy

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Yulia Rybakova: "my waist is 76 cm, and I'm happy"

Юлия Рыбакова: «У меня талия 76 сантиметров, и я счастлива»

Plus size model knows exactly how to make slender waist and have a curvy shape. Beauty secrets Julia shared with readers— Julia, the question "where and how are we going to do Talia?" bothers many girls. What prompted you to study such problems?— I haven't always been a plus size model. In my youth I weighed 60-65 pounds. But during pregnancy gained 60 pounds! When the birth of the child, weighed 120! Imagine 120 pounds. For me it was a shock

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Olga Pavlovets: "being a Muse to men is truly a special gift"

Ольга Павловец: «Быть музой для мужчины — это поистине особенный подарок» talked to the mother of two sons and discussed the sacrifices of children, the age of the fans and the Lithuanian languageIn the filmography of Olga Pavlovets — dozens of dramatic and melodramatic roles. In the new year fans of the actress can once again see the film "Our happy tomorrow," which became one of the favorite for Olga

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Yana Kraynova: "it took Him ten years of silence to forgive"

Яна Крайнова: «Ему понадобилось десять лет молчания, чтобы простить»

The actress said in an interview on the love dramas of their lives and complicated relationships with menYana Krainova — she not only spectacular, but also purposeful. At seventeen wasn't afraid to leave his father's house in Jurmala to another country to become an actress. While still a student at VGIK, co-starred in Karen Shakhnazarov in the film "the Vanished Empire", and the success she brought the television series "doctor's Diary", where she played a major role

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Eric Roberts: "If I had Russian citizenship, I would say 'Yes"

Эрик Робертс: «Если бы мне предложили российское гражданство, я бы сказал 'да»

The actor spoke about the struggle for the Russian bear, sexism and relationships with Julia RobertsRussian fans remember Eric Roberts for his roles in the films Andron Konchalovsky "Odyssey" and "runaway Train". But for many he remains a brother of Julia Roberts. had a chance to talk with Eric and find out whether it is going to obtain Russian citizenship, he became a victim of female fans and whether or not between the brother and sister ran a black cat

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Elena Sparrow: "If I tell a joke, do it like a man"

Елена Воробей: «Если я рассказываю анекдот, то делаю это по-мужски» met with the honored artist, and discussed women's humor, family holidays and a note to Santa Claus— Helen as you relax in the winter?— Often, when I get to combine my vacation with a vacation daughter Sonja, we went to Spain. Sometimes for a trip I even went on a small crime — and daughter a couple of days truant in school. Sonia loves winter, and I'm not really. Our winter was so long that his trips to warm countries we are trying a little bit to shorten this period

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Maria Shurochkina: "If you meet a man and fall in love with him, you'll be able to quit sports"

Мария Шурочкина: «Если встречу человека и влюблюсь в него по уши, то смогу бросить спорт» discussed with Olympic champion sports-musical family, defile on the podium and the shape of the noseMaria Shurochkina — champion of everything in the field of synchronized swimming, including the Olympic games 2016. Today Mary is preparing for the Olympics in 2020. What's she going to do after it, haven't decided yet. You may seek the help of his famous sister — singer Nyusha.Maria, our interview started early in the morning

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