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What is the relationship between ravshana Kurkova, Igor Vernik and Hope Sysoeva

Как связаны между собой Равшана Куркова, Игорь Верник и Надежда Сысоева

In today's investigation — marriage, separation and unexpected weave of the lives of artistsRavshana Kurkova has always been considered an enviable bride. Beautiful, talented, sophisticated. However, until recently, for some reason, she didn't have much luck in his personal life. But it seems that now the situation has changed. Friends and family Ravshan claim that this summer she finally got married, but decided to keep this fact secret

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Denis Shvedov, "I was hunting Sasha, and then she on me"

Денис Шведов: «Сначала я охотился на Сашу, а потом она на меня»

The actor spoke about how to overcome family routineDenis Swedes appeared in movie in the image of a brutal character in the TV series "Major", and firmly occupied the niche on the screen, starring in "Major", "Edit", "RAID" and many other serials. However, the projects apply selectively, not afraid to take breaks at work. Despite the fact that be responsible for the family. Last year he and his wife Alexandra are the parents of Rozovskii, was born their daughter Miroslava

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Fedor Vorontsov: "three days before dad died I asked for blessings on the marriage"

Федор Воронцов: «За три дня до того, как папы не стало, я попросил благословения на брак»

The actor is married to Aglaia Shilovskaya. Details — in interview WomanHit.ruIt was named in honor of the heroine of Dostoevsky's novel, and she was lucky to meet her Fyodor Mikhailovich. Fedor Vorontsov and Aglaya Shilovskaya saw this as a symbol and 11 August this year out of the press was officially formalized their relationship. Not only in the registry office, but also in the Church. About the interweaving of fiction with real life drama — our conversation with the newlyweds

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Yana Gladkikh: "Nikita how two chemicals that together form the explosion"

Яна Гладких: «Мы с Никитой как два химических элемента, которые вместе образуют взрыв»

The actress said in an interview about the breakup with her husband Nikita EfremovIf someone will need to write about successfully circumstances of fate, Ian Gladkyy an exemplary example. Budding athlete chose the acting path, where she without barriers opened all the doors. The first time entered the School-Studio of the Moscow art theater, was accepted to the famous Moscow art theatre, where she performed the main role, became the wife of Nikita Efremov

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Timur Rodriguez: "Sometimes I was mistaken for a crazy city"

Тимур Родригез: «Иногда меня принимали за городского сумасшедшего»

The actor in an interview shared with the secrets of its popularityCharismatic, incredibly charming, witty, always elegant and immaculately dressed — is that he, Timur Rodriguez. Once it is quite safe to leave the super popular project Comedy Club to pursue a solo career, and he succeeded. In English there is an expression of passion project — just the case, which is given with passion, and this is a guarantee of success

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Anastasia Spiridonov: "In my opinion, smile is the best ornament"

Анастасия Спиридонова: «На мой взгляд, улыбка — лучшее украшение»

The singer, known for "the Voice" and "Three chord", one of those girls who find it difficult to remain unnoticed. She told about the simple rules that help her to be irresistible every dayAcquaintance with a group of professionals — nutritionist, fitness trainer and psychologist — changed my diet, and in three months I lost ten pounds. Almost anything did not refuse

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Boris Grachevsky: "When you go, write every day wife poems"

Борис Грачевский: «Когда уезжаю, каждый день пишу жене стихи»

Mr. "jumble" always cheerful, ironic, and some time again married. met with the Director and producer and discussed child labour, honeymoon and porridge with coconut milk— Boris Yuryevich, many of your colleagues from the world of cinema complain that the crisis has become difficult to find funds for shooting. When working on a "Jumble" the same problems?— Indeed, a hard situation. Television debts are so big that we don't understand that part

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Irina Bezrukova: "Worthy candidate for the role his men do not see"

Ирина Безрукова: «Достойной кандидатуры на роль своего мужчины пока не наблюдаю»

"Miracles happen": the actress shares her life hack with all readers WomanHit.ruIrina Bezrukovoj lately on unexpected roles. Recently issued a series of "Ray", where she played the sexless "creature" without a purpose in life and desire a change. And last week voiced his character in "the Mentalist". discussed with the actress, the scenario, the perfect holiday and Olivier

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Lora Reznikova: "I Prefer to go to a professional astrologer to make personal horoscope for the year"

Лора Резникова: «Предпочитаю сходить к профессиональному астрологу и составить личный гороскоп на год»

The actress shared with why you should not flirt with another symbol, the Yellow Dog- Laura, at the end of the year we all like to sum up what you were 2017?2017 remember very clearly there were a lot of fateful meetings, wonderful Dating, gifts, discoveries and insights. Some great acting training, were brought to Russia, artists from Hollywood, and I was lucky enough to attend their workshops

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Anastasia Tregubova: "I Have Napoleonic plans for the New year"

Анастасия Трегубова: «У меня наполеоновские планы на Новый год» found out from the TV presenter as she prepares for the birth of the third child and why he refused to travel on winter holidays- Anastasia, at the end of the year to sum up: what for you was 2017?- Even if it is an obvious event, but it's all the same thing this year — I now preparing for the birth of the third child. Though I have often passed through it, see everything as if for the first time

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