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Tatyana Kotova: "I can become a nutritionist"

Татьяна Котова: «Я уже сама могу стать диетологом» recorded the rules by which the singer pleases fans not only hits, but excellent shapeThe winner of the contest "Miss Russia", the former participant of group "VIA Gra" Tatyana Kotova singer knows how to work on the appearance.Harmony for me rhymes with the word "aspiration". My profession does not allow me to go on stage in a manner that does not conform to my ideal image of himself

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Vladimir Koshevoy: "Any man I see with a flaw, as in a distorting mirror"

Владимир Кошевой: «Любого человека я видел с изъяном, как в кривом зеркале»

The star of the show "Crime and punishment" said in an interview about the difficulties of communicationAs he says Vladimir Koshevoy, on the screen it can look very handsome, natural and Quasimodo. Because and plays of refined aristocrats and personalities with a broken psyche. Sometimes both combined in the same character. The popularity came, and fell on him after "Crime and punishment", he began to avoid contact with people and even decided to leave the profession

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Oscar Kuchera: "Every normal man — pussy"

Оскар Кучера: «Каждый нормальный мужик — подкаблучник» discussed with actor, musician and broadcaster crazy rhythm of life, the matriarch and HollywoodOscar looks young and energetic man, but has the acting experience that can be counted in decades.— Oscar, you have been in the profession. Remember your first acting experience?— His theatre career I began at school: the first role — Dickens in "the Tale about priest and his worker Balda" Pushkin. It was in 1987. And when I was thirteen

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Yuliya Topol'nitskiy: "My happiness is in the details"

Юлия Топольницкая: «Мое счастье в мелочах» discussed with the star of the music video "Exhibit" marital romance and louboutinsAfter starring in a video for the song of the group "Leningrad" the life of Julia Topol'nitskiy miraculously changed. A short video opened for the young actress, which she previously only dreamed of. And we must admit that these features the actress successfully uses

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Vladimir Devyatov: "his Grandson Dmitry, I give advice: do not rush to start a family"

Folk artist shares his life lessons"Maestro's voice" — so called fans of people's artist, singer Vladimir Dnvalue. Personality is unique in many ways, it is quite later discovered his calling — music. And folk songs, he admits, touch the deepest strings of the soul. After all, they are about the main human values — love, understanding, strong family. It's all there in the life of Vladimir Sergeyevich, but he's a long way to personal happiness

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Anastasia Tregubova: "My fourth pregnancy was planned"

Анастасия Трегубова: «Моя четвертая беременность была запланированной»

Exclusive host of "Good morning" spoke about the expectation of the child and important family rulesLast week it became known that Anastasia Tregubova again expecting a child. Her pregnancy the blonde came out and told about it in Instagram. Well learned from teledive details present an interesting situation.- Anastasia, tell me, how did the husband mean that you will have the fourth?- Husband before I realized that we will be parents. (Laughs

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Alice Feoktistov: "I need to try and feel"

Алиса Феоктистова: «Мне нужно все попробовать и пощупать»

In an interview with the artist told about his principles in the professions, fascination with the esoteric and beloved husbandIn it live two people — the actress Alice Feoktistov and singer Fun. First he graduated from GITIS and successfully acted in film after studying at the Gnesin music school and performs on stage

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Ilya Averbukh: "the son has a dream to make the Olympic team"

Илья Авербух: «У сына есть мечта попасть в олимпийскую команду»

The famous skater celebrates its 45th anniversary and doing so without interrupting production. discussed with the birthday boy's new "Nutcracker", the competition on the ice and the success of heir— Ilya, you are one of those people, whose age it is hard to believe. However, that you do these numbers mean?— Of course, birthday — sad holiday. But still there is a sense of satisfaction from the fact that during that time made a lot of things

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Anna Pletnev: "I'm awfully happy: I like everything in my life"

Анна Плетнева: «Я ужасно счастливая: люблю все в своей жизни»

The soloist of group "Vintage" manages to maintain the perfect shape, despite the touring schedule and three children. recorded rules of life singerI always say that I am very skinny. But I'm not hungry and feel great. And lack of appetite never suffered. Simply I always very carefully listen to your body: if attacked zhor — happy to eat, if not hungry — nothing to push. The body knows best

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