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Maria Petrova and Alexei Tikhonov: "On New year gave us two days off"

Мария Петрова и Алексей Тихонов: «На Новый год нам подарили два выходных дня»

Skaters — about marshmallow costumes and festive luckIn the new ice show based on the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland" from three pairs will play the role of Maria Petrova and Alexei Tikhonov. met with skaters and found that they offended the costume designers, who did not allow their daughter Polina to skate in shows and what will be the world Champions to do in the new year's eve

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Anastasia Panina: "my husband and I love is tested by distance"

Анастасия Панина: «У нас с мужем любовь проверяется расстоянием» found out the actress, who starred in the TV series "Psichologine" know whether it's psychology, how she lived with her husband, actor and why is she 18 years old shaved head— Anastasia, you are together with Anna Starshenbaum and Sophia Brown played by psychologists. And you're strong in psychology?— Thank God I'm not faced with some serious situations where you need a good understanding of psychology. But with what's happening to me, I'm good

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Marat Basharov: "I am very grateful to Lisa for waiting for me"

Марат Башаров: «Я очень благодарен Лизе, что дождалась меня»

Personal life the actor has finally adjusted. Details — in interview WomanHit.ruMarat Basharov for her acting career endured and steep rise and fall and rise again. When he first appeared on screen in the title role in the TV series "the Border. Taiga novel," all the tabloid headlines, "Oh, Marat!". And after the show in "Ice age" brought to mind half the female population of the country. Now the actor is happy in a third marriage with one of his longtime fans Elizabeth Savercool

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Judi Dench: "a Sense of humor is the most attractive male quality"

Famous British actress believes that after eighty life beginsJudi Dench is already over eighty, but she is full of energy and her positive attitude can only envy. The actress is no stranger to playing strong women, and her character, charm and intelligence attract men. No wonder it's so many years has held the post of head of MI6. Perhaps, with this woman, you can safely go in exploration!1. On the workMy first role was to depict the cochlea in a school matinee

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Yuliya Topol'nitskiy: "my worst fear is to become a housewife"

Юлия Топольницкая: «Самый жуткий мой страх — стать домохозяйкой» is you the star of the clip Sergei Shnurov — without louboutinsWhile the first Association with Julia Topol'nitskiy is a bright ironic clip Cord about louboutins, detailing the collection girls on a date. Then there were a couple of music videos, television series "You're pissing me off". Let Julia still rarely recognized on the street, but the producers and Directors are already actively invite it into their projects

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Regina männik: "the Best diet is love and passion!"

Регина Мянник: «Лучшая диета — это влюбленность и страсть!»

The actress has always stood out among his colleagues harmony and gorgeous curly hair. Of course, like any girl, watching them, Regina had beauty secretsI do very little of sportom, do not follow the diet, eat what you want and thank their family from mom and dad! And I have a magnificent gift in life is proper care of the body and the higher specialist that recommends to me the care program: cosmetics and technique

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Anna Saliva: "Filmmakers'm not easy"

Анна Слю: «Режиссерам со мной нелегко» met with the actress and discussed kinobudka, dreams of childhood and passport, which she — maleAnna Saliva remembered by the fans of different roles. In the new series the heroine is an actress — artist who is quite successful mastering the profession of the investigator.— Anna, your heroine artist by education. And you know how to draw?— The plot I'm really an artist, but even during the filming of paint and have not learned. I have, unfortunately, no art education

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Participant of the Junior Eurovision song contest Polina Bogussevich: "I do Not exclude the probability of his victory"

Участница «Детского Евровидения» Полина Богусевич: «Не исключаю вероятность своей победы»

Exclusive interview with a 14-year-old actress ahead of the competitionThis Sunday the entire country will be rooting for the young Russian singer Polina Bogussevich, which will represent Russia at the contest "Junior Eurovision-2017" with the song "Wings". Aspiring actress remembered by the audience four years ago, when he took part in the first season of "the Voice: Kids". Despite the fact that the girl vengeance is busy preparing for the competition WomanHit

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Olesya Sudzilovskaya: "I do not feel my age!"

Олеся Судзиловская: «Я вообще не чувствую свой возраст!»

The actress became a mom for the second time, already full of plansWith Olesya Sudzilovskaia we met two years ago. Then it is so touching, love talking about my family that we wished her to have another kid. And here is a miracle, a coincidence, in January 2016, the actress again became a mother. The light appeared her second son Mike

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Valery Meladze: "we Have a albino there are no forbidden topics of conversation"

Валерий Меладзе: «У нас с Альбиной нет запретных тем для разговора»

Artist — the secrets of success and well-being, advice to his wife and the prospect of becoming a grandfatherWife of Valery Meladze, the singer Albina dzhanabaeva recently presented his new concert program. Valery, one of the producers of the show, took over dealing with the press. wrote down some thoughts popular singer.Loss of voice during the concertRecently I am a phoniatrist said a paradoxical thing: the artist is better not to sleep than have sex

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