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Natalia Zemtsova: "Inga from "Eighties" stalking me"

Наталья Земцова: «Инга из „Восьмидесятых“ меня преследует» met with the actress and discussed age, male education and the reputation of a bitchActress Natalia Zemtsova stands out from its colleagues. For example, she recently admitted that she wants to look older — after all, the most interesting roles written for those "who are over thirty."— Against the backdrop of a desperate struggle stars for eternal youth desire to look older was perceived as a strange whim..

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Andrew Hagolan: "I have come to grips with their appearance"

Андрей Гайдулян: «Я вплотную занялся своим внешним видом» met the actor and discussed the new life style, huliganstvo in the frame and views of the HollywoodIn the life of Andrei Giulana big changes are coming. Extortion is a serious illness, actor new looks at the profession and Stit ambitious targets.- Andrey, you again delight fans of the series "Sashatanya" his appearance in the new season. What were you shooting these?- With each new season, it might be easier to remove, compared to, for example, with the first

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Mikhail Trukhin: "Anna is younger than me for fifteen years, but it is not felt"

Михаил Трухин: «Аня младше меня на пятнадцать лет, но это не чувствуется»

Making the upgrade personal life, the actor did not regret it. Details — in interviewMikhail Trukhin is one of the fab four, once conquered St. Petersburg theatrical Olympus. His life had many twists and turns, roads and paths. But he still taxied, and where seemingly everything is falling apart, there were, even through difficulties and hardship, new and wonderful. So, at thirty-three he left her beloved St

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Elena Velikanova: "the Husband for me — the ideal man, it is a stud"

Елена Великанова: «Муж для меня — идеал мужчины, в нем есть стержень»

The actress told in the interview about how good it is to remain faithful to the traditionsActress Elena Velikanova admits she is very important the continuity of tradition. She was born and raised in the center of Moscow. In his neighborhood as a teenager, met her future husband. Love came much later, although the meeting occurred again in the native land. Today, she continues to walk in a favorite Park with those same girlfriends, and her son Misha with their children

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Maria Weber: "still I feel guilty"

The singer spoke about his most surprising trick. Details — in a blitz-poll— What color do you associate yourself?— With rose gold. It's a nice, delicate color, which for me symbolizes love and goodness.— Did you say you had read Schopenhauer, although you didn't read?— No, I confess, if something is not read.Someday in a fit of rage you hit the dishes, tore Newspapers, throwing objects?— I can punch in the wall, and spoil the items I am sorry

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Sergey Puskepalis: "I have always been shy of attention"

Сергей Пускепалис: «Я всегда стеснялся внимания к себе»

Even after becoming a popular actor was a humble man. Details — in interviewActor and Director Sergei Puskepalis costs nothing to start a new and go from Saratov to Moscow, and from Moscow to Magnitogorsk... it was not time. The most important thing in life, according to him, is not to stand still. Yes, and he lives, surprisingly, not in Moscow, and in Zheleznovodsk. Says, three hours is better than three hours of standing in traffic jams in Moscow. In his life the special role played case

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Larisa Golubkina: "the fewer novels at the woman, the younger she looks"

Life lessons of a legendary actress, which became the main role of the wife of Andrei Mironov, and mother of Maria GolubkinaLarissa Golubkina there is no need to imagine, though movie roles over a lifetime, it is not so many. But even the younger generation knows "Hussar ballad". There were more movies, such as "Give the book of complaints" of the same Ryazanov, "the Tale of Tsar Saltan" and "benefit of Larisa Golubkina". Was and is the Theatre of the Russian army

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Lukerya, Ilichenko: "With my personal life, I'm fine"

Лукерья Ильишенко: «С личной жизнью у меня все хорошо»

The series "Sweet life" became for her a window into a great movie, but life in Moscow began she trouble. The star said about the difficulties of moving, with respect to motherhood and danceYou're from Samara and once admitted that moving to Moscow was not easy. Why?— You need to understand that it was 1997, I was eight years old. The child from Samara, where at hand was a grandmother, relatives, friends, girlfriend and a life, of course, moving was not easy

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Olesya Fattakhova: "I'm the only breadwinner in the family"

Олеся Фаттахова: «Я пока единственный кормилец в семье» met with the actress and discussed the shooting in different countries, superstition and horoscope for daughterEveryone has their own reasons why he chooses the art of cinema. Olesya Fattahova this reason became a maiden in love with a famous actor. To meet him on equal terms, she decided to get into the world of cinema.- You are a child studied music, the professional own tools, but then still chose the theatre

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Catherine Barnabas: "at Home all the reins I gave the coast"

Екатерина Варнава: «Дома все бразды правления я отдала Косте»

Star Comedy Woman in an interview, admits that he is tired of being strongCatherine Barnabas, which is now in the consciousness of viewers is perceived as a sex symbol show, TNT Comedy Woman, as a child I thought of myself as more of an ugly duckling: gangly, lanky, legs are not that slim. Gave confidence to her ballroom dance classes, but here our heroine was disappointed. At fourteen years old she was seriously injured, and about a career of a dancer had to forget

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