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Mitya Fomin: "Think about the children: I have a lot to teach and what to leave"

Митя Фомин: «Думаю о детях: мне есть чему научить и что оставить»

The actor said, who is waiting for him at home, and why I can't celebrate the housewarmingMitya Fomin has released the album on vinyl, again began to speak in a group of Hi-Fi and prepares to celebrate his stage anniversary recital on the second of December. met with the singer and found out why he need all this who is waiting for him at home and where a large Jewish family.— Mitya, we know that you are now in the works, a surprise to fans...— Well, this is not a surprise

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Ian Guryanova: "the Main disadvantage of the acting profession is that we are hostages of the offer"

Яна Гурьянова: «Главный минус актерской профессии в том, что мы заложники предложения»

Star of TV series "Interns" played in the feature filmIn the picture Yana Gur'yanovoy had to play the role of an adult, but at the same time, a little girl. Impressed met with the actress and discussed the men on the set, dream dress and wig and lenses.— In the film "Dominic," you play a girl who miraculously grew from the little girl for a short period of time. How did you get into this project?It was an interesting experience

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Anna Yakunina, "don't believe artists when they say tired"

Анна Якунина: «Не верьте артистам, когда они говорят, что устали» met with the actress, congratulated her on the occasion and discussed the delights of coming of age, jealousy of her husband and holiday vacationStar of TV series "Sklifosovsky", "Girls, don't give up," "Two fathers and two sons" and many other movies Anna Yakunina celebrates the fiftieth anniversary.— Anna, looking at you, it's hard to believe that you fifty. You yourself, when in the passport look, believe?— I in the passport did not drop

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Daria Semenova: "When I go to the grave, the murderer of the son is often sitting there"

Дарья Семенова: «Когда я прихожу на могилу, убийца сына часто там сидит»

Life daughter Juliana Semenova captures as a novelIt looks outrageous, unusual speaks, writes enigmatic paintings... Unusual! What is clear is the offspring of two stunning collections! The father of Darya Semenova, Yulian Semyonov, "master of doom" last quarter of the twentieth century in one-sixth of the globe, who invented SS standartenfuhrer Stirlitz, mother — Ekaterina Semenova (nee Mikhalkov), great-great-granddaughter of Vasily Surikov and great-granddaughter of Peter Konchalovsky

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Yan GE: "Man is not such an important thing in life"

Ян Гэ: «Мужчина — не такая уж важная вещь в жизни»

On the bright successes and disappointments of Chinese women in Russia — in an interviewThe name of this talented girl — GE, last — Jan. Gesha it was called (and after him all others) Director Kirill Serebrennikov. He invited her, a student of VGIK, to audition for his play. As a result, Gasa became an actress of the "Gogol-center". Then there was the part in the movie: "Matilda", "Crew", "Attraction"... the blind auditions in "the Voice" she came to herself. And became a finalist

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Denis Nikiforov: "the Fear of man is a perfect animal sense"

Денис Никифоров: «Страх у человека — это прекрасное животное чувство»

Becoming a father, the actor failed to quit dangerous Hobbies. Details — in interviewDenis Nikiforov is not the same as before, became more serious, wiser. Life does not stand still, and the guy, a lover of extreme sports and thrills, became a father of a family. He and his wife Irina waited a long time for the birth of their twins — Veronica and Sasha. About how Dennis sees his role as a father, what children have taught him, and he them, in an interview with the magazine "Vibe"

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Sergey Mayorov: "I am always dissatisfied with their interview"

Сергей Майоров: «Я всегда недоволен своими интервью»

TV presenter shared with rules of a good interviewSergey Mayorov — broadcaster with extensive experience and a highly experienced interviewer. It may seem that in a TV interview is no big deal, however even big TV stars sometimes appear in the frame quite ridiculous. asked Sergei to formulate rules for the construction of a good interview. And tried to understand whether these rules known to colleagues of the presenter.The first rule

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Olga Buzova: "I Want the man heard, ten times the word "no" and continued to get me"

Ольга Бузова: «Хочу, чтобы мужчина услышал десять раз слово „нет“ и при этом продолжал меня добиваться» discussed with a star thin waist, lack of sleep and dignity of a strong half of mankindMillions of subscribers on social networks, concerts, advertising contracts... it would Seem that Olga Buzova not to complain, but the TV presenter and singer admits that in her life there is still a problem, namely, the absence of a loved one. In order to find the man of my dreams Buzova decided to participate in a reality show.— Olga, you look beautiful

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Vicki Lee: "Kim Kardashian will never seriously call himself a singer, recording a few songs"

Вики Ли: «Ким Кардашьян никогда не станет всерьез называть себя певицей, записав пару песен»

A young talented pianist and composer was frankly told on the situation of culture in modern society, music competitions and the difference between Olga Buzova and Kim Kardashian— Vicki, like you, people with a classical education, despite the fact that today almost all of a sudden start to play in movies and sing. In General, what to do if you really want on stage, but talent does not?To sit and suffer. Joke. Seriously, there are many interesting professions

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