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Irina Miroshnichenko: "I tried to overcome and full negative, and misunderstanding..."

Exclusive what is a gift received actressIrina Miroshnichenko is a rare guest at social events. The actress, perhaps you can sometimes see on talk shows or during theatrical events. One of these was the annual celebration of artists and employees of the Moscow art theater. Chekhov, who worked here for many years. Irina Miroshnichenko, which is in the theater, also attended the ceremony. WomnaHit

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Yury Nikolaev: "I with pleasure go to work"

Юрий Николаев: «Я и сегодня с удовольствием иду на работу» met the legendary TV presenter and discussed the excitement in the frame, the self-blame and surprises for wifeIn his 68 years Yuri Nikolaev continues to conduct active television life and this season presented its new project.— You are one of those people that many people have for years associated the TV itself. Only in the "Morning post" have you worked for sixteen years. There were moments when you felt fatigue from this work?— No, it was not

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Anastasia Tregubova: "a month and a half after the birth, planning to return on the air"

Анастасия Трегубова: «Через месяц-полтора после родов планирую вернуться в эфир»

Host of "Good morning" is the third times to become a mother. surprised that she was still at work, and discussed with her maternity leave, and a dessert of herring and watermelon— Anastasia, there are very few time before you become a mother. How is you pregnancy? You help family members?Now all was quiet, and at first it was fun. Remember, had a reaction to scents and the perfume of her husband, who I used to like

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Maria Kozhevnikova: "to Be happy is much more important to me than to make any kenalan"

Мария Кожевникова: «Быть счастливой для меня гораздо важнее, чем входить в какой-нибудь киноклан»

The actress — about a new role, the signs of destiny and wedding abroadMaria Kozhevnikova has time to raise three sons and a lot to do. In the TV series "Execute not pardon" she played scout.Maria, have you played in a war movie, but the way the scouts do the spectators have not seen. What interested you in the role in the TV series "Execute not pardon"?I always wanted to play scout, pay tribute to his grandfather — the General, scout. He went through the war and left us not so long ago

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Olga Lomonosova: "If the husband writes me a poem, it is still alive with us"

Ольга Ломоносова: «Если муж пишет мне стихи, то все еще живо у нас»

Actress for twelve years with Paul Safonov, and not so long ago the couple became parents for the third timeActress Olga Lomonosova and her husband, Director Paul Safonov, have been together for twelve years. But it feels like they are just beginning life together: it is so vividly between them is of great interest to each other. In the family two older daughters, and five months ago came to light and even the son of Fedor

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Anna Ukolova: "To my husband, I loved the family and the Homeland"

Анна Уколова: «До мужа я любила только семью и Родину»

Actress — the weather in the house, the vicissitudes of fate and the person who owes the lifeThe actress Anna Ukolova no tearful and scary stories about the conquest of Moscow. The white stone gave up the girl from the Samara region without a fight: Anna immediately went to GITIS, after graduation, landed a role the Alexander Veledinsky, then there were other outstanding works: "the Geographer globe propyl", "Leviathan"

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Daria Ekamasova: "my Husband taught me not to focus on the job"

Дарья Екамасова: «Муж научил меня не зацикливаться на работе» spoke with the actress about how immersion in the role, the full moon and yogaFor the first time, Daria Ekamasova came to the set as a teenager and since then has played dozens of different characters in movies and TV series. And this season, the actress will delight their fans with new, unexpected work.— Daria, you have a new image — quite short by your standards, hair. How did you decide to cut your hair?— I just shorn. (Laughs.) I always wanted to have long hair

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Maryana Spivak: "my husband and I switch roles: he is mom, I"

Марьяна Спивак: «Мы с мужем меняемся ролями: то он у нас мама, то я»

Actress — children's grievances, the family and the upbringing of his sonLooking at Maryana Spivak, remember Nekrasov's poem about the Russian woman. Tall, handsome, with a strong character very similar to her grandmother, folk artist Zhanna Prokhorenko. Until recently, the representative of the acting dynasty knew to a greater degree, or theater — Mariana many years in the theater "Satyricon"

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Andrey Fedortsov: "three kids I can't stop, it'll be five"

Андрей Федорцов: «На троих детях я не остановлюсь, будет пятеро»

Movies and TV shows with the participation of Acterna have a big success, and fans of Fedortsova-TV presenter recently saw the five hundredth issue of "Main roads". met the actor and discussed the theatre, fishing and architecture— Andriy, you've tried a variety of professions. Worked as the fitter of a scene, an administrator in the club and even graduated from the farm school. We started with the naval College..

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Anna Snatkina: "Flying a plane is an incredible stress!"

Blitz-survey the actress admitted that she hates lies and blushes because of my daughter— What color do you associate yourself?Rather, it is a soft purple and deep blue.— Did you say you had read Schopenhauer, although you didn't read?— I do not like and do not know how to invent.Someday in a fit of rage you hit the dishes? Tearing the paper? Throwing objects?— No. If I need to put a man on the place, I'll make it a word

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