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Leonid Bacevich: "When my son was born everything fell into place"

Леонид Бичевич: «Когда родился сын, все встало на свои места»

Actor — on the way out of depression, Alex Balabanovo and the replenishment of the familyLeonid Bichevin showed himself on the screen and on stage in an incredibly wide range — from "Cargo 200" to "ordeal", from "Devils" to "Troilus and Cressida". met the actor and discussed Patriarchal Domostroy, ways out of depression, and vinyl records.— Many perceive acting festive. But, in this profession there is another side of the coin. What is yours?Is self-examination, soul-searching

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Sergey Astakhov: "I realized it was time to give birth to children"

Сергей Астахов: «Я понял: пора детей рожать»

The variety of roles played by actor, recently added the image of the owner of the casino. appreciated this transformation, and has discussed with Sergey gambling, Pets and pleasant surprises— Sergey, as I understand it, the main difficulty consisted in the fact that in the movie "Beyond reality" you had to play not just master of the casino and the person who speaks English..

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Svetlana Ustinova: "In relations very important to be able to stop myself"

Светлана Устинова: «В отношениях очень важно уметь себя останавливать» discussed with the actress sacrifices a profession, separation from the beloved, as well as coffee and sweetFor movie Svetlana Ustinova quit school in the fourth year of financial Academy. From the outside it may seem a rash act, but those familiar with the actress, I will say that the important decisions Svetlana very seriously.— Your heroine in the film "Buy me" as her friend, struggling to find happiness

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Denis Kosyakov: "I'm boring, my wife calls me boring"

Денис Косяков: «Дома я скучный, жена называет меня занудой» talked to the actor about revenge ex-girlfriend, the rest of the work and the Crimean beautiesActor Denis Kosyakov starred in the movie "Women vs men", the exclusive premiere will take place on the eighth of March online cinema ivi. And of course, in the film, as in the first part, is the confrontation of the sexes.— Denis, what adventures await your character in the film "Women against men

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Anastasia Makeeva: "I Hope to make a career of a good wife, mother and grandmother"

Анастасия Макеева: «Надеюсь сделать карьеру хорошей жены, матери и бабушки»

She is a popular actress, whose filmography includes nearly forty works. However, in an interview Anastasia said she is ready to trade her stage success in the profession of wife, mother, grandmother. But at the same time told and about other mysteries of his life— You have completed pop-jazz school "excellent", then the field of "five". You always have everything in life on "five"?— Yes, I have two red diploma. I am a perfectionist. But it is my great personal tragedy

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Victoria Poltorak: "After the divorce with Maxim Drozd I'm two years immersed in seclusion"

Виктория Полторак: «После развода с Максимом Дроздом я на два года погрузилась в затворничество»

The star of the show "Trotsky" never regret the past. Details — in interviewVictoria Poltorak calls his life quest: she likes to overcome the challenges step by step. Immediately, she captivated Moscow, and immediately she got the role of bright. But now the actress has a lot of fans. She created the image of Frida Kahlo in the acclaimed series "the Trotsky" — one hundred percent hit

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Kirill kyaro: "I think that Julia is not for me to live long"

Кирилл Кяро: «Я думал, что Юля не сможет со мной долго жить»

The star of the series "Sniffer" on the work of a janitor, crises, inspiration, and favorite girlKirill kyaro long way to success. And accept the fact that things will happen soon. But doing things you love during the most difficult times of the actors, changed the place of residence and work, and finally was in the right place at the right time: the country learned and received him the Sniffer. Then followed a series of interesting roles in good projects

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Daria Ekamasova: "All the major Hollywood stars by our standards, rather ugly"

Дарья Екамасова: «Все главные голливудские звезды по нашим стандартам, скорее, уроды»

The popular actress said how to stay in shape and what style of clothes she prefersDarya, tell me how to take care of themselves?- I use a minimum of makeup. And in the summer because they are extremely rare. I'm really respect all natural. I want to do it. I believe that the cosmetics we just gloss over the fact that naturally looks bad. But I believe there is a way that will help to bring the natural beauty to. One time I studied the human face, what is beautiful and what is not

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Julia Margulis: "the Offer Igor did to me in the mountains"

Юлия Маргулис: «Предложение Игорь сделал мне в горах»

The star of the show "Junior" secretly married details — in an exclusive interviewAll the delights of the national popularity of the actress Julia Margulies felt after the release of the series "Junior". Julia and her partner on the film Alexander Sokolovsky so convincingly played the lovers that journalists began to ask the question, and not a couple they are in real life? In fact, the actress all the while Dating another young man named Igor, whom he secretly married in April last year

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Severe anusauskaite: "I'm a good liar."

Северия Янушаускайте: «Я умею хорошо лгать»

New star of Russian cinema recalls the roots, and talks about the family and women's emancipationSevere anusauskaite was a revelation for the Russian cinema three years ago when she received the prize at Kinotavr for her role in the film "Star". Since then, the Directors were actively invited Lithuanian actress to your project. In early February, on wide screens out the dramatic Thriller "Selfie", where partner Severii was Konstantin Khabensky

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