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Alexander Yatsenko: "my Wife calls me lucky."

Александр Яценко: «Жена называет меня везунчиком» met with the actor and talked about age, money and star diseaseHe starred in Aleksei Balabanov's and Boris Khlebnikov, Valery Todorovsky and Nikolai Khomeriki, Andrei Proshkin and Bahtiyor hudoynazarova. Yatsenko — twice winner of "Nicky", repeatedly recognized as the best actor at various festivals

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As Barbara struggles with autumn depression

Как Варвара борется с осенней депрессией

The singer told that helps her to cope with the seasonal BluesSportI at any time of the year without exercise. Several times a week, run seven miles on the treadmill; definitely in my schedule stretching. But yoga not only helps physically and keeps excellent muscle tone, but also reassuring.CreativityAutumn is rich in cultural events. Energize yourself with the works of your favorite artists, and artists. Do not sit idle. Draw, paint, sculpt, dance..

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Anna Peskova: "my Husband understands the nature of my work, and he has no cause for jealousy"

Анна Пескова: «Муж понимает специфику моей работы, и у него нет поводов для ревности»

In the serial drama "boomerang", the heroine of the actress is in the frame half 16 to 32 years. She spoke about the change of appearance, the extreme sports filming and the man of my dreams— Anna, the "Boomerang" your heroine grows up in the frame. You are not embarrassed that you have to play a very young girl?— Experienced, of course. With the Director we thought important nuances, such as gait, facial expressions, gestures, Dasha 16 years and 32 years

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Paul Trubiner: "I Have with the movie involves a lot of injuries"

Павел Трубинер: «У меня с кино связано очень много травм» met with the actor and talked about the professional crazy movie dreams and Jackie ChanIf you want to play a man in uniform, Paul Trubiner will not disappoint the most fastidious Director. However, other roles such as a husband and a father, the actor is also good be able.— You it is difficult to imagine in isolation from the acting profession. You yourself have never regretted that went to GITIS?— No, I never had any regrets

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Anastasia Volochkova: "I trusted people who didn't deserve this"

Анастасия Волочкова: «Я доверяла людям, которые такого не заслуживали»

The actress became a victim of unscrupulous staff. The ballerina said about scams, stealing food and clothing, as well as the kindness and trustAnastasia, your driver conducted a large investigation. Are there any results?— I can say that justice has been done. The driver was arrested. Alexander Skirtach was taken into custody and then hopefully will move to prison, and a place where fraudsters. Already started some innuendo from one of his wives

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Nonna Grishaeva: "For theater I turned down the TV"

Нонна Гришаева: «Ради театра я отказалась от телевидения» met the actress with the children on the show, young local designers and learned about the latest change in her life— Nonna, this is the first part of your children at a fashion show?— No, not the first. I'm friends with many domestic designers. We are with my son two years ago has already participated in a similar show. So the experience has Ilya. My daughter just at that time was not in Russia: it is studied five years in England

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Alexander Revva: "a Woman always wants "more"

Александр Ревва: «Женщина всегда хочет "еще»

The actor admits in an interview that from an early age, lived in the female realm, and knows about the beautiful ladies allPopular showman Alexander Revva was never deprived of female attention. And we are not talking about his alter ego, stage character Arthur Pirozhkova, namely about the artist. From early childhood he lived in a female reign: he was raised by his grandmother, mother, and he has a twin sister, Natasha. Then there are beloved wife Angelica, and grow two charming daughters

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Natalya Varley: "the world is ruled by love. This theme is very close to me"

Наталья Варлей: «Миром правит любовь. Эта тема мне очень близка»

This summer, the actress has celebrated the 70th anniversary, but his anniversary recital held recently in the framework of one festival. Natalia has received a lot of gifts, she bestowed her fourth collection of poems autographed and Frank. recorded most interestingAbout "the Caucasian captive"Many people think that I just in "the Caucasian prisoner" was filmed, and do not remember my work in the theater and in the film 61

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Julia Parshuta: "work on the body is an integral part of personal growth"

Юля Паршута: «Работа над телом — это неотъемлемая часть личностного роста»

The singer — about her secrets of maintaining good shape, athletic experiments and plastic surgery— Julia, Hello! If you get pleasure from the sport and from the fact that one has to keep in shape? Is there not sometimes just want to relax? Because working on yourself is hard work.— I agree that work is work and we work their whole lives to grow personally. In my understanding work on the body is an integral part of personal growth

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Liza Arzamasova: "If entrusted to play my mom, she finally grew up"

Лиза Арзамасова: «Если доверили играть маму, значит, окончательно повзрослела»

In the film "Partner", she appeared in a new image of a young mother. met with the actress and discussed pregnancy, first love, and the negative role— Lisa, what interested you in the role in the film "Partner"?— I was delighted when I was invited to audition! Even a script to read it, already dreamed that I took on this project because a significant portion of its shooting was held in Vladivostok

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