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Dibrov: "I remain ready to be surprised!"

Дмитрий Дибров: «Я по-прежнему готов удивляться!»

In an interview with televedushy discussed colleagues who are respected, biased choices, and children guitarOne of the country's best loved TV presenters Dmitry Dibrov for ten years has been the popular "Who wants to be a millionaire." Today, despite the fact that Dmitry is traditionally like the "good old", he is ready to surprise and take the "good new"

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Zoya Berber: "they All want me to steal to get married in the village to take"

Зоя Бербер: «Все хотят меня украсть, замуж взять, в аул увезти» met with the actress and talked about the habit of joking on the set, star disease, and the types for weddingZoya Berber first appeared on screens eight years ago in the sitcom "Real boys." Yeah so got used to her character in the street still call out to Leroy, although a shortage of roles the actress is not complaining.— What you remember before filming the "Real boys"?— Pants with bunt, hoodies, headphones rap artists, a complete misunderstanding of what will happen next

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Svetlana Kolpakova: "stress help me bath and a walk with the dog"

Светлана Колпакова: «От стрессов мне помогают баня и прогулка с собакой» discussed with the star of "the Golden Horde" and "Mothers" of the virtual world and the human integritySvetlana Kolpakova is an actress, in demand not only in movies and serials, but also in the theater. She doesn't spare himself when it comes to work, and yet calls himself a happy man.— Svetlana, as you know, on a horoscope Aries. What are the distinctive features of the representatives of this sign are peculiar to you?— Think, persistence, perseverance and hard work

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Taisiya Igumentseva: "the Husband of the scarlet flower turned into a monster"

Таисия Игуменцева: «Муж из аленького цветочка превратился в чудовище»

The Director summarized the results of seven years of marriage with actor Sergey AbroskinHusband — actor, the wife is the Director that is already outside the box. Sergey Abroskin and Taisia Igumentseva pair, evading the media, but it has long been observed in decent work. He is playing in productions at the Theater-Studio of Sergey Zhenovach, the movies "man from Mars", "denied!", "Happiness, health!"

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Viktor Horinyak: "I'm not a romantic, but every girl requires a different approach"

Виктор Хориняк: «Я не романтик, но каждая девушка требует своего подхода»

The star of the show "Kitchen" is nothing like his character. Details — in interviewSiberian character — the same inexplicable concept, like the Russian soul. Perhaps its essence is rebellion, in particular pressure, deep wisdom and a disarming naturalness. Viktor Horinyak is a native of the Krasnoyarsk territory — distance to the capital has overcome surprisingly rapidly. Today, the star of TV series "Kitchen", "Hotel Eleon" and "Young guard" is loved by filmmakers and viewers

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Kirill kyaro: "I never got involved in any adventure"

Кирилл Кяро: «Я ввязывался в любые авантюры» met the actor and discussed the Estonian nature, the life of Moscow and a loved oneAbout Estonian leisurely men there are a lot of jokes. Estonian Kirill kyaro to the recognition went slowly. But today he is in great demand: a lot successfully and skillfully removed in Russia.— In one interview you told that the family Kyaro — two rogue, two strange men. Are you talking about someone?My uncle, Wally Kyaro, also an actor, quite famous and respected

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Igor jijikin: "for fifteen years my dream is to grow hair!"

Игорь Жижикин: «Уже пятнадцать лет мечтаю отрастить волосы!»

On screen it irresistible in the image of a brutal man whose life was full of adventure. Catch the actor on set is quite difficult. But it happened on one of the movie premieres— Igor, you are a rare visitor on secular actions, to meet you at the premiere of a big surprise...— Came to support his friends — those who are filmed and who starred. I have really no role in this film — I do not know, fortunately or not

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Svetlana Antonova: "marriage with Sasha, I came consciously"

Светлана Антонова: «К браку с Сашей я пришла уже осознанно»

Ten years later, the story of an actress and Alexander Zhigalkin has taken an unexpected turn. Details — in interviewSvetlana Antonova won the hearts of fans ever since the blockbuster movie "piranha". However, the actress admits that she isn't a public person: "Sometimes, if you want to go somewhere for an interview or to pose for a magazine, I think I'd rather that time spent playing with the children." She has three, and Junior, Arseny, just two years

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Anne Hathaway: "Scalded milk, it is not necessary to blow on water"

Энн Хэтэуэй: «Обжегшись на молоке, не стоит дуть на воду»

In an interview with the Hollywood actress spoke about how she found happinessWe remember Anne Hathaway is still young girl with huge eyes, which at first he studied to be a Princess, and then brought coffee to the chief editor of a glossy magazine played by Meryl Streep and ran her errands. But now the actress is thirty-five, she's married and has a son Jonathan. It's a grown, confident woman, has long forgotten about childish naivete, but is still optimistically looking to the future

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Andrei burkovsky: "we were cheerful youth"

Андрей Бурковский: «У нас с Ольгой была веселая молодость»

The actor believes that the main thing in relations — a sense of humor. Details — in interviewAndrey burkovsky just four years ago he graduated from the School-Studio of MKHAT, and share the stage with not long ago released, and movie roles he didn't so much, but somehow it seems that the actor has long existed in our lives. Probably due to his charisma and brightness of the created images

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