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Agniya Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadov: "Now our son often sees mom and dad together"

Агния Дитковските и Алексей Чадов: «Сейчас наш сын часто видит маму и папу вместе»

The ex-wife told as at the moment their relationshipAt the time, Alexei Chadova and agniyu Ditkovskite was called the most beautiful cinemaroll. And, despite the fact that their marriage is already in the past, Alex and Agnes still look great together. Inspired by the TV show "the Allies", which are Chadov and Ditkovskite, discussed with Alex and agniey happiness, divorce, and convergence the main goal in life

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Alina Titova: "I'm not familiar with the actor's envy"

Алина Титова: «Мне не знакома актерская зависть» met with the star and discussed the virtual samples of real Boyfriends and acting friendshipActress Alina Titova already remembered by the fans for his roles in such television series as "Police with rublevki-3", "Kitchen" and other well-known projects. Recently, the actress starred in an unusual Comedy, where most of the action takes place on the computer screen.— Alina, I've heard that before the movie "b-day" you were a very unusual casting...It was my most unusual casting

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Ivan Rudakov: "I radically changed my way of life"

Иван Рудаков: «Я кардинально изменил свой образ жизни» he discussed with the actor's iconic roles, adventure and familyIvan Rudakov was born to a family of filmmakers. His father is screenwriter Alexei Rudakov, mother — directed by Elena Nikolaeva. And one of his first notable role (in the film "Pop") he played just mom. However, John says that he is against dynasties.— Ivan, in your filmography includes more than forty roles. What do you consider iconic?— "TSyganochka with an exit", "do Not deny loving". These significant

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Tatyana Vedeneyeva: "Almost all things from world famous couturier I alter under myself"

Татьяна Веденеева: «Почти все вещи от известных мировых кутюрье я перешивала под себя» discussed with the presenter's clothes to order, champagne sorbet and house with a twistTatiana Vedeneeva has been living in the status of telligence, but it remains the modern woman is often called a style icon.— Tatiana, you probably often hear compliments about your sense of style. Can you talk about what you often visit stores?Can't say I'm a Shopaholic, I just don't have time for this. But when it happens — I will certainly visit stores

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Timur Rodrigez: "to Maintain a healthy body and to serve an example to his sons — that's right"

Тимур Родригез: «Поддерживать себя в тонусе и подавать тем самым пример своим сыновьям — это правильно»

The actor said what rules help him to save the formTalented, energetic, forever young. So Timur Rodriguez remains for their fans for many years. At the same time, Timur — a man over thirty, with a complicated life schedule and rather nervous work. How to preserve an enviable shape? met with the artist and wrote his rule of life.I used to like was preparing my grandmother, mom and now wife is preparing. Anya is fantastic it makes

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Sofya Shutkina: "having Lived in Europe, I became a patriot"

Софья Шуткина: «Пожив в Европе, я стала патриоткой» discussed with the actress, the benefit dance and rise at five in the morningSofya Shutkina never wanted to be in a movie. Happy doing Latin American dances, and even played for another country. But at some point life has led her to the door of the theatre of the University.— Your native city of Perm is the birthplace of many stars. There lived Sergey Diaghilev, Georgy Burkov, Stanislav Govorukhin, Pyotr Velyaminov, mark Zakharov, Svetlana Permyakova, Kate Spitz

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From Petlura to Dorin

От Петлюры к Дорину

Victor Doreen: "I sing the same chanson, just more adult"Once this singer was known as Victor Petlyura. But times have changed: the artist decided to begin a new phase in his career and chose a different name. And now the fans are happy to sing along at concerts Victor Dorin. "MK-Boulevard" was discussed with the musician the new name, extreme filming, as well as the UPS and downs in the career of a musician.I know you were recently in the Crimea

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Galina Bob: "the Second child I gave birth literally in the car with your followers!"

Галина Боб: «Второго ребенка я рожала буквально в машине вместе со своими подписчиками!»

Star "Devchonok" is about first love and the man of my dreamsActress Galina Bob is not the first time in my life in a situation that somehow happened to her on the set. The star of the series "Deffchonki" long time married and raising two children. Family well-being can boast, and her on-screen character, Mobilych. met with Galina and discussed about first love, meeting the man of my dreams and birth on Instagram.— Galina, in the series traditionally is a lot of funny situations

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Evelina Bledans: birth live

Эвелина Бледанс: роды в прямом эфире

Famous TV presenter, has made a unique statement. She is ready to have another baby through IVF — treatments of artificial insemination. find out the detailsEvelina Bledans has always said that he wants a lot of children. Today she has only two. The General public knows about the youngest of them — Semyon Syomin. The son of actress and producer Alexander Syomin was born with developmental delays

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Alexei Agranovich: "Carelessness and amorousness — synonyms"

Алексей Агранович: «Раздолбайство и влюбчивость — синонимы»

He could be a regular major, and became a producer, entertainer and actor. Details — in interviewAlexei Agranovich was born in a star family — father, Mikhail Agranovich, the famous movie-operator. Mother, Emilia Kulik, Soviet radio announcer, and his grandfather, Leonid Agranovich, screenwriter, playwright and Director. Alexey held as Director, producer, TV presenter. Any ceremony of "Kinotavr", taffy and MIFF to social events, he turns in a vivid and exciting spectacle

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