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Roman Curtin: "I have a lot of Flaws, but I carefully concealed"

Роман Курцын: «Недостатков у меня полно, но я их тщательно скрываю»

The star of the sitcoms are about muscle mass and the actor's arroganceRoman Curtin is very convincing in the role of the coach in the TV series "Fitness". As, however, and in other roles that he played in the series "Ship", "Krym", "Superbboy.People's Avengers", "I lose weight". met with the Novel and discussed the cheating in the movie, lean muscle mass and dramatic audacity.Roman, I personally was not surprised when I saw you in the role of a fitness instructor

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Svetlana Kolpakova: "I'm not lazy, though Muscovite"

Светлана Колпакова: «Я не ленивая, хотя и москвичка»

The actress is convincing in the images of the naive provincial girls, because she misses the purity of feelings. Details — in interviewCharismatic and distinctive, it fills their roles with a whole sheaf of bright colors, so it's impossible not to succumb to this charm. For reference a Russian appearance and prowess most often she is invited to play simple women from the Russian hinterland, and Muscovite Svetlana Kolpakova famously cope with them without problems grasp his style and patter

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Daria Pogodina: "as a child dreamed of becoming a veterinarian"

Дарья Погодина: «В детстве мечтала стать ветеринаром» I asked the actress about the profession, beauty secrets and the most unusual gift on birthdayActress Daria Pogodin well aware of those who watches TV a few years ago she played a detective in the TV series "the Reader", which was successfully held on the channel TV3. After that, Daria had a lot of different projects, including "the Policeman with the ruble" and "Kitchen in Paris"

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Lena Semenova: "a New song I would dedicate to my son"

Лена Семенова: «Новую песню обязательно посвящу сыну»

On the eve of their tour of the Far East, the singer met with and talked about inspiration, big family travel and baby behind the scenesThe participant of the show "Songs," a teacher of pop-jazz vocals, the singer Lena Semenova combines a busy touring with concerns mom: last year she gave birth to a son in whom doted.— Lena, it is no secret that last year you became a mom. How do you feel yourself in a new role?— I couldn't be happier

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Jessica Chastain: "giving Birth to children, I'm putting his career on the second plan"

Джессика Честейн: «Родив детей, я отодвину карьеру на второй план»

The main feminist of Hollywood, said about his viewsJessica Chastain appeared on the Hollywood sky recently. At first only a passing role in the series, and then she suddenly noticed large Directors and began to actively entice to your project. While at the auditions the girl continued to assert that her looks are too old-fashioned. But now every movie Chastain — the absolute hit

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Evgeny Mironov: "I have everything in life and I chose love"

Евгений Миронов: «Я все в жизни выбирал по любви»

The actor said in an interview about how the profession reconciled him with the outside worldIn the acting profession to Yevgeny Mironov, probably, subject to all. But it was not enough. And he not only created and wrote the Theatre of Nations, in which put filmmakers from around the world, but brought back to life one of the best buildings of Moscow — a former Theater Korsch and branch of the Moscow art Theater

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Natalia Bardo: "I control everything, except your husband"

Наталья Бардо: «Я контролирую все, кроме мужа»

The actress believes that role-playing games in the family should be maintained. Details — in interviewRussian Kate moss — so many people call a young actress Natalia Bardot. In fact, whether the circumstances of his personal life has affected Natalia, or stay in Makkah all the stars of Hollywood, but appeared in it some sophistication and chic. Three years ago she met with the Director Marius Weisberg, the novel was rapid and vivid — and they are already a family, raising a son Eric

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François cluzet: "I always try to play a character nothing like me"

Франсуа Клюзе: «Я всегда стараюсь играть персонажа, не похожего на меня»

Star pattern "1+1" — the reincarnation of a poacher, theatrical tricks and the streets of MoscowActor françois cluzet is well known from the film "1+1". On October 25, the new film "How to skip school with benefits", where françois played a major role. The actor arrived in Moscow to present a new painting, and was able to communicate with, if I'm not mistaken, you first time in Moscow. What are your impressions?Moscow surpasses all that you could probably expect from it

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Konstantin Ivlev: "Cooking is sex"

Константин Ивлев: «Готовка — это секс» caught the presenter on a master class for the couple and discussed the date under cakes, family business, and fights in the kitchenFamous chef and host of "knife" and "Hell's kitchen" Konstantin Ivlev on the screen looks like a real culinary tyrant. However, in some situations, the terrible boss can be a real romantic.— Konstantin, your willingness to share culinary secrets with married couples worthy of all praise

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Taisia Povaliy "Wrinkles from love"

Таисия Повалий: «Морщины разглаживаются от любви»

It seems that the singer is not terrible. asked the artist to share the rules that allow her to always lookIf you eat right, why not let delicious? A little bit of chocolate cake once in two weeks. But the main thing — a little! Not as much as before: poltora at a time to eat. (Laughs.) In childhood and youth we always had something baked. Perhaps it was an addiction

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