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Dina Garipova: «go Back in my past life is unfair»

Дина Гарипова: «Возвратиться в мою прошлую жизнь было бы несправедливо»

The second season of the show «the Voice» has caused Dina Гариповой, last year's winners of the project, a lot of nostalgic feelings. That, however, does not prevent her to prepare for the defence of diplomas and musical career. WomanHit talked with Dina about the best diet, independence and peaceful life

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Tatiana Пилецкая: «my future husband introduced me Gypsy

Татьяна Пилецкая: «С будущим мужем меня познакомила цыганка»

Its beauty admired, and her success envied. She posed for the artist Kuzma Petrov-Водкину and statuette of her youth, is in the Treasury of the Russian Museum. She attributed the novels with the most famous handsome country - Oleg Стриженовым, Georgy Yumatov, and even Alexander Вертинским. And nobody ever thought of how difficult fate fell on the share of this fascinating woman

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Irina Allegrova: «I do what I want!»

Ирина Аллегрова: «Я делаю, что хочу!»

The other day in the first Ostankino Studio have been shooting the «Patrimony of the Republic», broadcast will be this weekend. The programme again decided to resume its broadcasting, and the first sign was Irina Allegrova. It is to her was dedicated to the release of the programme

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