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Pierce Brosnan: "Sometimes I get tired of female attention!"

Пирс Броснан: «Порой так устаешь от женского внимания!»

When you look at Pierce Brosnan, think before you superhero, kind of invincible handsome man in the Prime of life, who knows only that saves the world and seduces women. However, this is not the case: actor little resemblance to their characters - James bond and agent Devero. In his life there were too many tragedies, left heart deep wounds. Pierce Brosnan

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Julia Parshuta: "I came to Moscow for the third time"

Юлия Паршута: «Я попала в Москву с третьего раза»

She tried several times to conquer Moscow. Turned out the third time. Yulia Parshuta became one of the brightest stars of the project "Factory of stars". Today she successfully builds a solo career, participating in television and film projects. Not so long ago developed their talents on the show "one to One". But to make life so jealous changed, had to part with some illusions. Julia Parshuta. Photo: personal archive of the singer

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Natasha Koroleva: "Spicy scenes of us with Sasha was not easy"

Наташа Королева: «Пикантные сцены нам с Сашей дались нелегко»

The old castle on the outskirts of Prague, mysterious Park in the light of the moon, Natasha Queen in the role of a century witches and a lost traveler in the person of Alexander Marshal. WomanHit imbued with mystical atmosphere on the filming of the video for the song "Wicked I you", written by the poet Mikhail Gutseriyev and composer Victoria Kokhanov. Natasha Koroleva. Photo: materials of press-services. The video was born quite a long time

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Natalia Krachkovskaya: "I am fair, friendly people and not just stupid"

Наталья Крачковская: «Я справедливый, доброжелательный человек и не совсем дура»

It remains one of the favorite comedic Actresses, despite the fact that health problems do not allow Natalia Leonidovna often appear in public. However, despite all the difficulties, the actress does not lose optimism and irony. What WomanHit noticed during an interview with the star at the festival in Blagoveshchensk. Natalia Krachkovskaya. photo: Juliana Kalashnikov Natalia Leonidovna, you, judging by purchases from the store

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Marina Devyatova: "I Love when there are problems"

Марина Девятова: «Люблю, когда есть проблемы»

Recently the singer lives in his own apartment. She bought it and has organized it repaired. WomanHit congratulated star with a housewarming. Marina Devyatova. photo: Lily Karlowska Marina, you can finally congratulate you on your new home?- Can. Of course, the repairs are not completed fully, there are some interior detail, to which the hands do not reach. I've chosen the area for the purchase of an apartment

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Jean-Pierre Jeunet: "In the French film, I never felt at ease"

Жан-Пьер Жене: «Во французском кино я никогда не чувствовал себя в своей тарелке»

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, known to us primarily as the Director of the film "Amelie", prepared for the audience another very touching story. His new film "the Incredible journey of Mr. Spivet" in 3D is set for release on October 30. Why this picture means so much to the film's Director, Jean-Pierre told personally. Helena Bonham Carter and Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Photo: All Over Press. The plotOn the remote, godforsaken ranch in Montana has 10-year-old boy. He is very talented and very lonely..

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Viktor Bychkov: "My agent Spielberg wrote: "Such good Russian does not exist!"

Виктор Бычков: «Моему агенту Спилберг написал: «Таких хороших русских не бывает!»

Viktor Bychkov we know mainly on the role of hunter Kuzmich from films about peculiarities of national hunting and fishing. But unlike many actors, which will eventually disown images that brought them fame and love of folk, Bychkov bear his cross with patience and dignity. Although there was a time when filmmakers in focus not seen him in other roles. The actor recalled how difficult it had been his career and how difficult it was to find personal happiness. Viktor Bychkov

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Maria Golubkina: "I live in a madhouse!"

Мария Голубкина: «Я давно живу в сумасшедшем доме!»

Everyone knows Maria Golubkina as a character actress. However, she is not afraid to change the roles. Recently, for example, she conducted a master class, in which he shared... special methodology for the strengthening and development of memory. Where such a sudden interest in this topic? And the main thing is such a deep knowledge of the subject? Maria Golubkina. photo: Lily Karlowska Because acting profession implies a good memory

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