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Boris Akunin, "I am grateful to my critics"

Борис Акунин: «Я благодарен своим критикам»

In an exclusive interview WomanHit writer told about his new book, admitted that playing in the strategy, and promised to write a sequel to the adventures of Erast Fandorin. Boris Akunin. photo: Gennady Cherkasov Boris Akunin, whose real name is Grigory Shalvovich Chkhartishvili, never ceases to delight readers with new works. Recently released a new book by the writer called "History of Russian state", which is addressed to a wide readership, people who want to know how it was in reality

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Emma stone: what should be the girlfriend of a superhero?

Эмма Стоун: какой должна быть подружка супергероя?

The actress has coped with a role of girls new spider-Man so convincingly that her on-screen romance with Andrew Garfield turned into the real. Emma stone and Angrygerbil met in 2010, during the shooting of the first film in the franchise, "New spider-Man". Photo: Rex Features/ Career of the actress Emma stone beginning at the age of 17. Now the girl of 25 and in her filmography 27 series and full-length projects

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Andrew Hagolan: "I Admit that with marriage I dragged"

Андрей Гайдулян: «Признаю, что с женитьбой я затянул»

Recently the actor celebrated the thirtieth anniversary. He was born on the Day of cosmonautics, but still in a military family. It would seem that the choice of profession for a boy was predestinated. But Andrei decided to enroll in a theater... Andrew Hagolan. photo: materials of press-services. - Andriy, for you 30 years - is it much or little?- It seems to me that much. Everything seemed: twenty-twenty, and in 29 I realized that comes tridtsatnik

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Anastasia Makeeva: "you Need to save your soul, and not run up the career ladder"

Анастасия Макеева: «Нужно спасти свою душу, а не бежать по карьерной лестнице»

Actress and singer wandering through the ruins of the temple of Aphrodite, bathed in the sea near the mountain, named after the goddess of love, and confessed in a male monastery. And it's not the shooting of the new film. Just Anastasia decided to relax a bit and shared details of their vacation. Anastasia Makeeva. photo: materials of press-services. Nastya, you were recently in Cyprus. Why did you decide to go there alone, without a husband? - Gleb daily rehearsals and shooting

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Oksana Robski: "the New is the synonym of the word "happiness"

Оксана Робски: «Новое – это синоним слова «счастье»

She disappeared literally in one day. It seemed only yesterday no social party did not do without its participation, but when Oksana Robski stopped appearing on numerous party ranks Prazdnichnaya closed " as if it were not for her, the main jizneopisanii Rublevsky glamour. Several years about Oksana nothing was heard. And even her girlfriends, those Rublevsky wife, no idea where it went. The traces were lost on a tiny island somewhere in the Caribbean. And everybody, no more information..

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Maria Kozhevnikova: "All women are advised: if there are no contraindications, give birth to yourself"

Мария Кожевникова: «Всем женщинам советую: если нет противопоказаний, рожайте сами»

The state Duma Deputy, social activist, actress, beautiful, but now this list were added to the title of wife and mother. Last summer, Maria Kozhevnikova married. Secretly - wrote as many media. Her lover was Eugene, specialist in the field of IT-technologies, - a man who is skeptical of the newspaper popularity. And as for Mary comfort and happiness to the beloved is the most expensive, about the personal life of the couple did not spread

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Polina Gagarina: "I felt like a beautiful bird in a cage"

Полина Гагарина: «Я почувствовала себя красивой птицей в клетке»

Singer Polina Gagarina has joined the ballet art. And without separation from their main occupation. Polina has played a role in the clip on the motives of the ballet "the Great Gatsby", the music for which he wrote the producer of the singer Konstantin Meladze. WomanHit found out the details. Polina Gagarina filming the new clip. photo: materials of press-services. - Polina, you first take part in a ballet project

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Anton Feoktistov: «This kind of character I've ever had»

Антон Феоктистов: «Такого персонажа у меня еще не было»

On account of an actor - work in such popular series as "Angelia", "Schuler", "Institute of noble maidens", "Fortunetelling with candles" and others. In the new series "13", which will soon begin on the channel TV-3, the actor role of the journalist in which he will reveal a whole new way. Anton Feoktistov and Elena Polyanskaya. photo: materials of press-services

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Olesya vladykina: «After the accident, my personal life has become much brighter»

Олеся Владыкина: «После аварии моя личная жизнь стала намного ярче»

There are people who like a ray of light - are happy and filled with positive energy all come in contact with. Olesya vladykina is one of them. In twenty years she had an accident and became disabled, losing hands. But the tragedy it did not break. On the contrary, the girl was a success, twice became the champion Paralympic games on swimming. Olesya Vladykina. Photo: private collection. When she walked into the cafe, where we had an appointment, my heart was filled with pity

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