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Tamara Globa: "After the third marriage I said it, now no one will stand"

Тамара Глоба: «После третьего брака я сказала себе: все, теперь ни за кем не буду стоять»

The astrologer believes that summer is not the best time to start a romantic relationship. Details — in interviewFor astrologer and TV presenter Tamara Globa the holiday season is not always associated with recreation. caught Tamara in the workplace and discussed with her past, future, children, disagreements with colleagues, as well as the mind and senses.— Tamara, before the end of summer there is not much time

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Maria Butyrskaya: "someone on the site garden, and we have the football field"

Skater with her husband, hockey player Vadim Homitsky, raising three children. Two of them are students and young athletes. In anticipation of the school year, the athlete said about training, study and dream house— Maria, tell us how you spend the last month of summer?— That went to Turkey and had forgotten what it feels like to relax. We even have summer kids solid workout. Besides, I work, my husband plows. The eldest son departed today on the charges

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Alexander Oleshko: "On TV I — intelligent hoodlum"

Александр Олешко: «На ТВ я — интеллигентный хулиган» discussed with the honored artist of Russia serious age and children's projectsAlexander Oleshko difficult to imagine in a bad mood. It seems like all the problems leave his side, and he is ready to share her smile with the world.— Alexander, you recently celebrated a birthday. Is it sad for you holiday?— Birthday — always a good thing. After all, this is a meeting with life. Meet with those who either decorate or hurt you, and thereby bring into your life lessons

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Maxim Vitorgan: "Plan in the contract a separate item: no fake mustache and beards"

Максим Виторган: «Планирую в контракте отдельный пункт: никаких накладных усов и бород»

The actor said, as caught in a love triangleMaxim Vitorgan was in a love triangle in the new series he is trying to discourage heroine Tatyana Arntgolts hero Vladimir Epifantsev. The actor himself admits that in his life these stories, fortunately, did not happen. But it has happened to other, not less bright.— Maxim, in the series "New man" you play the reliable man who fights for his girlfriend's heart

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Igor jijikin: "Never make promises, I just do!"

The actor answered the questions of the survey— What color do you associate yourself?— A light beige tone.— Did you say you had read Schopenhauer, although you didn't read?— No, it was not necessary.Someday in a fit of rage you hit the dishes, tore Newspapers, throwing objects?And tore and threw, but without damage to others.— Did you happen to give the donated gifts?— It happened more than once.— What can make you blush?— Shame for the behavior of others

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Sergey Lazarev: "My son lives a normal life a normal child"

Сергей Лазарев: «Мой сын живет обычной жизнью обычного ребенка» met with singer and learned a lot about relations with his heirA couple of years ago Sergey Lazarev was a shock to all recognition that he is the son of Nikita. Since then, many fans of the singer look not only for news of his creative life, but also for growing his heir.— Sergey, summer is in full swing. How it was for you?Summer for me is always a hot time: concerts, tours around the country. Well, managed to find time for the Studio, started to record a new album

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Maria Anikanova: "it is Impossible to keep the family together for the kids"

Мария Аниканова: «Нельзя сохранять семью ради детей»

Having gone through three divorces, the actress admitted in an interview that is not yet ready for a serious relationshipActress Maria Anikanova could become a famous skater, but a meeting with the Director Sergei Solovyov has changed everything. She felt that now does his job. But figure skating come twice in her personal life with the future Olympic Champions, her first husband — Eugene by EA Platov and Ilia Kulik, with whom she was bound by civil marriage

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Anna Semenovich: "Yes, I'm a girl and sweet"

Анна Семенович: «Да, я девушка с аппетитными формами»

The figure of the singer — the envy of thousands of girls. However, to remain beautiful, she has to work on himself. Their secrets Anna shared with WomanHit.ruAnna, once again watched your pictures on Instagram. You look gorgeous. How do you keep in shape?— Thank you very much for the compliment. My main rule is not to run. A minimum of 40 minutes a day I spend working on the figure. Sometimes "can't", but a rule is a rule

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