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Alexei Guskov: "Rape of life is impossible. It has to be lived, to hear, to accept"

The actor has shared his life lessonsAleksei Guskov is popular not only in Russia. He turned to the Pope in the Italian film "Pope John Paul II. He is a Saint, he's a man". The crowd of nuns to come to the shows to see the actor who became almost like a deity. Recently, Goose Cove actually played Jesus Christ in his new production project, "Eternal life Alexander hristoforov" rather restless actor who revised his past. What is common between him and his hero?1

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Maria Smolnikova: "I was not set up to repel another woman's man, but..."

Мария Смольникова: «Я не была настроена отбивать чужого мужчину, но…»

The actress got married to a colleague of Ivan Orlov. Details — in an exclusive interviewAll of them was like in a Russian fairy tale: he saved her from villains, and she could not help but fall in love. The arrow of Cupid was right on target: the acting profession is one for two, has a hobby of painting, special, not characteristic of the majority view of the world and restless temperament

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Olexandr Balyk: "Happiness loves silence!"

Александр Балыков: «Счастье любит тишину!»

Group VIVA long occupied a special place on the musical Olympus. For the first time about his family WomanHit told soloist and producer of the team Olexandr Balyk- You have long believed eligible bachelor, but it turns out that you have been married. Why only recently you unveiled your wife and daughter?- First, as I didn't want to advertise. There is one rule that I go by: "Happiness loves silence!"

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Jemal, Tetruashvili: "Schopenhauer I will not read it"

The actor responded to the survey— What color do you associate yourself?All in the mood... probably with all the colors of the rainbow.— Did you say you had read Schopenhauer, although you didn't read?— No, do not recall... Schopenhauer I didn't read... I Confess.Someday in a fit of rage you hit the dishes, tore Newspapers, throwing objects?Happened, and for youth, but probably only a couple of times! I don't like that

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Alexei Guskov and Lidia velegeva: "to Gather the family it is very difficult. All, fortunately, have a job,"

Алексей Гуськов и Лидия Вележева: «Собраться семьей нам очень сложно. У всех, к счастью, есть работа»

About the new film, self-irony and granddaughter — in an interview withThis year Alexei Guskov has celebrated anniversary — 60 years. And relax not in a hurry. In contrast, recent work so much that his schedule is busy for the months to come. The other day, the premiere is an ironic Comedy of "Eternal life Alexander hristoforov", where Alex played a major role. And this picture is shot by his wife Lydia velegeva which Guskov not often appear together on the screen

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Valery Hai "Everyone wants to live better, but the prestige is not about me"

Валерий Хаев: «Все хотят жить лучше, но престиж — не про меня»

Popularity has not affected the lifestyle of the actor. Details — in interviewVitaly Haev belong to those actors who try to hide their lives from public attention. But once had an argument with an old friend that will last all year to give interviews, and have. Her first role in a movie Vitaly has played only thirty-five years, since there were many striking works that brought him recognition

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Yanina Melehova: "filming Nude scenes on camera I work freely, but to look embarrassed"

Янина Мелехова: «На съемках обнаженных сцен на камеру я работаю свободно, но смотреть потом стесняюсь» discussed with actress passport data, sex scenes and best criticThis talented young actress unusual name, and three names. However, fans know her as Janina Melihovo.— You have amazing singing name is Ioannina, where is it?— From Belarus, but it's a Polish name. So I decided to call dad. Yes, and great-grandmother had, Yanina.Now let us look at your names. Somewhere you Melekhov, somewhere Melekhova-Goryacheva, somewhere and do "nee buyko". What is the truth?— All true. (Laughs

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Mitya Fomin: "Think about the children: I have a lot to teach and what to leave"

Митя Фомин: «Думаю о детях: мне есть чему научить и что оставить»

The actor said, who is waiting for him at home, and why I can't celebrate the housewarmingMitya Fomin has released the album on vinyl, again began to speak in a group of Hi-Fi and prepares to celebrate his stage anniversary recital on the second of December. met with the singer and found out why he need all this who is waiting for him at home and where a large Jewish family.— Mitya, we know that you are now in the works, a surprise to fans...— Well, this is not a surprise

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Ian Guryanova: "the Main disadvantage of the acting profession is that we are hostages of the offer"

Яна Гурьянова: «Главный минус актерской профессии в том, что мы заложники предложения»

Star of TV series "Interns" played in the feature filmIn the picture Yana Gur'yanovoy had to play the role of an adult, but at the same time, a little girl. Impressed met with the actress and discussed the men on the set, dream dress and wig and lenses.— In the film "Dominic," you play a girl who miraculously grew from the little girl for a short period of time. How did you get into this project?It was an interesting experience

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Anna Yakunina, "don't believe artists when they say tired"

Анна Якунина: «Не верьте артистам, когда они говорят, что устали» met with the actress, congratulated her on the occasion and discussed the delights of coming of age, jealousy of her husband and holiday vacationStar of TV series "Sklifosovsky", "Girls, don't give up," "Two fathers and two sons" and many other movies Anna Yakunina celebrates the fiftieth anniversary.— Anna, looking at you, it's hard to believe that you fifty. You yourself, when in the passport look, believe?— I in the passport did not drop

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