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Naseri: "My girlfriend is a lawyer"

Сами Насери: «Моя девушка — адвокат»

The star of the movie "Taxi" in recent years, frequent in Russia. In the summer he was seen at the festival in Rostov-on-don, and recently the Frenchman met in the Crimea. talked with the actorSammy, you came to the Crimea. What brings you here?— I flew to Yalta to take part in the "Forum world". But in the end visited the competition "the Best driver of the Crimea-2017"

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Ivan Okhlobystin: "a Real Russian man can not live for yourself"

Иван Охлобыстин: «Настоящий русский мужик не умеет жить для себя» discussed with the artist the inspiration, the successes of the children and the last of the romanticsIvan Okhlobystin acted in films, wrote the script, is directing, performing with concert programs. And even more recently he is a successful writer who works in the fantasy genre.— As you write what you need: surf, silence, separate study, a pencil and a notebook?— I have headphones, there is a door, in which case can be closed

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Maxim Kiselev: "At the first meeting my future wife didn't really want to meet, I had to persevere"

Максим Киселев: «При первой встрече моя будущая жена не очень хотела знакомиться, пришлось проявить настойчивость»

Star of KVN and a show "Once Russia" got married. Details — in interview WomanHit.ruMaxim Kiselev left the ranks of bachelors and tied the knot with a girl named Maria. Recently the couple returned from their honeymoon. met with the artist and recorded his impressions.— Maxim, for the honeymoon you have chosen the Dominican Republic. Why this country?We discussed lots of options, but we decided that we would be flying to the Dominican Republic

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Kirill Pletnev: "With the birth of the third child I woke up paternal instinct"

Кирилл Плетнев: «С рождением третьего ребенка у меня проснулся отцовский инстинкт»

In an interview the actor admitted that he dreams of a daughterPopular actor not so long ago mastered the profession of Director, which was appreciated at film festivals. Kirill Pletnev is trying to combine directing and acting with raising three sons. met Cyril in Rostov-on-don, and it turned out that in this city it home.—...I have lived in Rostov-on-don for two months. We filmed here the film "Once in Rostov". In the restaurant of our hotel was the best strudel I ever ate

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Alexander Nevsky: "Proud of what Schwarzenegger calls me friend"

Александр Невский: «Горжусь тем, что Шварценеггер называет меня своим другом»

The artist says: in Hollywood I respect those who work hard, not give up and gets herAlexander Nevsky has long been known to viewers for his roles brutal beauties in Hollywood projects. But the muscular actor well able producer and writer. In his production already a few films, and recently released the tenth book. called Los Angeles and spoke with Alexander

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Philip Gazmanov — about girls: "I'm very picky"

Филипп Газманов — о девушках: «Я очень придирчив»

The son of Oleg Gazmanov sings, but draws. However, the work of the young person considers just a hobby, wants to do business and admits that now his heart is freePhilip Gazmanov 19 years old, he is not a native son Oleg, but, nevertheless, adopted his character and even appearance traits: a young man grew up sporty, purposeful and faithful. And like dad, he is easy to do a handstand. The presentation of a new clip Oleg Gazmanov "At sunset crying macho" young man talked to

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Oleg Gazmanov: "I am the audience "Bacillus" joy"

Before the premiere of the new video, the musician said birth songs– Oleg how you have the verses?– Very different. This is the magic of words. For example, "glass, in your eyes, glass", each individually it means little, but their combination gives a different atmosphere and creates air. I love that the person had the opportunity to invent something of their own. And in this song all happened oddly enough

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Egor Koreshkov: "Falling in love, be a stupid kid, embarrassing unconscious bear"

Егор Корешков: «Влюбляясь, становишься глупым ребенком, неловким бессознательным медвежонком»

The actor admitted in an interview that again, not aloneToday Egor Koreshkov is one of the most sought after young actors. His acting biography formed so that it is interesting to the average viewer, and those who is a fan of auteur cinema. Although "Bitter" Jora Gooseberry, where the actor played the groom, won, seems, everyone. According to one of glossy magazines, it is recognized as the most stylish actor of 2017

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Ksenia lukianchikova and Ivan Zhvakin: "We didn't need the traditional pattern: flowers–cinema–restaurant"

Ксения Лукьянчикова и Иван Жвакин: «Мы не нуждались в традиционной схеме: цветы–кино–ресторан»

The artists said in a joint interview that became familyMany the memory is still fresh footage of high-profile TV series "the Red Queen" about the famous Soviet model Regina Zbarskaya, where the main role (and for yourself debut) made student spgati Xenia lukyanchikova, and recently, on the screens of the country came the post-apocalyptic painting "Dance of death", where shines a graduate of Chips Ivan Zhvakin

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