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Oded Fehr: "I think of myself as a good guy, but look in the mirror and scared"

Одед Фер: «Я думаю о себе как о хорошем парне, но смотрю в зеркало и пугаюсь»

The owner of a demonic appearance, the actor was a sensitive and delicate personOded Fehr is an American actor, whose life is closely connected with Europe and Israel. He became famous for his roles in such cult films as "the Mummy" and "Resident evil." The owner of a demonic appearance, fer plays villains and a mysterious foreign Prince, but may be one of the most sensitive and thin people you will ever meet.— Oded, not so long ago, flew to Moscow

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Fedor Lavrov: "I do not deny nor ex-wives, no girls"

Федор Лавров: «Я не отрекаюсь ни от бывших жен, ни от девушек»

The actor admits that now happily marriedFedor Lavrov was born in the family of the St. Petersburg theatre of actors, but it's not strewn his way with roses and even had me worried when choosing a career. He admits that because of their obsession with work have lost two families, but now, despite the dedication, priorities changed. Having moved from St

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Alexander Yatsenko: "stage of apathy is replaced by my aggressive loose"

Александр Яценко: «Стадия апатии сменяется у меня агрессивным загулом»

The actor does not hesitate to admit their vices. Details — in interview WomanHit.ruAlexander Yatsenko today on the crest of success. Critics and filmmakers and colleagues rave about the work of the actor and call him a genius. But he really probably a genius — because little is not of this world. With him easy and difficult. It is difficult because unpredictable and easily — because warm and sincere, not shy even of his tears and not afraid to admit flaws

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Miloš Bykowicz: "a Drunk I was talking nonsense"

What can make blush artist? Read in the blitz survey— What color do you associate yourself?— I consider myself green. It is the color of nature and... of dollars. Kidding.— Did you say you had read Schopenhauer, although you didn't read?— Schopenhauer I have read. But, perhaps, drunk, I was talking nonsense, even this one.Someday in a fit of rage you hit the dishes, tore Newspapers, throwing objects?— No, I am a quiet person. If I don't like something, a hold

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Elena Proklova: "is It not happiness to be needed"

Елена Проклова: «Это ли не счастье — быть нужным»

The famous actress, sex symbol of Soviet cinema was not afraid to play the wretched and the poor woman in the play "Pool of love". met with Helen and discussed the cult of youth in the movie, the key to good health and ways to spend earned— One of your new works — role in the play "Pool of love" by the product of Kuprin "the Pit". What attracted you to this production?— First of all, it's a classic. One of the favorite authors of Russian literature. I love Kuprin

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Ani Lorak: "My talents are revealed really only when I became a mother"

Ани Лорак: «Мои таланты раскрылись по-настоящему, только когда я стала мамой»

In an interview with the singer speculate on ways to deal with depression, children's self-reliance and a sea of flowersAni, as it turns out, during the holidays you actively worked. Here recently released a clip in which you take in several persons...— Yes, this video is for the song "New former", the clip was directed by Alan Badoev, to whom belongs the idea of multiple female characters that I transform

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Evgeny Pronin: "When meeting with a girl I can still blush."

On his main advantage, the test, which can not afford, and most unexpected outburst, the actor said blitz-survey— What color do you associate yourself?— With Burgundy. This is a noble and very masculine color: it is and stiffness, and tenderness, and style.— Did you say you had read Schopenhauer, although you didn't read?— If to speak about the book, I read it, but in General for a long time on his works to burn harmful

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Roman Makin: "no Wonder my wife agreed so early, I was 21"

Роман Маякин: «Недаром мы с женой сошлись так рано, мне был 21 год»

Tragedy and victory of the actor — in an interview with WomanHit.ruIn recent times, the Novel Makino and then offered the role of men, obsessed with the passions. But in real life it gives the impression of being very sensible, who knows what he wants. He had to grow up at the age of eighteen years, the Roman lost her parents and sister. Also before he became the head of the family, married a woman with three children. And now already growing up and the fourth is Michael

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Oles Zheleznyak: "My taste is absolutely not sought after my life"

Олеся Железняк: «Мой вкус совершенно не востребован моей жизнью»

The actress said in an interview about family joys and sorrowsFame Olesya Zheleznyak brought a film by Tigran Keosayan "the silver Lily", where she played a funny provincial girl who dreams of becoming a singer. The second round of the national love came with the role of the energetic and charismatic Larissa in the popular TV series "Matchmakers", the new season after a long break, to the delight of both the spectators and the participants themselves, was removed this summer

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