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Alexander Domogarov-Jr: «I'm not a womanizer»

Александр Домогаров-младший: «Я не бабник»

Alexander Domogarov Jr. Photo: private collection.The eldest son Domogarova Dmitry was tragically killed in a road accident in 2008. Sasha son from the second marriage actor's make-up artist working with Irina Гуненковой. This Union lasted twelve years, and unlike other women Domogarova ex-spouse always spoke of him with warmth and respect. Yes, and Alexander, apparently retained Irina affection

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Alexander Domogarov-Jr: «I am not a womanizer»

Александр Домогаров-младший: «По натуре я совсем не бабник»

The son of a famous actor bears the same name as his father. They look very similar. But in Домогарове Junior nothing fatal charm of its parent star. Cute, smiling, charming guy. Though in due time, Sasha graduated from theatre College, acting profession preferred Director. «I want to do something, to respect me,» he explained

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