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Irina Allegrova: «I do what I want!»

Ирина Аллегрова: «Я делаю, что хочу!»

The other day in the first Ostankino Studio have been shooting the «Patrimony of the Republic», broadcast will be this weekend. The programme again decided to resume its broadcasting, and the first sign was Irina Allegrova. It is to her was dedicated to the release of the programme

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Alexei Kabanov: «We decided to throw away all signs»

Алексей Кабанов: «Мы решили отбросить все приметы»

Today in Вернадском registry Office of Moscow with his bachelor position goodbye 30-year-old soloist of «Roots» Alexey Kabanov. His choice was a 20 year old student Rosalia Коноян. With a happy event, came to congratulate the newlyweds a friend of the groom soloist of the group «Fabrika» Sasha Savelieva

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Laysan utiasheva: “Pasha is not glamorous bastard”

Ляйсан Утяшева: “В жизни Паша — совсем не гламурный подонок”

The information that the athlete is expecting a baby from Paul Will, at first, no one took seriously. First, a couple of (surprisingly) no one has ever seen together. Secondly... well they are too different people. Besides the news came on April 1, the fool's Day. However, Laysan dispelled all doubts: it is now really a married woman, and four months ago they had a son, Robert

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