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Valeria Gai Germanika was made related to the world of cinema, rock music and ballroom dancing

Как Валерия Гай Германика породнила мир кинематографа, рок-музыки и бальных танцев

The outrageousness inherent in the star is not only in creativity but also in your personal lifeShe is one of the most controversial and talented Directors of the new generation. Each work by Valeria Gai Germanika is a matter of controversy. She has two daughters from different men and says that love doesn't exist, there's only longing for her. However, his amorous adventures, she have pedigree in the world of cinema, rock music and ballroom dancing. About it – in the present investigation

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Robert Downey Jr: "being a father is a stunning experience at any age"

Роберт Дауни-младший: «Быть отцом — это потрясающий опыт в любом возрасте»

Actor — family, children, love of soap operas and dream to play pensionerIt is called the Phoenix, but the Robert Downey Jr. this definition is not very in the heart. He began acting a child in the paintings of father Robert joked that it was a way to save on the babysitter. In six years tried marijuana, and eight have already become addicted. Thirty-five he was nominated for an Oscar, a prison sentence and "wolf ticket" in Hollywood

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Oded Fehr: "Moscow For me the rain — the gift"

Одед Фер: «Для меня московские дожди — подарок»

The star of the films "the Mummy", "Resident evil", "Charmed" for the local fans always seemed a big mystery as never was in Russia. And finally, the actor appeared first in Moscow and then in Podolsk, on the set of the movie "the Oracle: the game blindly"— Oded, interested to know why you agreed to participate in this project?— To come and see Russia! True! I have a small role, but I came here because I've never been here

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Oksana Pchelinov gave my son a tractor and Cyprus

Оксана Пчелинова подарила сыну трактор и Кипр

Star of TV series "Sofia", "Zemsky doctor", "the Wall" celebrated the fifth anniversary of his son. And then went to Cyprus, where he managed to catch a shark"Great fishing already with a catch... it's great to fish, Dan in love and most importantly," wrote Oksana Pchelinov in his microblog.She also shared details from "Birthday we had a cartoon, who loves my Daniel

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Yana Troyanova: "to Accustom me to something impossible, just send away"

Яна Троянова: «Приучить меня к чему-то невозможно, сразу пошлю подальше»

The actress discussed the changes in her life, true love and dangerous shootingMovies "Top", "Kokoko", "OZ", played by Yana Troyanova, became the real sensation and actress has provided excellent professional reputation. However, even in the TV format Jan can Shine with his talent, as confirmed by all the fans of the series "Olga", the second season of which recently launched.— Yana, for your fans, perhaps, surprise your appearance on the show

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Agata muceniece: "I don't want to be just wife of Paul Priluchnogo"

Агата Муцениеце: «Я не желаю быть просто женой Павла Прилучного»

The actress admits that the popular husband shot down all her plansActress Agatha muceniece — this is a reference to the Baltic balance, when there is no need to worry and some trifles, but there is a higher wisdom to accept what fate sends. And then it will be solid gifts. For example, a loving husband, actor Paul Priluchny, two children and a house full Cup

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Sergey Gubanov: "Sometimes I can eat and zapresheno"

Сергей Губанов: «Иногда могу съесть и запрещенку»

The actor said the benefits of Pilates, chicken breast and rules, to help him maintain excellent physical shapeIn the filmography of Sergey Gubanova, there are many films and TV series, which in addition to acting is very important excellent physical shape. Sergei himself admits that work has become an integral part of his lifestyle.I try to go to the gym at least three times a week

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Dmitry and Polina Dibrovy: "girls after marriage life is just beginning"

Дмитрий и Полина Дибровы: «У девушки после замужества жизнь только начинается»

This year the pair celebrated the tenth anniversary of Dating. Recently, the wife of TV presenter was recognized as the most beautiful married woman of the year, received the title of "Mrs. Russia". Details wife shared with— Pauline, as you have an idea of the participation in such a competition?Pauline: It arose thanks to my friend, mother of Alisa Krylova, who became "Mrs. globe (the Mrs. Globe)". We with it close friends, and she told me about his victory

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Legends and myths about plastic surgery

Plastic surgeon Otari Gogiberidze, in conversation with journalist placed all points over "I"- What is the main myth about plastic surgery?- Many people think that plastic surgery is on the level, such as hairdressing, we are working as hair stylists and makeup artists, where procedures take place easily without any complications and have nothing to do with big medicine

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Larisa Verbitskaya: "I do not like the memories"

Лариса Вербицкая: «Я не люблю воспоминаний»

This wise and beautiful woman, there's a lot to learn. The TV star shared his life lessonsAnton Chekhov argued that in the person all should be beautiful: face and clothes, soul and thoughts. This is just perfect Larisa Verbitskaya, which gives the impression of a very harmonious personality. Her voice called "crystal" — first, Larisa worked as an announcer, then more than twenty-five years he hosted the program "Good morning" on the First channel

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