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Igor Gordin: "Our break-up with Julia helped to look at the situation from the outside"

Игорь Гордин: «Наш разрыв с Юлей помог посмотреть на ситуацию со стороны»

The actor understands what the true value. Details — in interviewHonored artist of Russia Igor Gordin is known primarily as a stage actor. He is the recipient of several prestigious awards — "the Seagull", "the Golden mask" and recently received the International award of Stanislavsky for the work of recent years. The viewer knows him on such series as "the Schedule of destinies", "Moscow twilight", "heavenly court", but removed Gordin infrequently

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Lika Nifontova: "the Role of grandmothers is very important to me"

Лика Нифонтова: «Роль бабушки для меня очень важна»

The whole life of the actress linked to the theater. She first appeared on stage as a child and continued acting dynasty. discussed with Lika Alekseevna status of the wife of the Director, help legendary Arkady Raikin and caring grandmother— Lika Alekseevna, you are in the theater since childhood, came on the scene in three years. Remember anything about your first roles?— I don't remember anything. Three years after all. (Smiles.) Only the stories of parents about this

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Alexander Ustyugov: "I Pray and ask you to give me love"

Александр Устюгов: «Молюсь и прошу дать мне любовь» met the actor and discussed the inspiration from St. Petersburg, motocross and the probability of a third weddingAlexander Ustyugov not only the popular actor, the shooting of which is painted in the months ahead, but also a man with incredible range of Hobbies from rock music to Antiques.— Alexander, do you shoot a lot, play in the theater. How do you find time for Hobbies? How serious Boxing?— Not very long ago came to the hall

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Regina todorenko: "do Not be surprised if soon to marry"

Регина Тодоренко: «Не удивлюсь, если скоро выйду замуж» discussed with the presenter the bites of mosquitoes, the dangers of working in the Studio and love at a distanceThe impression that Regina Todorenko all. And programme about travelling, and shows about image and beauty. But if the programs are different, the presenter in the frame is always equally good: energetic, cheerful, for word in pocket not go.Regina, you are probably one of the most active girls on our TV. "Heads and tails", "Macapure"...—..

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Sofya Ardova: "Sixteen years is not the difference if there is love"

Софья Ардова: «Шестнадцать лет — не разница, если есть любовь»

The continuer of the artistic dynasty said about your manSofya Ardova, as they say, the heiress of the famous artistic dynasty. After graduating from College, Oleg Tabakov invited her to Moscow art theatre, where she gladly takes the stage even in the crowd. While their achievements in the profession, our heroine appreciates modestly, but what its years! Although Sonia from an early age accustomed to independent living, early start to earn, acting in a movie. Perhaps this is the inner maturity

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Dakota Johnson: "From a movie I borrowed the whip and underwear"

Дакота Джонсон: «Со съемок фильма я позаимствовала плеть и нижнее белье»

How scandalous trilogy has influenced her relationships with family and beloved man, and how has it changed her in an interviewFor Dakota Johnson all turned overnight: it was worth it to star in the provocative film "50 shades of grey" as it immediately began to learn in streets and to invite to social events. Now it will not be released to a neighboring coffee shop, making some selfies with fans and not giving a few autographs. Dakota long accustomed to the surging of popularity

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Valery Syutkin: "I Love to be easy and independent"

Валерий Сюткин: «Люблю быть легким и независимым»

Last week the singer celebrated the sixtieth birthdayOn the old musical tradition did Valery Syutkin celebrated the anniversary on the stage in a circle of colleagues and admirers. With great difficulty believing that the singer was his seventh decade, congratulated the birthday boy and talked to him about eternal youth, your favorite business and success children

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Anna Tsukanov-Kott: "I was worried about their appearance, prominent ears, but then began to love myself"

Анна Цуканова-Котт: «Я переживала из-за своей внешности, лопоухости, но потом полюбила себя»

The actress spoke about the way to himself, his family and husband, whom she met... in seven yearsCreative way Anna Tsukanova-Cott began with a newsreel "jumble". Brown hair, funny, enjoys the girl immediately remembered. Surprisingly, the first shooting at the age of seven happened in the diploma work of her future husband Aleksandr Kott. When she turned eighteen, they became a couple, and a year son Misha was born. Today, Anna's already seventy works

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Arseny Todiras: "used to be able to disrupt your concert"

The artist has answered the questions of the survey— What color do you associate yourself?— I love blue.— Did you say you had read Schopenhauer, although you didn't read?I didn't read. As you can see, not hide it.Someday in a fit of rage you hit the dishes, tore Newspapers, throwing objects?— Oh, Yes! Do psychologists even suggest sometimes to beat the dishes, to release excess steam

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