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Vladimir Vdovichenkov and Elena Lyadova: "the Subject of children we are interested in"

Владимир Вдовиченков и Елена Лядова: «Тема детей нас интересует» was able to talk with the actors and find out what they think about the movie, criticism of each other and their own wardrobeElena Lyadova and Vladimir Vdovichenkov is one of the most beautiful, but at the same time the most secretive couples in the Russian cinema. At social events they appear together very rarely, and only call them for the interview and does a great journalistic success.On joint leisureVladimir: In the movie, of course, we go. And I go often

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Agniya Kuznetsova: "Once married, carry this cross"

Агния Кузнецова: «Раз уж женился, неси этот крест»

The actress is celebrating three years of marriage with Maxim Petrov. Details — in interviewActress Agniya Kuznetsova is a long way to his woman's happiness. Was on the way and betrayal, and bitter disappointment. As she confessed in an interview, such novels exhausted the soul, were confusion and the pain from just thinking about love. Meeting with the choreographer Maxim Petrov seems to have seen in her life a new Chapter

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Ieva Andreeviche: "When love ends, always sad"

Иева Андреевайте: «Когда любовь заканчивается, всегда грустно»

The actress has recently broke up with her boyfriend. Details — in interviewIn the domestic film industry like actors from the Baltic States. Here and Ieva Andreeviche has become popular with us. Over the shoulders of girls such interesting projects as "Good boy", "Junior", "the penalty box", "Fartsa". Now expected new significant premiere family drama with elements of mysticism "Mermaid", in which Ieva major role

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Svetlana Svetlichnaya: "I am a positive, kind, happy and helpful"

Светлана Светличная: «Я позитивная, добрая, счастливая и отзывчивая»

The actress said in an interview about raising pensions, the love photo shoots and memory colorsActress Svetlana Svetlichnaya, and to this day remains one of the most charming and attractive actress of Russian cinema. The inimitable charm, the sense of taste — they are marked by a star at any event. met with Svetlana Afanasievna during the next social event and learn the latest news from the life of the honored artist.— Svetlana afanasevna, you look great

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Ekaterina Volkova: "I'm interested in crazy people"

Екатерина Волкова: «Меня интересуют сумасшедшие люди»

In an interview with the actress admitted that it was not necessary to shout about their happinessThin, with a slightly apologetic smile, beautiful with that beauty, when you want to put your strong male shoulder and protect from life's hardships... It looks like this actress Ekaterina Volkova. However, her fragile exterior lies a persistent nature

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Svetlana Fedulova: "My husband planned the kidnapping!"

Светлана Феодулова: «Мой муж спланировал похищение ребенка!»

When the participant of the project "the Voice" married a native of Ukraine Sergey Khomitskaya, she could not imagine what will turn this UnionThe story that started so romantic in Prague, where Fedulova Svetlana and Sergey Khomitsky got married over the fact that the husband tried to steal a child with down syndrome on mothers ' eyes. The man knew that because of the stress the child could have a stroke. Video theft has already appeared in the Network and made a lot of noise. WomanHit

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Inna Zhirkova: "Sometimes I am permitted to meet my husband"

Инна Жиркова: «Иногда мне разрешают встретиться с мужем»

Footballer's wife told about how it has changed the rhythm of life in connection with the arrival of the world Cup, as well as other secrets of his lifeThe world Cup is the main event not only for the famous players, but also for their wives. Inna Zhirkova, the wife of the famous athlete, was no exception. However, to see her husband she could not as often as I would like

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Sergey Ershov: "I was lucky in life: I don't depend on the actor's employment"

Сергей Ершов: «Мне повезло в жизни: я не завишу от актерской занятости» talked with the artist about the new show, sweepstakes and role conActor of the project "the Ural pelmeni" Sergey Ershov now in its sixth year is the most important person of the family Obojnyh in the series "Real boys." To hear in his address the treatment of "Ivanovitch," he's not used to. The Ershov appeared in unexpected roles in the transmission, which drives people in a taxi, and at the same time and plays them. WomanHit

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Yevgeny Tkachuk: "I love honest wife"

Евгений Ткачук: «Я в восторге от предельной честности жены»

The second half of the actor found in social networks. Details — in interviewEvgeniy Tkachuk is an actor, which is now little the master of disguise. Made his debut in the film Alexander Sokurov, and then there was a loud: "the Life and adventures of Teddy jap", "Demons", "the Quiet don"... and despite this, very few people know. So not like he is in real life? He also aspires to become a star. Why jumped off the bridge in Kiev, traded Moscow to St

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