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Rodion Gazmanov: «I am not against criticism of the father»

Родион Газманов: «Я не против критики отца»

When he together with his father sang «Lucy,» few doubted the music in the future of the little boy. But Rodion to have its plans for the future. He passed a great way from the barman to the company Director General and the music called exclusively a hobby. But, apparently, the genes do not be fooled. And here Rodion together with his group «DNA» released the first album and, according to rumors, is ready to exchange business creativity

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Pavel Volya «For family life and sense of humour as a shield»

Павел Воля: «Для семейной жизни юмор — как щит»

In the flow of contradictory information about this person difficult to understand. That no message - what a sensation: the mystery of his real name became known the true author of the jokes, which shines showman... And only the news of his marriage appear annually, if not quarterly, only the names of the brides different every time. And where are all these fantasies, even for Paul himself, Will remain a mystery

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Exclusive! Bari Alibasov Jr: «my father and I Have had a contract»

Эксклюзив! Бари Алибасов-младший: «У нас с отцом был контракт»

All his life he tried to get out of the shadow of the famous father. «It's terrible when you are loved, hated and interested in you, only because you are the son of Bari Alibasov». In the biography of Bari Alibasov Jr. were runaways and studying in the school of Scientologists, and treatment from a psychotherapist. The path to your self was long and thorny, but now Bari is a successful marketer, author of interesting methods of personnel management, and a recently married model

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