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Lora Reznikova: "I Prefer to go to a professional astrologer to make personal horoscope for the year"

Лора Резникова: «Предпочитаю сходить к профессиональному астрологу и составить личный гороскоп на год»

The actress shared with why you should not flirt with another symbol, the Yellow Dog- Laura, at the end of the year we all like to sum up what you were 2017?2017 remember very clearly there were a lot of fateful meetings, wonderful Dating, gifts, discoveries and insights. Some great acting training, were brought to Russia, artists from Hollywood, and I was lucky enough to attend their workshops

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Anastasia Tregubova: "I Have Napoleonic plans for the New year"

Анастасия Трегубова: «У меня наполеоновские планы на Новый год» found out from the TV presenter as she prepares for the birth of the third child and why he refused to travel on winter holidays- Anastasia, at the end of the year to sum up: what for you was 2017?- Even if it is an obvious event, but it's all the same thing this year — I now preparing for the birth of the third child. Though I have often passed through it, see everything as if for the first time

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Ilana St. George's: "we decorate the Christmas Tree the songs of Frank Sinatra"

Илана Юрьева: «Елку мы наряжаем под песни Фрэнка Синатры»

Actress, star of the popular television Comedy show "Ural dumplings" said on why she loves to work in the new year's eve and shared his recipe salad "Olivier"Ilana, tell us what you remembered in 2017? What was the main achievement of the year?- First — last New year we met in Miami. We have lived in the US for a month and at the end of the trip went to new York, where I have long wanted to visit. The city has made a lasting impression on me and did not disappoint

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Sergey Gubanov: "gifts to the daughters I've already given"

Сергей Губанов: «Подарки дочерям я уже вручил»

The popular actor told on the preparations for new year's eve and about how he was in the role of Santa Claus- Sergey, what are the most striking event happened in 2017? What are you doing next year?- 2017 has brought a lot of interesting projects in the movie, one of the most exciting series of the First channel based on the story of Snowden's "I'm alive". Great team, great story. I haven't used in "up sticks" and did not play such a trick role

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Albina on the internal compass, Michael Jackson and the first big concert in Moscow

Альбина о внутреннем компасе, Майкле Джексоне и первом большом концерте в Москве

The young singer albino predict a great futureFans already don't give her enough space, and choreographer Michael Jackson had already recorded the girl as a friend. Author and performer of hits "I'm with you" "must Not", "Not with me" discussed with "MK-Boulevard" jobs in America, the love for dogs and work with icons of show business.— Albina, not all of your fans know how you got to the capital. As far as we know, you were born in Baku..

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Nadezhda Babkina: "I did a good job and seem to deserve a little vacation"

Надежда Бабкина: «Я хорошо поработала и, кажется, заслужила небольшой отдых» discussed with the Hope of Georgievna shooting until the morning, journey to the Altai and caring grandmotherA heavy touring schedule, the shooting of "the Fashionable sentence" and the new theatrical production. If lady Gaga decides to sum up the year, it will have plenty of reason to call myself a very hardworking artist.— Nadezhda Georgievna, you still continue to please us with their participation in the program "Fashion verdict". They say the shooting actually not the lungs

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Svetlana Abramova: "we Have Anton was love at first sight"

Светлана Абрамова: «У нас с Антоном была любовь с первого взгляда»

The presenter knows the secret of happiness: not so long ago she got marriedBeauty, as we know, a terrible force. Well aware of this fans of the TV show "10 years younger", which is published on the First channel. His continued leading Svetlana Abramova — a girl, no doubt, bright and charming. But for such a complex and risky project these two qualities is not enough

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Gerard Butler: "I've done a lot of stupid things"

Джерард Батлер: «Я наделал немало глупостей»

Dark past did not stop the actor to become a world famous star. Speaking of delusions and passions, with respect to fame and profession in the interviewJournalists and women hunt for Gerard Butler with an enviable constancy — alas, neither those, nor others almost never get to achieve success. A man with a mysterious and, say, a dark past, now seems to be exemplary macho and a true Hollywood star on a global scale

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Anna Tikhomirova and Artem Ovcharenko: "Our feelings is like music"

Анна Тихомирова и Артем Овчаренко: «Наши чувства — как музыка»

A year ago, the dancers were married, and in August 2017 to become parents. On light there was their daughter Arianna. This and many other questions in an interview WomanHit.ruFans of ballet know this couple. When they perform together at the Bolshoi theater, their beauty, plastic, grace and how they feel each other, can not but cause admiration. This is not surprising: after Artem and Anna are not only partners, but also loving each other people

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Vera Brezhnev: "In my past, I don't see anything wrong!"

Вера Брежнева: «В своем прошлом я не вижу ничего плохого!»

The singer believes that is something of a Cinderella. Details — in interview WomanHit.ruAttractive, bold, charismatic — this should be a real star. Fans love Vera Brezhnev also for her kindness, openness, there is absolutely no arrogance and careless attitude to people. The girl from Dneprodzerzhinsk remembers, what was her path to success and generously shares her experience with the audience and young artists.Vera, the first time we met in 2008, when you started your solo career

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