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Irina and Vitaly Gogunsky: "We raise the self-esteem of each other"

Ирина и Виталий Гогунские: «Мы поднимаем самооценку друг друга»

After the break they could not only build relationships, but also become family. Details of a happy reunion in an interviewNo wonder they say: fate will not leave. Against Vitali Giganskogo it worked on all hundred. Nine years ago on the set of the series "Univer" the actor met with the beautiful model Irina, Marco. The novel was rapid and vivid, but alas: this pair separated a tight schedule... and evil tongues. But in April of this year it became known that the actor married

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Sergei Garmash: "the Son is my weak spot"

Сергей Гармаш: «Сын — мое больное место»

The actor admits that he often loses in family battlesThe participation of Sergei Garmash has long been a sign of quality for the film. Today, he has the right to choose, and, generally, the internal barometer fails. Much more difficult is in personal terms: it happened to the wrong people, it was not always possible to keep the friendship and to find common ground with children, sometimes scolded himself for the outburst... But to sum up before

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Andrey Chadov: "I Want a real family"

Андрей Чадов: «Хочется настоящей семьи»

The actor said free now his heartIn the new television season Andrei Chadov will appear as in large-scale projects and in small independent films. Andrew is one of those actors who agree to appear for free, even in short films by young Directors, if the script is worth it. And Andrew is one of the eligible bachelors.— Andrey, you once said that it is better to play one good picture a year, than several bad. Now you feel the same way, or was it boyish?— I still think so

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Nastya Zadorozhnaya: "every five years I attribute new Roman"

Настя Задорожная: «Раз в пять лет мне приписывают новый роман»

The star has caused quite a stir when it was revealed that she spent a few days in Portugal with my husband of Catherine Klimova Gela Meskhi. rushed over to review first hand— Nastya, say, you were recently seen in the Portuguese forests. What were you doing there?— Looking for the perfect Portuguese hunter! And met my husband of Katya Klimova, and away we go... (Laughs).— Just intrigued..

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Tutta Larsen: "The worst thing in the world is an aging beauty"

Тутта Ларсен: «Самое страшное на свете — это стареющая красавица»

Now the presenter bears little resemblance to a rebel from the ' 90s — she's the mother of many children and every weekend goes to ChurchOnce it was called the personification of rebellion. With a shaved skull, adorned with tattoos and adorned with piercings in the most unexpected places, tutta Larsen was a very popular TV presenter. But those who remember the heroine of the 90s, very surprised when you see it today.NameHer real name is Tatyana Romanenko. However, know her as a Tutta Larsen

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Konstantin Solovyov: "I am ready to turn the whole world for my beloved wife"

Константин Соловьев: «Я готов перевернуть весь мир для моей любимой жены»

The star of the TV series and his wife Anastasia celebrated their third wedding anniversaryAfter the TV series "Foundry", "Bones", "Major Sokolov" the actor has earned a reputation as a sex symbol, which does not prevent him to be the husband and father. Recently Konstantin and his wife Anastasia celebrated their third wedding anniversary. met the actor and discussed the romance, shooting and acting diet

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Natalia Moskvina: "Our trouble is that we want to be liked by everyone"

Наталия Москвина: «Наша беда в том, что мы хотим всем нравиться»

The famous singer — on phonograms, the romances, and that ruins other people's tasteHonoured artist of Russia Natalia Moskvina singer with character. She tried to work in different genres — from rock to musicals, "accidentally" found themselves in the romances, where most fully revealed. The singer visited "hot spots", are actively involved in charity work. met with the artist

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Igor Saruhanov: "I Hate female alcoholism"

Well-known musician, a family man, and, as it turns out, the philosopher. Igor responded to the questionnaire— What were you like as a child?I don't remember myself, not gonna lie. Sang songs, the mother said. Asked to I listened.— How did you earn your first money and what to spend?— Played at dances when I was in high school. I was about 16. Spent on a guitar string. Of course, I was the happiest person

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Yuri Stoyanov: "I have compared with the stainless"

Юрия Стоянов: «Меня уже сравнивают с нержавейкой»

As an artist will celebrate the 60th anniversary?This summer, Yuri Stoyanov celebrated the sixtieth birthday. Lavish celebrations planned for the autumn, and while the popular actor told about modern casting, Mat in the mouth of a woman and your age.— Let's start with the round date. Tell me, what is the age?— Age is very difficult to feel and understand. But unless you happen to see his classmate. (Laughs

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Sergey Burunov: "I like Motorcycles all my life"

Сергей Бурунов: «Мотоциклы мне нравятся всю жизнь»

The actor made himself an expensive gift. Details — in the material WomanHit.ruSergey Burunov remembered by the audience brilliant comedic roles in movies and TV series. But outside the movie set, the actor has a fascination to which it relates very seriously. met Sergey at high telepresentation and discussed the latest news.— Sergei, unlike your colleagues in the southern sun you can not boast. To sea did not get?The last time I went to sea, in Thailand, in April

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