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Zoryana Marchenko: "I need love"

Зоряна Марченко: «Мне необходимо влюбляться» discussed with the morals of the actress on set, motherhood and a healthy lifestyleZoryane Marchenko remembered for her role in the TV series "Chesnochnitsy". There she is, almost a debutant, was in the bright stars. Now itself Zoryane called a rising star.— You, probably, have already said that you have an unusual name is Zoryana...I have a cousin, so he learned in school the girl he was in love, her name is Zoryana

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Maria Shalaeva, "Parting is not always the loss of a man"

Мария Шалаева: «Расставание — не всегда потеря человека»

The actress maintains good relationships with the fathers of their children, but the marriage did not hurry. Details — in interviewMaria Shalaeva — a striking confirmation of the fact that talent is given by nature and not in higher education. Never having graduated from VGIK, the actress is actively removed, and for all his work receiving prizes and even specially for her to write the script. And recently Maria went ahead and took a swing at directing

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Irina Rozanova: "For me the concept of friendship more than love"

The actress shares with readers their life lessonsActress Irina Rozanova is subject to all: the depth and specificity, Comedy and tragedy, bright colors and restraint, confirming what we once saw in the recent episode "the ring" and will soon see in the new film of Valery Todorovsky "Odessa". She is resolute and uncompromising, closed and completely open, guarding their space and not pitying his soul

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Feruza ruzeva: "fell in Love with Moscow after the birth of her son"

Феруза Рузиева: «Полюбила Москву после рождения сына» discussed with the actress, the pride, the metro and the education of menActress Feruza ruzeva remembered after the series "Kitchen", where she played the role of a modest Eastern workers. Today she continues to act and played a variety of roles.— Feruza, you're moved to the capital from the small town of Navoi, in Uzbekistan. What could you say about Moscow after your move?The first year and a half I felt here. (Laughs.) I'll be honest

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Paul DeLong: "Love for me is such a bastard!"

Павел Делонг: «Любовь для меня — это такая сволочь!»

The actor is trying to distance itself from the role of a sexy macho. Details — in interviewA full-blooded pole with the mentality of the man of peace, Paul DeLong life is busy exiting certain limits: first — cinema exclusively of their country, and then glued the role of a sexy hunk. It is worth noting that both he manages. Difficulties occur only with the ladylove

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Nikita Tarasov: "breaking dishes better, at home we need to talk"

The star of the show "Kitchen" — about the favourite color of Schopenhauer and his most surprising trick— What color do you associate yourself?In this period of life I green.— Did you say you had read Schopenhauer, although you didn't read?— What not to forget those who have not read Schopenhauer: "Mediocrity is concerned about how to kill time, and talent — as if the time to use"

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Agniya Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadov: "Now our son often sees mom and dad together"

Агния Дитковските и Алексей Чадов: «Сейчас наш сын часто видит маму и папу вместе»

The ex-wife told as at the moment their relationshipAt the time, Alexei Chadova and agniyu Ditkovskite was called the most beautiful cinemaroll. And, despite the fact that their marriage is already in the past, Alex and Agnes still look great together. Inspired by the TV show "the Allies", which are Chadov and Ditkovskite, discussed with Alex and agniey happiness, divorce, and convergence the main goal in life

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Alina Titova: "I'm not familiar with the actor's envy"

Алина Титова: «Мне не знакома актерская зависть» met with the star and discussed the virtual samples of real Boyfriends and acting friendshipActress Alina Titova already remembered by the fans for his roles in such television series as "Police with rublevki-3", "Kitchen" and other well-known projects. Recently, the actress starred in an unusual Comedy, where most of the action takes place on the computer screen.— Alina, I've heard that before the movie "b-day" you were a very unusual casting...It was my most unusual casting

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Ivan Rudakov: "I radically changed my way of life"

Иван Рудаков: «Я кардинально изменил свой образ жизни» he discussed with the actor's iconic roles, adventure and familyIvan Rudakov was born to a family of filmmakers. His father is screenwriter Alexei Rudakov, mother — directed by Elena Nikolaeva. And one of his first notable role (in the film "Pop") he played just mom. However, John says that he is against dynasties.— Ivan, in your filmography includes more than forty roles. What do you consider iconic?— "TSyganochka with an exit", "do Not deny loving". These significant

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