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Petrosyan has fun in Spain

Петросян веселится в Испании

The artist travels around Europe and publishes the most interesting momentsYevgeny Petrosyan resting in Barcelona, according to rumors, along with his assistant and lady Tatiana Brownboy. However sharing a romantic couple's photo yet not publishes. Being a comedian on the life of Yevgeny vaganovich finds the funny moments and the comic makes a publication in his Instagram. Of course, it helps companion who knows how to find the best views and makes the artist great photos

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Kostenko spoke about the second child

The wife of footballer Dmitry Tarasov admitted that she and her husband dream of pogodkaFans are sure that Anastasia Kostenko will officially report second pregnancy. While she makes clear allusions. In his "Instagrame" the wife of Dmitry Tarasov said, interrupting breast-feeding, although Milan only six months

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Borodin is looking for housing in Turkey

TV presenter with her husband and children every year, resting in Alanya, and now the couple decided to buy a house thereLeading reality "House-2" Ksenia Borodina noticeably tired of the constant presence in the show, which many viewers find embarrassing, according Borodin recently named one of the participants of the project "a woman of easy virtue", which completely contradicts the rules of telestroke

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She was in the hospital

Арбенина попала в больницу

The singer suffered while skiing in the fantsiiDiana was injured in a ski resort in France. The singer posted a video appeal to fans from a hospital bed."Don't you worry, I'm fine. I'm just in a French hospital, because love to ski," she said subscribers.Judging by the appearance of Diana, the injury is serious, although the diagnosis it said. Later the actress deleted the video of microblog.Diana Arbenina in boliviahot: Instagram

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Clairvoyant on Prilichnom and muceniece: "it's Not meant to be together"

Galina Janko predicts the imminent divorce of a coupleThe relationship of Paul and Agatha muceniece Priluchnogo in the last year cannot be called cloudless. Some time ago, the couple took a break in the relationship, but the couple later reunited. And here's a new twist: the media got the information that Priluchny beating his wife. Agatha responded immediately by posting an ironic post in Instagram a message to journalists: "I Forgot to write that Paul beat me to death, no, not at all..

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Dayneko and the sparrows said to each other in love

Ten years later Victoria invited the former in order to Express their grievances and feelings have flashed with new force"Dear Vika, our story with you has never been simple, but it has always been amazing. Our relationship is undergoing through the years and thousands of miles. I keep in heart every moment when we were close as lovers, friends, or simply loved ones

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Poroshina was discharged from the hospital

Children of the actress met the mother and younger brotherMaria Poroshina published his photo discharge from the hospital, where she recently successfully gave birth to a fifth child. Contrary to the expectations of the public, the photo is not the joyful father of a child with a huge bouquet. But you can see what a huge love for my mother lives in this large family."We are home! I miss my girls..." — said the actress in her Instagram

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Igor Nikolaev summed up

The birthday of the composer chose the most important thing in their life17 Jan Igor Nikolaev celebrated its 59 years. On the page composer and the poet recalled the words of her song "birthday — sad holiday" and has published a charming family photo walk at Pinecrest gardens (Florida, USA)."Something did come up, invented for life. Major works in life — the eldest daughter of Julia the younger Veronica. Let them be healthy, happy and loved!" — written by Artemyev

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Sergey Lazarev called the father of the child Topalov

Сергея Лазарева назвали отцом ребенка Топалова

The singer has published on his page on a screen of unexpected messagesOne of the sites for young mothers published information about Regina Todorenko and reminded the readers, who is the father of the baby. According to the publication, Todorenko gave birth to Sergey Lazarev. Vlad Topalov could not resist amazement and shared it with his fans, and also added to the publication of his wife and former bandmate to "expose"

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The star of "Ural dumplings" mortally scared

Going on a boat trip during your holiday with friends and children, Ilana St. George got into a dangerous situationThe participant of the show "Ural dumplings" Ilana St. George is now resting in Bali. Artist published in his microblog on video with boat trips. Taking the boat, she and four friends went to ride in the ocean along with young children

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