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Говорящие проститутки Ярославля там.

Dolnikova showed newborn son

Дольникова показала новорожденного сына

The singer and actress surprised the subscribers photo with the babyRecently, the first singer of the group "Slot" Teona Dolnikova gave birth to a son. The actress shared the photo with the baby in his microblog. But up to this point Theon tried to hide that she is pregnant. The boy's name is not yet known. Also not visible in the photo and the face of the child.Dolnikova with сыном baby's father was the actor Maxim Schegolev

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Tom cruise to fall in love again

Том Круз снова влюбился find out the details secret romance movie starSince his divorce from Katie Holmes's personal life Tom cruise is covered with darkness. Since then, the actor has repeatedly attributed to the different novels, but none of them received official confirmation. And the other day a movie star again suspected of being in love: according to rumors, the 54-year-old Tom laid eyes on 28-year-old actress Vanessa Kirby

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Maria Maksakova: what will happen to a pregnant widow Boronenkov

Мария Максакова: что будет с беременной вдовой Вороненкова

Love exceeded political beliefs and intelligence. Really, supporting husband, the star closed the way home?Singer, a lawyer, a mother, a polyglot, a teacher at the Gnesin music school, the Deputy of the 6th convocation of the state Duma, and now an immigrant, who went to Ukraine — Maria Maksakova personality is very multifaceted. But this does not prevent it from being a simple woman with love and passion. Despite political differences, edinorosa Maria loved the Communist Denis Boronenkov

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Maksakova fainted at the sight of the bodies of a husband

Stas Sadalsky expressed his assumption, who would kill Denis BoronenkovMary Maksakova very sorry. Purely feminine. There was one rumored to be pregnant, and with three children. No husband, no job, no support from relatives. One. I can only imagine what is happening now in the soul of the artist and how she feels.The witnesses to these terrible events were published in social networks photo, which shows how Maria appears on the scene of the murder of Denis Boronenkov

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Stas Peha mentally congratulated son

And baby Mama put joint photo"My name is S. Peha (Gerulis) ... I am 36 years old and I have lived a rather strange and contradictory life... But now not about it:)) the Lord has not given me (clearly marked) cheerfulness and optimism (we're working on it:)) and early spring, a period of painful awakening from a winter of nothingness, I especially disliked (on a number of unimportant reasons), that's why life is rehabilitated and gave me a son, at this bleak time..

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Angelina Jolie and brad pitt rebuild their relationship

The actress has taken the first step towards a spouseYesterday it became known that after six months from the beginning of the divorce process in the relationship of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt, there has been a significant shift. Hollywood couple began to talk with each other directly, bypassing their lawyers.According to close to the stellar pair source, Angie and brad have already cooled down a bit and can engage in constructive conversations about the future of their children

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Alexei Yagudin do not have enough food

Skater joked about the harsh everyday life of artistsAlexei Yagudin shared with subscribers a funny video. Skater joked that hard to earn food for the family. Fans noted the tired appearance of the artist, because last month he began a tour of Russian cities within the framework of the show Ilya Averbuch "Favorite movies on main".Ufa! Such cases! Work! #shareliverpool #lednikovyiPublication of Alexei Yagudin (@alexei.yagudin) Mar 22 2017 11:24 PDT"At the concert. Work

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Pregnant Maria Maksakova lost her husband

Denis Boronenkov killed during a shootout in KievOpera singer Maria Maksakova became a widow in the centre of Kiev was killed by the husband of the actress, MP Denis Voronenkov. How to write the news Agency, the man was killed during a shootout that occurred today in Kiev, near the hotel "Premier Palace".Note that now the 39-year-old Maria Maksakova expecting a baby, which for Boronenkov would be the second in April 2016, the singer gave birth spouse son Ivan

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Sedokova urges women to stick together

The singer spoke about people belittling the dignity of single mothers"I recently open my Facebook, writes Anna Sedokova in his microblog (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx. — See an article entitled "Why you don't marry single mothers". Hmm. I think. Why? I go. Read. Such abominations I have not seen for a long time"

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Borodin is afraid for her daughter

Recently, the leading concerned about the health of the girlRecently Ksenia Borodina told subscribers that to worry for their youngest daughter of Theon, namely her health. The women followers immediately gave the leading various tips to strengthen the immune system of the child, based on their own experience of parenting

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