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Zemfira harshly criticized the singer Minutochku and Buckwheat

Fans doubt that the two words belong to the artistYesterday on the wall of the official community Zemfira in social network "Vkontakte" was published an interesting article. In the post, the singer expressed his opinion on the topic of creativity is gaining popularity among young people colleagues Buckwheat (Anastasia Ivanova) and Monococque (Elizabeth Kardymovo)."Buckwheat is very bad. horrible voice and looks

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Pregnant Todorenko came out with Vlad Topalov

New photo pairs to discuss on the social networkInternet users in the first month gossiping about the relationship of the star of the program "heads and tails" Regina Todorenko with the ex-soloist of "Smash" Vlad Topalov. Recently the pair have appeared together on one of the capital's social events.Publication from regina todorenko (@reginatodorenko)19 Jul 2018 at 2:36 PDT"How cool to feel the support in such crucial moments like today, the ground under our feet becomes stronger

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Sport and sex: the most vivid novels of the players

Спорт и секс: самые яркие романы футболистов

Who was fond of Ronaldo, Maradona, Messi, Pique and other stars players?Today football is one of the most exciting and popular sports. The most active fans are ready for everything not to miss games featuring your favourite football club or player. And if men are passionate about the game, the ladies mostly staring the players themselves — these athletic, charismatic, with well-trained body. Still receiving decent fees

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Sister Megan Markle: "In my father's death will be your fault"

Samantha Grant has accused the Duchess of hypocrisy and harshly criticized53-year-old Samantha Grant publicly complained to the noble sister by posting accusatory post on Twitter. Woman accused Markle that after the wedding she completely removed his own father from life."When are you going to pay attention to your own father? Be a real woman and show some humanity. Meg, if he dies, the blame will be on you!" — Samantha wrote in the social network

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Wife Dibrova bare in front of the kids

Polina Dibrova sunbathes Topless in front of sonsRecently, 29-year-old Polina Dibrova posted in Instagram photos on the beach with young children. The wife of a famous TV host sunbathed surrounded by their sons: 4-year-old Theodore and 3-year-old Ilya. On the touching photo of Polina and the children are smiling and look happy. It would seem that it might not be so

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The star of "Harry Potter" Rupert Grint has changed beyond recognition

Discussing the latest photos of the actorThe other day in one of the online communities dedicated to Rupert Grinta, best known for playing Ron Weasley in the film adaptations of the books about Harry Potter was published fresh pictures of the 29-year-old artist.Some users have noted that it has now become more like British pop musician, winner of two Grammy awards ed Sheeran

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Volochkova was presented to subscribers of the new elect

The dancer shared the photo with the restRussian ballet star and gossip columns Anastasia again teasing your Internet audience. This time the artist went to rest in Turkey. Instead of the twines and provocative photo in a bikini, she surprised followers with the in the company of a new boyfriend.Publication from Anastasia (@volochkova_art)19 Jul 2018 1:24 PDTIn the frame of a couple posing while enjoying the stunning view from the balcony of a local hotel

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Milan Kerzhakov flew to be treated from dependence on Samui

The girl had chosen the same place as Dana BorisovaA few hours ago on your personal page "Instagram" Milan Kerzhakova has an interesting post. On the picture fresh girl posing in a landscape of the Thai island of Samui. "After the black band ALWAYS comes white,believe me,from now on, I just know it. My husband and I have decided that I need to recover from all incidents, away from our bustling society..." (spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., signed it frame

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Alferov and Vodianova has released images in bikini

Figures of the stars discussed in the NetworkHereditary actress Ksenia Alferova and a star of world podiums Natalia Vodianova opened the swimming season and decided to make a subscribers fresh summer photo: the first chose to swim in the sea, and the second with a sauna.Publication from Natalia Vodianova (@natasupernova)19 Jul 2018 2:23 PDTIt should be noted that both the actress demonstrated a slim "girly" figure in a bikini

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