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Philip got into the eye from Alla

Actor scared the children

After completing a tour of Russia, Philip Kirkorov went to relax in Paris. With him he took the children Alla-Victoria and Martin, who recently turned five years old. To celebrate the first anniversary of the boy's family went to Disneyland.

"This extreme, unreal, fantastic,a long day was to finish today only AND ONLY HERE in DISNEYLAND" (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the author saved — approx., signed video Kirkorov.

Publication from Philip (@fkirkorov)Jun 30 2017 at 1:43 PDT

Despite the age, the perpetrator took the children on a "roller coaster", they clearly did not like. Martin hid in the Pope, and Alla was not happy, what can be said about Philippe, who was happy as a child. For this adventure he received from your daughter in the eye.

"Well, for Dessert! For all the Dad's disneylandesque extreme antics got Daddy in the Eye from his beloved daughter," smiles Philip.

Publication from Philip (@fkirkorov)Jun 30 2017 1:57 PDT

Even the bad weather could not spoil the mood of the artist and his children from staying in this fabulous place.

Publication from Philip (@fkirkorov)Jul 1 2017 6:20 PDT

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